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Meet the artists—FORM members' preview from 5pm
Exhibitions open 6pm, Friday 9 June, 2017

Gian Manik and David Charles Collins established their practices in Perth before moving to Melbourne and Sydney respectively. In 2016 FORM invited both artists to return to Western Australia and undertake residencies in two of the State's remote regions, resulting in the first major bodies of work each of them has developed here since relocating. Manik’s What’s your name. It’s a symbol. ...Don’t talk. showcases a monumental canvas painted in collaboration with Pilbara school students in South Hedland, while Collins’ Wild Silence documents the iconic orchids of the southern Goldfields-Esperance region. The exhibitions showcase the beauty of Western Australia’s remote landscapes, and the unique capacity for residencies to trigger new and unexpected creative inspiration.

To be opened by Dr. Robert Cook, Curator of Contemporary International Art, Art Gallery of Western Australia.
RSVP to Or call (08) 9226 2799
Exhibitions run until September, 2017
10-5, Tuesday-Saturday

FORM Gallery Perth, 357 Murray Street Perth, WA, 6000

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Fri 6:00 PM UTC+08FormPerth, WA, Australia
61 people interested

“These vivid canvases evoke rain making rituals, ancestral narratives, the connection to stars and moon and the manifestation of traditional land management practices,” says curator Sharmila Wood.

Anyone who hasn’t made it to The Goods Shed for a stroll through the Painting Power: Ritual, Art & Land exhibition should pop into Claremont and check it out. The walls of the funky heritage space by the railway station are blazing with colourful, complex works by some of the nation’s finest con...
61 Reviews
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Robyn Walshe
· February 28, 2017
A spectacular exhibition (Levels) Layers of meaning in every piece. The elaborate detail to perfectly form and express the messages Traxker Mischer have for us. (The insects in the lit jars were mesmerizing.) I had to visit twice!
Nicholas Bond
· April 12, 2017
Love � Form and all the art, Perth is a better place for all your efforts. Keep going.
Amanda Hendry
· April 8, 2016
After being a massive fan of Form and their projects and progress in this state, I have recently lost all faith and trust in their agenda. Public2016 has unfor...tunately used wall art installations (murals with a background in street art where art is normally used to transform undesirable locations to great effect) to indefinitely mark Curtin buildings of recognised architectural/cultural significance (as per local heritage listing). Artists have been engaged to treat important architectural facades as blank canvases for vibrant works, where fashionable imagery has been valued as of greater importance than these ambitiously designed, very well constructed and previously intact, important collection of 'Brutalist' buildings. As a Curtin ilumni and Perth creative, I'm appalled at what I percieve this program says about our Perth creative capital, which is apparently not all equally respected or valued. I hope Form can engage in this current conversation to ensure these sentiments don't occur regarding future programs. See More
Jonathan Paxman
· April 9, 2016
What an inspired way to transform blank, boring concrete walls into something stunning and to encourage conversations with local and international artists. I wo...rk at Curtin, and this project has transformed the campus. I took my kids in today, and they loved it, asking questions of the artists and really engaging with the work. My ten year old spent some time sketching one of the works, and my five year old demanded to get the paints out as soon as we got home. See More
Bevan Clark
· April 13, 2016
Love the artwork. It has transformed dull concrete into interesting, vibrant environments which act as inspiration to all people that view them. Will bring th...e family to campus.

For those that like brutalist architecture, there are still plenty of dull, oppressive, rough, grey concrete walls on campus. Notably 201 is untouched by the paint brush.

