If your baby or child has difficulty falling or staying asleep, an undiagnosed food intolerance may be at the root of their problem. Check out my new blog posting and get my new Evans Food Sensitivity Assessment Tool to find quick and accurate answers to your problem.

Are you like many parents who have infants, toddlers, or even school aged kids who don’t sleep through the night? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work? Have you hired a sleep trainer in an effort to find answers and found it helpful until the next time your child was sick and then a...
The best in gluten-free recipes plus cooking, dining, and lifestyle tips for those allergic or sensitive to gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and other foods.
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I missed the first two lectures of this series but heard the one today and found it to be very informative and interesting. If you are a coach, a health care professional, or perhaps a person who has experienced trauma as a child or adult, you might find the concepts offered here very helpful. The theoretical information is presented in a clear and simple way and the examples are all common scenarios that we can all relate to. One of the things I have got much clearer on is... that experiences do not have to be abusive or violent to be considered trauma. Trauma takes on many forms and is about how the situation is perceived by the individual. For children, in particular, if they are unable to physically remove themselves from a situation (flight") and feel unable to fight back in their own defence (fight), they are left with only the ability to "freeze" and the trauma experience becomes embedded in their body. Also, what is traumatic to a toddler, a child or a teenager is very different than what is traumatic to an adult because of their dependent position and their lack of social and intellectual understanding. I have ordered the series as I found it so helpful so thought I would pass it along.

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In this new, free series, Bessel van der Kolk, Pat Ogden, Peter Levine, Dan Siegel, Stephen Porges and more come together to give you the most effective interventions to help clients heal from trauma.

Delicious sugar cookies for all your holiday baking, whatever the season.…/Gluten-Free-Halloween-S…

Not only will these gluten-free sugar cookies serve as festive edible table decorations, but they also provide a fun activity to do with children.

A growing number of parents are turning to micronutrients before psychiatric medications for school-aged children.

Over 30 published university studies suggest they can.

This has been my experience as a parent of 4 kids who all played a wide range of high level sports. The super star at 8 is often a very average player at 14 as others have simply caught up to his early development. The quiet, persistent player who loves the game often excels down the road and should not be discouraged from participating when they are younger. The book Leo the Late Bloomer often read to the parents of kids starting kindergarten really does apply! Be patient with your child and support their dreams and gifts, whatever they are and whenever they develop!

"Our system is setup to find the talent that shouts, but not the talent that whispers."

In this weeks blog, John explores how our flawed talent identification ...system is so focused on the early specializers, and early maturing kids, that we miss out on the late bloomers and the talent that whispers.

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It's easy to spot the kids who grow first, and who specialize the earliest, those whose ability shouts. But what about the late bloomers? What about the talent that whispers?

Loveletter Cakeshop's Vegan Double Chocolate Cake Recipe - a decadent classic.

Created by the head chef at Loveletter Cakeshop, this double chocolate cake has some secret tricks for the best dairy-free and egg-free results.

If you are looking for some special, dairy free cheeses for the holidays or for everyday meals, check out the Vancouver location of Vegan Supply. They have healthy, vegan cheeses that are amazing! They come in slices for grilled cheese, Parmesan you can grate and even fancy, creamed ones with things like herbs and cranberries for cheese and crackers. They have loads of other products free of egg, gluten, corn etc. so it is worth browsing around. They are located at 250 East Pender and also have an on line store. How far dairy free has come!

Vegan Supply online vegan shop - we ship Canada-wide, and beyond!

Education system failing kids with special needs, say parents (and we agree)

"Our children have the right to an equitable ... quality education."

If you are looking for a great place to buy everything from supplements to amazing snack items at a reasonable price, check out They ship to Canada, as well.…

If you are looking for a great place to buy everything from supplements to amazing snack items at a reasonable price, check out They ship to Canada, as well.…

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Finally someone is taking a stand!

A new position statement says children and teens should avoid energy-boosting beverages and warns of serious health risks, including heart problems and delusions

Perfect Halloween treat!

These dairy-free, gluten-free caramel apples are the perfect homemade treat for any fall occasion! Halloween, birthday parties, Thanksgiving - you name it, these gluten free candy apples will be a hit!

Making caramel sauce without dairy or corn syrup is a snap. This simple caramel sauce contains only three ingredients.

Irritability, temper outbursts, oppositional defiance, restlessness and difficulty falling asleep are the main behavioral effects of food additives. But parents... rarely realize that food chemicals can be associated with many other effects including arguing with siblings, making silly noises, speech delay, anxiety, depression or difficulty concentrating. Additive-free children are generally calmer, happier and more cooperative.

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Food additives cause irritability, temper outbursts, oppositional defiance, and restlessness in children. Learn what to look for to avoid these ingredients.
Lindsey Wolfe Thomas is with Cass-Alison Davis and 2 others.

Right after school started this year, I was contacted by Jackson's teacher that he was having trouble sitting still in class & focusing long enough to even one worksheet. He had also been having trouble sleeping through the night & seemed to get angry at the drop of a hat. I began researching ADD & things I could do to try to help him. Dusty & I are very opposed to putting him on medicine unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. What I found was a child psychologist that recommends taking away all screen time to reset a child's brain. This struck a chord with me as Jackson was constantly on his iPad or on my phone & maybe too much screen time was the problem. Maybe his brain was actually not working because he was spending too much time on electronics? Here we are, 5-6 weeks later & he is sleeping through the night, has better control of his emotions & is bringing home A's & B's. If any of you are having similar issues with your kids, I urge you to take electronics away from your kids & see what a difference it makes.

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Thanks to Keith Gray for this insightful article: Dyslexic Kids in Canada Deserve Better

As the summer comes to an end, an estimated 15 per cent of students who suffer from dyslexia in Canada are dreading going back to school. We need an education system with proper assessment and…

Amy Morin tells us about the importance of teaching kids to recognize their emotions and how to cope with them in a productive way. “A child who can say, ‘I'm s...cared but I can choose to be brave,’ will understand his emotions and how to cope with those feelings. He'll also feel confident that he can handle uncomfortable emotions.

Teach your kids to label their feelings. And rather than cheer your kids up or calm them down, show them how to do those things for themselves.”

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Here are three ways to help your kids develop the mental strength.