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F Minus: Applied P.E.

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Can they know it's Pretzel Day at all?

These comics have serious pret-zeal.

Lefty cleany, righty dirty.

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Will Facebook allow this non-political post into your newsfeed? (By the way, the box is playing Rock The Bells by LL Cool J)

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Just ask your barber for a Tullem.

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GoComics is celebrating the F Minus 10th anniversary by giving away a print and book to a randomly selected winner!

On April 17, 2006, F Minus made its national newspaper debut. Ten years later, creator Tony Carrillo continues to amuse and entertain the masses with new F Minus strips appearing every day. To celebrate a decade of F Minus, we’re giving away an anniversary prize pack, including a collectible, archiv…

Happy F Minus Day! Today is the 10th anniversary of the debut of F Minus around the world. I'm sure by now you've accomplished the F Minus Day traditions of sleeping in past noon and having breakfast for lunch. (not brunch) The festivities will continue all week so let's kick it off with some clickbait!

F Minus has now been appearing in newspapers daily for 10 years! I thought it would be appropriate to present a 10-point listicle of facts that you, the die-hard F Minus fans, are no doubt already well aware of, but will probably scroll through anyway just to make sure. 1. F Minus #1: Business Racco…

But can I buy a few of them?

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Time for your Wednesday afternoon F Minus catch-up:

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