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    Oh where do I begin?! The whole followell fotography family made wedding planning so fun! Robby, Jess, & Alana were so a...ccommodating & answered all my questions. They were such a joy to work with! Robby was so fun and easygoing- exactly the person you want to be around on your wedding day. The pictures... my jaw is on the floor- they are stunning! I am so happy to have had the followell fotography crew a part of our wedding team- they really helped make the day special! Also, I was so pleased with the foto booth- those pictures are so fun to look through! THANK YOU!!! See More
  • 5starEvery picture is so unique! Love how the pictures show the feeling of the moment so well.
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followell | fotography added 18 new photos — with Delta Stout and Jacob Stout.

Delta & Jacob are two of the most down-to-earth people out there. It’s no surprise that their early morning wedding at the Fairview Inn was just as laid back and relaxed as they are. Thanks Delta & Jacob for letting me document this next step in your lives! Enjoy the photos.

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Diana & Chris: a Louisiana girl and Tennessee boy who both went to colleges in Mississippi and somehow finally ended up meeting far away from their respective homes where they now live in Denver, CO. Their story is one that is rooted in God’s faithfulness, adventure, and patience. It all became so crystallized for me that weekend that God makes no mistakes, and our journey in life is all about cultivation and preparation for what He has in store for us.

As if their own love s...tory wasn’t dynamic enough, everything was made better by the fact that Diana is one of my wife’s closest friends which made the celebration that much more personal. And, I mean, I got to photograph my wife as a bridesmaid all day which was a special treat. Here are a few images from their snowy, beautiful, heartfelt wedding day in beautiful Boulder, CO.

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followell | fotography added 23 new photos — with Janie Boersma and 5 others.
March 22

When you live in Chicago and are getting married in Mississippi, planning your wedding may present itself to be a bit challenging, unless you’re Janie & Aaron. Then everything goes off without a hitch and you have one of the most fun, memorable days of your life.

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Leslea & Matthew are the most no-fuss clients ever. They’re wedding was *actually* perfect - the weather for their outdoor fall ceremony couldn’t have been better, their outdoor reception was full of ambiance and elegance, and the crowd that joined them was all about kicking back and enjoying the celebration. Enjoy a few of our favorite photos from their big day!

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A Mississippi wedding with a lot of Nigerian flare is something we’re always going to be happy to be a part of here at followell fotography. Enjoy these photos of Chi Chi & Augustine’s colorful day!

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Catherine & Matt & The Dress. What a trio. Had such an amazing time photographing these two becoming one this weekend. It was straight up magic.

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followell | fotography added 16 new photos — with Janell Vandevender and 4 others.

There are some people out there that you meet and immediately click with. And sometimes those people ask you to photograph their wedding and are 100% on board with your mission as a wedding photojournalist and you wonder how you got so lucky to work with such great people. That’s pretty much how I felt working with Keri & Justin. Here’s to hoping I (Chase) get to be the photographer for all of the milestones you reach as a family.

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You know those couples who just do their own thing in their own sort of way but in doing so seem to set a new standard for what is cool? Yeah, well, that’s Sydney & Eric - they’re confident and endearing and low-maintenance and all the good things you want to be in life. I felt a whole lot on their wedding day and it’s because there were no pretenses, just the clearest emphasis on all that matters on a wedding day: family, steadfast love, and a palpable sense of joy and happiness. All the best to The Ridouts! What an honor documenting this beautiful day for you three.

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It’s Twenty-Percent-Off-Tuesday! For the rest of this week all former clients (heyyyy you #ffbride) can enjoy 20% off all books & albums – including our new ProofBox! All you need to do is e-mail your order request to Jess (jess [at]! For a reminder of our product offerings, check out our Instagram story at #followellfotography

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It's Monday, and we're super excited about introducing our new look here at #followellfotography. It's been a process that's lasted well over a year and we are STOKED to share it with you! We'll be sharing more about the new brand along with giveaways EVERY DAY THIS WEEK! Today we're giving away a few of our new followell fotography mugs! (how cool are they??) Like this post and tag two friends that you'd like to share a cup of coffee with for a chance to win! ☕️ We'll announce the winners in tomorrow's post!

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I think only other photographers would understand the compliment and treasure it is to photograph a couple’s wedding day and then years later be honored as the one entrusted with the task of documenting the family that has come as result of that union.

David & Liz have settled in Chicago, IL since their Mississippi wedding many years back, and I’ve so enjoyed our friendship continuing long after their wedding day ended. We’ve made a couple of trips to visit them over the year...s and our most recent visit included a full-on dose of crazy with them and their CRAZY CUTE boys. I have to say, spending time in their home and getting to know Theo & Bradley got me even more excited about having a boy of our own in just a couple of months. It’ll be wild, but so much fun if the vibe of this household is any indication. Love you all four of you Thompsons, and thank you for bringing me up there to photograph you four in one of my favorite cities.

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I (robby followell) have had an unexpected but very refreshing 6 weeks off from weddings and this past Saturday I was back at it with Sydney & Eric who started things off in the best way possible. They have a way with one another and their adorable daughter that is uniquely gentle, kind, attentive, and so full of love. I'm really glad our evening together included a scene as gorgeous as this one - Mississippi winning at sunsets once again.

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followell | fotography added 5 new photos — with Justin Vandevender and Keri McGowan Vandevender.

Kicking off the weekend with Keri & Justin's engagement photos on the blog!

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I’m not sure there are two more adorable people than Maggie & Brett. Their wedding was so moving, so real, and so centered on the love of Christ. Truly, it was an honor to witness.

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Who doesn’t love a good party in New Orleans? Allyn & Chris sure do, and so did every one of the people that came along to celebrate their outrageously fun wedding right in the heart of the French Quarter. If you don’t know what a second line is, just skip right on over this post, but if you do, enjoy the best second line ever to make its way through the crowded and wonderful streets of NOLA.

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So much in today’s post: a couple who chose one another in high school and weathered all of the ups and downs of a decade of life spent as boyfriend & girlfriend, that couple’s hometown showing up and showing out to celebrate these two and shower them with love, and all the classiness the South has to offer with an entire weekend executed just masterfully. Enjoy just these few photos from Maddie & Andrew's day…

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I think that feelings of gratitude for your soon-to-be spouse are something that are pretty common on your wedding day, but maybe even more so for this particular wedding. The day before Ellen & Mark’s wedding Mark and and two of his groomsmen (one being Ellen’s brother) got into a pretty bad car accident just hours before the rehearsal dinner. By the grace of God they all walked away from it with only a few scratches and were able to make it to the rehearsal dinner. When I s...howed up on Saturday, had someone not told me, I’m not sure I ever would’ve known anything had happened by the way everyone was acting. Although it was quite a scary thing to happen at any point in life much less the day before you get married, these two and their families were genuinely focused on the reason they had all gathered together and celebrated this new marriage as well as I’ve ever seen. I can’t say enough how much I loved getting to photograph these guys and their families. Ellen & Mark, I hope these photos do justice to how beautiful your wedding day was and remind you of the gratitude that you have for each other.

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followell | fotography added 12 new photos — with Mary Word Fentress.

If you don’t feel all warm and fuzzy from the love that’s just so evident between this couple in these photos than clearly you need a hug.

I didn’t really know Mary and Kenny before their wedding day, but what a surprise to find a pair of people who are kind, unassuming, and just so easy to be around. They put together a wedding that showcased some of Jackson’s best vendors, venues, and, well, people. I loved getting to be a part.

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