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Nadia Maddens
· April 23, 2018
Such a fun philanthropy event. Great for a group of friends, family or, as in our case, sorority sisters! Yes the Greek system of sororities and fraternities gives back to the community more than people know! See More
Kenethia Calloway
· November 10, 2017
My thing is when they give out extra food in cases it should not be expired recived to needed I thought needed but expiration dates 1/2018 and 5/2018 other box!!! Unsure shelf life stretch of safely b...ut unsafe in my mind! The macoroni givdn to my mom back dated abd the extra cases expired these items should be gave out prior their are a lot if needy familes that be glad to have but not risk family get sick! Think of food as if were your family appreciated but concerned over out dated items in such large quantity! Chalmers location. See More
Crystal Hall
· September 25, 2017
I have been trying to get information for the last 2 weeks to rent the hall even spoke with the person in charge who said she will call me back and nothing it's kind of funny I know we need money in ...Detroit but can't give it away wow what service See More
Steven Else
· October 10, 2017
That's where I got my 1st training many years a go now I am a very good sheet metal worker well rounded with tig , mig welding , sheet metal prototype I will always give focus: HOPE 5 star rating
Tammey Black Cheek Tanner
· October 3, 2017
Nice place...friendly many things they do for the community...
Martin Lazarov
· May 25, 2014
There must be more educational fascilities like this. Some people just don't understand how stupid racial inequality is. Others are driven by their religion, third by their past, their families past, ...previous hurtful moments etc... People can relate their hate to so many things. Without even stopping to think or take responsibility for their actions. This just can't go on like this. I see it every day out here, it's making me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. We are all one people. See More
Matt Montagne
· December 18, 2016
From a volunteer's perspective it is outstanding. The volunteer coordinator's communication with us was excellent, responding within minutes to our email questions. And yesterday's food delivery event... was a great chance for residents of the metro area to get together to help out a bit while learning from/with one another. We are looking forward to future volunteer/learning opportunities as a family with Focus Hope! See More
Joe Rawlings
· March 3, 2016
I don't know a lot about Focus Hope but I have heard of them in the past.
Long story short: I delivered a load of automotive expedited freight this morning, Checking into shipping and receiving I was... greeted by one if the best and nicest shipping/receiving clerk I have ever met. This lady will stand out for a long time to come.
M. Turner you rock.
Guys on the docks and lift trucks very friendly and professional operators. Being it was auto freight I was taken completely taken by surprise here, I was expecting the typical auto workers mentality of I do it when I feel like doing it.
Great group of people, Not what I normally see in the auto plants, right down to the turnkey/gatekeeper that was making his rounds to open the facility up for the day.
Won't even have to think about hauling your freight, and I hope I get a chance to return.
Thanks for making a enjoyable end to a night of driving.
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Sylvia Hammond-Steele
· October 5, 2015
What can I say good program "SUCKS "when it come to banquet rental. Had a catering there and there attitude towards another company that was not theirs sucks. Unprofessional is the only word to decrib...e the situation. They didn't want us there and if you were not part of focus hope catering staff you were not allowed to use their kitchen. Read the fine print when renting or your event may be ruined...Just rent a real facility if you want things your way... See More
Jasahn M. Larsosa
· May 27, 2015
A powerhouse committing a vast amount of resources to developing community from within by putting the residents in the driver's seat. A rare and precious jewel. Proactive. Visionary. Relationship driv...en. Assets based. Organic. If humanity is to take advantage of these frightening and promising times, these Focus: HOPE practices are our example. See More
Twana Renee Campbell
· December 21, 2016
I loved it great center for children and I'm happy to say they are very helpful
Billie Owens
· August 15, 2017
Focus: Hope is Detroit, Michigan USA feeding and teaching our community for generations.
Denise Waller-Lyles
· May 5, 2017
Focus Hope works diligently throughout the community in all ages. My experience with them has been positive. I look forward to working together on other projects with them.
Kevin C. Fowler Sr.
· October 10, 2016
Awesome!!! Good Education and Job Training, Supplement Food Program for Seniors 60 and older, good community project and volunteers.
Kirk D. McVittie
· July 14, 2016
What an awesome org!! A history of doing outstanding things for our Detroit citizens!!
Tim Badgett
· August 12, 2016
Organization for the upliftment of communities job opportunities and training programs and they gave a lot of people another chance in life, had a chance to grow up down the street from the Founder Fo...cus hope..... See More
Colton Schirmer
· May 29, 2014
My Eminem is my hero he always will be ill support him no matter what because he's my hero and I like his music especially a song Cinderella Man so I so hope He sees this and I hope he answers me on t...his not trying to be Bager or a pleader I just wanted you to mention my name in your next song See More
Mickie Gaffke
· March 11, 2015
Each day when I arrive to teach at Focus: HOPE, I thank God that he's allowed me the honor of helping people! I am not working... I'm having fun helping students to advance in life! xxoxoxo
Duane A Mattox
· August 6, 2015
Detroit has many jewels and this is one Diamond that people need to know all about.
Azia Cumberland
· August 20, 2016
Love this I've been to a meeting and its amazing all Focus Hope does! Fantastic!
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