I spoke with Chris Nixon who designed his piece to work in complement with the the rough texture and linearity of the off form ceiling. Could be seen as an interpretation and enhancement of that form of architecture.
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Susan Nguyen
· April 12, 2016
Very disappointing and distressing to see Form's PUBLIC 2016 program unfold at Curtin University.
Wonderful buildings ruined in a matter of days by such shallow... means without any acknowledgement or respect for Vin Davies or the people who crafted these buildings admired by many.
The lack of sensitivity shown by an organisation such as FORM and Curtin University for it's own architecture is concerning. These buildings form a part of our architectural heritage and part of my own history.
Architecture is forever and stands the test of time. What happens years from now when the paint fades and the off form concrete has been forever ruined? I fear it is too late for these beloved buildings but hope the discussion generated by these events will at least encourage Form to reconsider/carefully consider any future PUBLIC campaigns.
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Frazer Macfarlane
· April 11, 2016
Disappointed about what has happened to the wonderful brutalist buildings at Curtin University. These were not dead spaces needing revitalisation. Off-form conc...rete is expensive and requires skill to do, but makes for a resilient and lasting wall that weathers nicely as part of the landscape. Paint fades and flakes, but never really comes off, looking cheap and shoddy. These buildings will never be the same again. I thought PUBLIC 2015 was problematic - but this took it to a whole new level. #curtinuniversity #formwa #public2016 #brutalism #betonbrut See More
Shiloh Perry
· April 9, 2016
Honesty devastated at the lack of respect Form WA are showing the historical brutalist architecture at Curtin University.
Form you have really fckd up on this These timeless facades have been destroyed by your lack of care to research. Even worse many other examples of brutalist architecture have been knocked in Perth from the lack of understanding. These were some of the few left we could enjoy, better yet we could study in create and learn. You and the artists brought from all over the world really need to take a long hard look at what you have done. #norespectformWA See More
Kent Lyon
· May 4, 2017
What a great organisation prompting design excellence in our community!
Rachel Frere
· April 7, 2016
Form has made some very bad decisions.
Artists have the responsibility to know when its best to leave things well alone.
The concrete walls are far better art than the paint thats being slapped on them now.
Show respect
Corinne Therese
· July 13, 2014
I had a great day yesterday during the Public Art Walk. Thanks to Margot and Belinda for sharing some interesting info on the artists. I really liked the fun an...ecdotes about the painting process each artist went through. I had not been into town or Northbridge for ages and it was fabulous to see how things have improved and how the street art encourages culture in our gorgeous city. See More
Leonie Matthews
· April 9, 2016
I am at a loss to find the words to describe how disappointed I am by what FORM WA & Curtin University have done to the campus. A collection of brutalist architecture now irreversibly disfigured for the sake of a quick fix approach to place activation through the Public 2016 programme.
B.b. Logan
· April 12, 2016
great work you guys have done at Curtin uni - really fantastic artwork and talented artists. thanks for setting up the event :)
Pete Hill
· April 8, 2016
Blocked from their 'Creative Conversation' for posting this...
'A significant, considered, venerable building that promotes a higher standard of consideration for our designed and constructed world now ret-conned as a canvas for vibrancy.'
Hillary Lambert
· April 15, 2016
The feedback from students, staff and visitors to FORM PUBLIC CAMPUS 2016 at Curtin has been overwhelmingly positive - the stunning works have added a new layer... of cultural heritage we are incredibly proud to have and one that has already tangibly lifted the atmosphere and, wonderfully, the level of engagement between colleagues and students - as strangers and friends share a moment to chat about the work as it catches their eye and their imagination - gives them pause to stop and think and reflect on place - including the beautiful off-form concrete which is still everywhere you look - unadorned - respected and revered as it should be. This project was never about 'covering up' the concrete - only a tiny percentage of the walls have new works on them - it was about bringing more beauty and vibrancy into lives. It is an interesting debate - I have been a bit surprised by it, I think understandably Perth architects have a particular sensitivity about cultural heritage because everyone regrets too much CBD history bulldozed in the early days ... and as a trained designer who has spent 20 years in the arts in Perth I respect that and understand it - I was in Sydney recently and felt when admiring the heritage architecture. I've realised its exciting that in 2016 we can we can be having the same debate that has faced centuries of artists... what was once maligned and dismissed and even illegal comes into its own time of reverence... I find it interesting that some feel certain artforms have some how had 'their day',... I harken back to those whole movements that some of the artistic elite tried to dismiss as fads... Impressionism, Cubism - imagining Catholic traditionalists raging when Michelangelo first started his 'murals' on the built from! I don't mean to be flippant... however the calibre of these artists' work is exceptional, many of them classically trained (not that is makes one great but as a learning institution perhaps relevant...) and to suggest that the work of a visual artist is somehow lesser than an artist of the built form - it blew me away when I had an architect refer to the works as the 'appearance of superficial creativity' - just shows the 'poles' are alive in their differences as they've ever been! Perhaps the only salve for some will be that FORM PUBLIC CAMPUS 2016 will only adorn about 2% of Curtin's iconic off-form concrete - so there is plenty left in legacy... funny when I was a Curtin student it was known disaffectionately as as a 'concrete jungle' - it's built form so maligned in its comparison to UWA - so it has actually been wonderful to know how much Curtin's architecture means to the community. What everyone needs to remember though is that we are for the students, to do everything we can to improve the experience they have in studying with us in ways that enhance their ability to learn, supports their social learning and cares for their being - that means balancing the best of our cultural heritage with the best new ways to learn and live. I loved over hearing a student mentioning to another today how nice it was to look up and see something interesting and new instead just all that concrete - so on balance I thinking we're winning hearts and minds! See More
Reece Harley
· April 18, 2015
The most inspirational, fantastic and innovative civic organisation in Perth devoted to creativity and leading debates about what makes a great city.
Karoline Kolman
· November 26, 2015
Many ideas came out of PUBLIC 2015 by FORM and by the looks of it 2016 will be BIG at FORM with PUBLIC PLATFORM and other initiatives. So exciting!!
Daniel Mitchell Ngawaka
· April 12, 2015
Grateful for the opportunity to be apart of this great experience! Yewww!
Kaye Styles
· June 28, 2015
Such lovely work you guys!!! Making WA a truly spectacular place ❤️
Di Cai
· March 9, 2016
Curtin to become the canvas for internationally acclaimed street artists
PUBLIC Platform
Doreen Chapman
First Contact by Laurel Nannup

"The thing that doesn't really get recognised is the amount of cultural wealth that people in creative fields bring to Australia. That can't be measured in material wealth."

