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No new blog posts for the next few weeks but plenty of updates here, Instagram, and Twitter too 😀

A good reason to visit don't you think? Don't be fooled by this ordinary exterior...

Although I've come across a number of incredible sights I couldn't or wasn't allowed to capture on camera, the Church of San Juan is one where it wouldn't|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

Good coffee is important.

Somewhere along your travels there's a chance of unwittingly stumbling upon what you'll soon realize is a perfect cafe. Positioned near the old fortress wa|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

Heading to Washington DC? Don't miss eating at PUPATELLA.

It's really hard to get your food noticed in an metropolitan area with the kind cultural diversity of Washington DC has. One with such a wide ethnic sprawl|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

The best pizza in the Washington DC area is expanding in Virginia!

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor
PUPATELLA in Richmond, Virginia.

Our new location in Richmond is getting ready to open! Today we started curing this beauty with fire. New volcanic ash ovens need to be treated with small fires for several days before the first pizza can be made.

Heading to Tallinn, Estonia this summer? I have a hostel recommendation for you.

Normally I write a review of every hostel or hotel I stay at along my travels but some, like FeelGood Hostel in Tallinn, Estonia, have such a chemistry of|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

Cockroaches, rats, and these headphones.

Down from their regular price of $119.99, the AOCO Bluetooth, sweat-proof headphones I’ve abused used extensively are on sale for $16.99 today only if you|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

Don't get left behind on the sand when your friends go swimming at the beach again.

They look like cheap plastic that will certainly drown your phone but these IPX8-rated phone cases are very reliable in water (and sand) tight. The photos|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

Have you kept your 2017 travel goals so far?

“Live everyday as if it were your last because someday you're going to be right.” -Muhammad Ali There's a really big problem with New Year's resolutions -|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

The laptop/gadgets backpack I use and can't recommend enough is heavily discounted for the rest of today. At $50, the ScanSmart 1900 a great deal.

The SwissGear ScanSmart 1900 backpack is my preferred electronics backpack for its comfort, size, and durability. It's regular price is $130, but today onl|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

Taxi drivers who scream and hit the steering wheel in response to traffic make me regret having not used literally any other form of transportation.

I've written often that these GoPro knockoff cameras are excellent in terms of quality and durability, especially considering that they're hundreds of dollars cheaper. For a camera you're going to soak, ski, and otherwise push to the outdoor limits, the Beownwear 4K camera and kit is a good deal gone better. Today only, it's 18% cheaper, down to $46.74 right now.

I've said often that these GoPro knockoff cameras are excellent in terms of quality and durability, especially considering that they're hundreds of dollars|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

A nice reminder.

Invariably the conversation comes up as much as I try to avoid it - what I do for a living. I tell people I've been traveling and blogging for the past 5 y|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

Every weekday, I search and work on arranging the best travel and tech deals on products I use and recommend so you can save more money for travel. These are some of the best deals from the past week.

These are the best deals on my recommended travel and tech gear from the past week. 58% off the Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger. Anker PowerCore 268|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

Going to Sardinia this summer? Here's a local's guide to the very best beaches!

This is a guest post by Claudia Tavani, a former human rights lawyer and academic who has previously written about traveling in Cuba for foXnoMad. Claudia,|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter

The Belkin 3-outlet SurgePlus mini travel swivel charge is incredibly useful and today only, it's 50% off on Amazon.

The Belkin 3-outlet SurgePlus mini travel swivel charge is incredibly useful (here's my full review) and today only, it's 50% off on Amazon. Use the link b|By FoXnoMad: travel smarter