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Patrotic Front should not loose focus because of current deliberate political turbulence created by those that want to make themselves relevant following the defeat which they suffered in 2016.
However, as leaders we must also not hesitate to acknoweledge some of the challenges and make corrections. As a country we should also take note of efforts being made by those in leadership of our country.
In this case i will dwell on one significant corrective mearsure which our Repub...lican President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu made to transfer Hon Siliya from Ministry of Agriculture due to the almost failed E-Voucher system and FISP. Without any biasness our Minister failed us and she is very lucky to still have a job in another portifolio. In the western countries she should have resigned but in Africa its a turboo only waiting for someone to fire you so that you paint them black and take credit out of public sympathy fyonse bwafya bweka bweka.
The E-Voucher system is an excellent project which must simply be fine tuned by doing the following;
1. Political Money mongers should not be allowed anywhere near.
2. Government or Political leaders in the governing party must understand that our poor peasant farmers rely on the sales frm there produce to embark on next activity.
3. Therefore, government must make sure FRA is funded by first week of July.
4. This will allow for quick payment to upon sale of maize by peasant farmers to FRA.
5. Government can now give farmers two to three months in which to make their k400 contributions
6. Government takes a risk and should by october make deposite of money in our commercial banks equivalent to the targeted number of farmers and not expect commercial banks take that risk.
7. By first week of novermber commercial banks activate e-voucher cards and bingo the project will be a success.
In my conclussion this is what we expect to be comming from those in opposition and not the PHD syndrom. Let us emulate the USA system rather than engange those in government to be in a campaign mode.

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Sclerocarya birrea ssp. Caffra (Sond.) J.O. Kokwaro. Anacardiaceae
LOCAL NAMES Bemba (musebe); English (marula); Lozi (muyombo,muongo,mulula); Nyanja (msewe,mg...amu)
The name ‘sclerocarya’ is derived from two Greek words, ‘skleros’ and ‘karyon’, meaning ‘hard’ and ‘nut’, respectively, and refers to the hard stone of the fruit. ‘Birrea’ comes from ‘birr’, the common name for the tree in Senegal, and caffra from ‘Kaffaria’ (Eastern Cape, South Africa).
PRODUCTS Food: All parts of the fruit of S. birrea ssp. caffra are edible. The vitamin C content of the fruit is 54 mg/100 g, which is 2- 3 times that of the orange. The seeds are high in fat (56-61%), protein (28-31%), citric acid (2.02 %), malic acids and sugar, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, thiamine and nicotinic acid (Orwa et al.2009).
The powdered bark is used to treat pregnant women to determine the gender of an unborn baby. If a pregnant woman wishes to have a girl, she will take a preparation from the female plant and for a boy she will use the male plant. Traditional healers use the hard nut in their divining dice.
A decoction of the bark treats dysentery, diarrhoea, rheumatism and has a prophylactic effect against malaria. The bark is an excellent remedy for haemorrhoids. Roots and bark are also used as laxatives. A drink made from marula leaves is used for the treatment of gonorrhoea. Sometimes one finds a tree with a wound, probably caused by a traditional healer or someone who collected material for medicinal use.
The fruit is edible, eaten either fresh or made into a delicious jelly. It also makes alcoholic beer. A marula liqueur is available commercially.

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