With university fees set to rise, and job prospects in the arts sector remaining bleak, many aspiring creative types are faced with a dilemma: is going to art school worth it?

We're still on a sugar high from the first ever Flour Market West Coast Bake at The Goods Shed over the weekend. Check out the photographs by Taryn Hays - Photographer. We can't wait to do it again!

Flour Market added 66 new photos to the album: West Coast Bake.

The Goods Shed, 2017. Photographs by Taryn Hays, courtesy of FORM”

FORM added an event.

How can you change a place in 30 minutes? What experience would you seek to create and why? Jason Roberts takes you through a rapid-prototyping process, starting with human-centred design, assessing spaces, tackling change and putting it into action – fast!

Friday 23 June 2017, 9am-12pm

$50 FORM Members; $65 General Admission


Meet at The Goods Shed Corner of Shenton Road and Claremont Crescent– workshop will be held on site and at an outside location.

Find Out More :…/creative-places-curating-opportun…/

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Fri 9:00 AM UTC+08The Goods ShedPerth, WA, Australia
24 people interested
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How do you corral community energies, build collaborations, and break a project into actionable elements so you have rapid-fire implementation? Jason Roberts’s workshop shares the process which has taken Better Blocks from the level of successful local experiment to a national movement.

Thursday 22 June, 10-11.30am

$40 FORM Members; $55 General Admission

... See More
Thu 10:00 AM UTC+08The Goods ShedPerth, WA, Australia
62 people interested
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Explore the practicalities of creative place-making with one of the world’s leading creative cities experts. Learn why culture and creativity are so effective in raising quality of life in our cities, from street level forward, and how to nurture and sustain the conditions for these assets to thrive.

Tuesday, 20 June 8.30am, full morning workshop exact times TBC.

$50 FORM Members; $65 General Admission

... See More
Tue 8:30 AM UTC+08The Goods ShedPerth, WA, Australia
51 people interested
FORM added an event.

Over a light breakfast, hear two perspectives on how creativity shapes places and establishes the conditions for our communities to flourish. As leaders in the creative placemaking field, Tim Jones and Jason Roberts share their personal experiences on the dynamics of meaningful environments and how creativity shapes successful places. The Goods Shed, Corner of Shenton Road and Claremont Crescent.

Wednesday 21 June, 7 for 7.30-9am

$25 FORM Members; $40 General Admission

... See More
Wed 7:00 AM UTC+08The Goods ShedPerth, WA, Australia
27 people interested

Catering for slow pedestrians rather than fast cars results in better city design. Placemaking can make places “sticky,” so people dwell longer, customers spend more in retail shops, and students stay on campus.

Smart cities are usually optimised like a business for speed and efficiency. Placemaking can slow down cities to improve health and wellbeing and promote more democratic engagement of citizens.

Olalekan Jeyifous wants viewers to learn from informal settlements’ often-unheralded design and sustainability practices. “I hope it gets people thinking about these communities, less as this aggregate, poor slum and more about the individuals who live there.”

Artist Olalekan Jeyifous creates fantastical, futuristic images of Lagos, Nigeria, to get people thinking about how we live today.

Find a couple from this list at The Goods Shed tomorrow at the Flour Market's inaugural West Coast Bake.

The West Australian -

Want to know where to find Perth's best doughnuts?
TOP 10:

#4. A whole Saturday morning filled with the best of Perth’s sweet treats? That’s what’s on offer at The Goods Shed in Claremont this weekend thanks to the The Flour Market West Coast Bake.

From markets dedicated to baked goods and buying your lovely mum handmade gifts to celebrating like its 1999, there are plenty of fun things to do in Perth this week!

This Saturday Melbourne's Flour Market and FORM bring you the The Flour Market West Coast Bake. A seasonal, artisan and underground food event making its WA debut with fresh, sweet treats by the likes of Baker St Cottesloe, Baked 180º
Bittersweet Bake, Carina's Kitchen Perth, Glazed & Confused, La Paleta, Lena Lu, Mary Street Bakery, Sherbet Cafe & Bake Shop , The Flour Press, Top Dup, Wild Bakery South Freo and Coffee by the Coffee Pod at The Goods Shed Join us at The Goods Shed from 9am until sold out.

Image may contain: dessert and food
Image may contain: food
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Image may contain: flower and food

From Europe’s largest urban art festival in Banksy’s hometown of Bristol to the comic book-inspired POW!WOW! in Hawaii, these are just some of the fabulous celebrations happening across the world.

Read Celebrating street art: eight festivals for the urban art form
FORM added 37 new photos from May to the album: Painting Power : Ritual, Art and Land.

Opening Night. Photographs by Edwin Sitt
Thank you to our sponsors Clairault Streicker Wines and Feral Brewing Company.