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Belogradchik Rock Formations
Unboxing The Cheapest 4K Action Camera On Amazon: LeadEdge LE5000

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Congratulations Granada! #BestCity2018 See you later this year... 😉

Granada, Spain, picked up steam early in the Best City To Visit Travel Tournament this year and never slowed down. Dubrovnik, in a first trip to the final, didn't offer much resistance as you overwhelmingly voted for Granada as Best City to Visit of 2018. Best City 2018 Championship: Dubrovnik vs. G...

New VIDEO! Ultra-Portable AND Effective Travel Vlog Lighting!

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As close to Neo brain hacking to learn a language as you can get for now.

The answer I can give without hesitation to the question, "what's the best way to learn a new language before a trip," is use Pimsleur. People ask me a lot about language learning, with two important caveats. The first being they're traveling soon (short time to learn) and they need to be able to co...

It's estimated there’s 1.42 billion US dollars worth of unused foreign currency in the United Kingdom alone.

No matter how good you are at keeping a digital travel budget when it comes to cash, most of us tend to get stuck with small amounts of currency when a trip ends. Below a certain amount traditional exchange isn't possible or worth the fees but travel often enough and all of that leftover money adds....

😂 Gad Elmaleh.

😂 Gad Elmaleh.

Dubrovnik vs. Granada. Last round of #BestCity2018

Granada is one round away from doing two things no city ever has in 9 years of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament: win more than once, and win back-to-back years. But doing well in one round doesn't help you in the next and Dubrovnik's supporters are looking to pull off a major upset. Voting b...

Not all GorillaPod are built the same.

 Making a tripod small enough to be portable but strong enough to effectively hold a DSLR or mirrorless camera with lens isn't an easy engineering feat, particularly when the tripod legs are designed to bend. The GorillaPod series is innovative but their cost often causes people to buy a JOBY mod...

One more (new!) way to vote in this final round of #BestCity2018: Dubrovnik vs. Granada:

Tell me in the comments below! (Voting open through April 8th 12pm US EST.) Best City To Visit Travel Tournament ► foXnoMad Newsletter...

As the Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2018 enters the final round tomorrow, here's a look at past winners.

The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament is an annual occurrence on this site, one I've hosted every March since 2009. It gets rolling around early February, when you begin nominating cities, with votes every week to narrow down the selected cities to one best city. Over the past few weeks on my Ins...
My long term goal is to visit every country in the world but aside from that I'm certainly not much of a planner. Still, often I have a general idea of where I may be headed in the upcoming months and update this page regularly. While this is all subject to change, it can help give you an idea of wh...

It's definitely an improvement on economy but that's a pretty low bar. Full video here:

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New VIDEO! Road Tested! JOBY GorillaPod Focus One Year Review

For travelers with heavy DSLR or mirrorless cameras, the GorillaPod Focus holds up pretty well. JOBY GorillaPod Focus ► Support and S...

You're probably not going out of your way to fly United, but if you find yourself with some cash or miles to spend, here's what you can expect from their business class.

 Flying business class is costly (unless your business is paying) so whether its miles or money, if you're spending either it's worth shopping around. United, which pretty much has the worst public relations of any airline at the moment, has locked down some key North America to Europe routes - m...

The Grid-It might help eliminate that clump of charging cables in your backpack. Full review here:

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