Daryx, or Dar Malyx, Lord Priest of Lolth, Founding Member of The Circle February 15, 2018 Eric Barnum Leave a comment Daryx, dark elf ranger and member of the Circle of MorbattenWhile sages and bookmages might argue about WHEN Morbatten transitioned from Dar Tania’s “Consolidation” Phase into...

A Valentine's Day post for all the lover's out there.

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Chris Bennett
· December 30, 2017
Eric's books are great; awesome world building and lore. Read the Dar Tania series before Malcor, I'm still working my way through but it gives some solid history on the later books. My boys will be r...ead these at night along with Tolkien's when they're old enough. See More
Ben Duffy
· November 22, 2017
Eric Barnum is one of my favorite new fantasy authors (and gratifyingly prolific, seeing how he is about to publish his fifth title in two years), and I'm glad he finally has a home on FB.
Jim Peters
· November 22, 2017
Eric writes high-fantasy with great skill. His stories are filled with action, deep characters and intrigue. Definitely an up-and-coming author!
Ryann Barnum
· November 24, 2017
Fantastical story writer!! I’m excited to be able to keep up with his blogging through this page! Such a stud! �
Tiamat – Dark Goddess of (evil) Dragons or Hydra February 4, 2018 Eric Barnum Leave a comment This was my first encounter with Tiamat art. The Dragonlance Chronicles portrayed her as a dark goddess, 1 of 3 moons, and god over dark magic. I remember being in a store and seeing this cover art and, w...

Spark, blue dragon of lightning, has art!

Dread Lord Spark – Lord of Lightning January 29, 2018 Eric Barnum Leave a comment Spark, Patriarch of Lightning DragonsThough one of the 3 dread lords in the Court of Patriarchs, Spark often takes a background role in the Forsaken Isles stories. This occurs as a function of geography and interests...

Hey Fanatics... got a new review in the EFF bookstore for your reading pleasure. Thanks to Eric Barnum for the write-up!

****Warning to would-be readers: as this is a classic, we're going to allow spoilers in the comments below.****

EFF Review: The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle – Eric K. Barnum Reviewing by Eric Barnum | Jan 28, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments Rating: 4 of 5 stars I re-read this timeless tale for the nth time in January ’18, and it still shines as a solid classic. I cannot give it 5 of 5 stars, but only...

King Malcor uncovered a long lost transcript of Dar Tania and Commander Sean discussing Love. It sheds light on core doctrinal differences between Creation and Warp. It is thought that Dar Ana hid this. By imperial decree, let the world know that Tiamat embraces human emotion, all human emotion. She is our Queen. All hail!

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If you're a fan, you know Ynt'taris likes to walk the people in the form of a small girl. He weeds out those that would take advantage of an alone child. And, he has done so masterfully. Morbatten today is full of Santa Clause like stories of families and children saved by Ynt'taris. He's also the Jack the Ripper/boogeyman of those who would treat children poorly.

Ynt'taris always writes himself. I'm just a medium.

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Commander Sean has art and it's live on Forsaken Isles! From emails and comments, Sean is one of the unabashed favorites of readers. As an author, I really enjoy channeling "Sean" moments into my stories as well. He makes me feel wiser than I actually am.…/

Commander Sean, Pragmatist Knight of Pha Rann January 13, 2018 Eric Barnum Leave a comment While Sean is well-detailed throughout the Forsaken Isles and in the early timeline books, there are certain ideas that he modeled so well they have enduring almost 2,000 years. So, let’s peel the veil back ...
How Dragons Feel January 8, 2018 Eric Barnum Leave a comment The Tanian dragons love treasure. More than gold, they love the furious emotions that burn in the hearts of those who love them. For, while amassing treasure Smaug-style is nice, having treasure that loves and adores you back is far more i...
Breaking into the Top 1000 January 6, 2018 Eric Barnum Leave a comment While it might not seem like it, there are some 12,000 authors in the Fantasy genre on Amazon. Some are the big names like Tolkien, Brooks, Martin, and LeGuinn. Others are aspirants like me. With the release of Khalla’s Play, I...

Khalla's Play and Dar Tania sale is off and running today. It ends Friday.…/

Khalla’s Play – Official Release Date Jan 1, 2018 January 2, 2018 Eric Barnum Leave a comment Pick up Khalla’s Play on Amazon here… 487 pages. 200k words. Free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. $5.99 eBook. $16.75 paperback Like all Forsaken Isles books, you do not need to read others to enjo...

Last year, in the Dar Tania project, I met and became friends with the creator of the Tellest world. Since that time, it's been fun to see my books and interviews pop up over there. With Khalla's Play officially available in both ebook at $5.99 (free for Kindle Unlimited) and $16.75 paperback effective today January 1, 2018 - woo hoo! - I wanted to kick off a week of it being free on ebook.

Starting tomorrow Jan 2, through Friday Jan 5, Khalla's Play will be free as an ebook... and Dar Tania will be discounted to $0.99. I invite you all to pick up, binge read them all, and leave reviews on Amazon and GoodReads.

Here is the Tellest article about Khalla's Play.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to a glorious new year. 2018 is sure to be spectacular, as new books are coming your way, both within Tellest, and from other fantastic authors. One such author, Eric K. Barnum, has been an inspiration and a wonderful ally of the Tellest brand for the past year. Every cha...

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Khalla’s Play – The Editing. Dec 12, 2017 update December 12, 2017 Eric Barnum Leave a comment A quick search on Google for “help me write” yields 473M results. The same search on “help me edit” gives a meager 377M and it takes 0.2 seconds longer to find fewer results. Though not super h...