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Myrrh Larsen
· December 12, 2017
There are times in life you just have to put your trust in someone. Trust that the chef won't poison your food, that the cab driver knows the quickest route, that your barber won't take off an ear. Wh...en it comes to mastering, Ryan Foster is a guy to trust with your life, your art, your music. The man knows his stuff. See More
Jim Walker
· December 12, 2017
There are a lot of mastering engineers out there, and I’ve worked with quite a few.
But it seemed like everyone I did a project with had a slightly different skill set; This engineer...’s good at THIS and that engineer’s good at THAT, and this engineer pushes it HERE, and that engineer makes it go THERE.
Then I met Ryan Foster.
And that was that (cue the harp and trumpets).
Ryan understands how music should sound more than anyone I’ve ever met.
And not just the technical knob-turning aspects either. Ryan is brilliant with the science of music, but he also understands how music should FEEL. How it should embrace you coming out of the speakers. And how it should move and groove through your ears and right on down ya.
It’s an incredible and rare talent to have and he’s got it.
Lucky us.
Mastering is the sonic last-step before ushering your music out into the world. Ryan is the gate-keeper of that, and he doesn’t take the responsibility lightly.
He treats every project and every client with care and respect.
Plus, he’s smart as hell, and wicked funny so the session and hang is always a blast.
Since first working with Ryan I’ve never worked with another mastering person.
I mean, once you’ve found the best, why bother with the rest?
Know what I mean?
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Thia Sexton
· August 19, 2017
Ryan isn't just an amazing mastering guy, he's an amazing person. I had a difficult situation (touchy mixer who had over-compressed the songs), and Ryan was able to gently, persuasively get what he ne...eded from the mixer, to do the highest quality job. He had never met me, but cared about my record enough to fight for it. This CD is so important to me, and it's obvious that every CD is that important to Ryan. I feel so lucky to have found him. See More
Jason Wade
· October 23, 2017
Ryan just finished our record. I’ve been an audio engineer for over 35 years. I’ve engineered for everyone from Ray Charles to the Dixie Chicks and I can say, without a doubt this man has talent and... an amazing ear! The amount of depth, air and intelligibility he added was mind blowing!
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Brian Horton
· December 12, 2017
Horton Records in Tulsa has used Foster Mastering (and FREQ mastering) a number of times and we have always received high quality work, good communication, fast turnaround, and professional consultati...on at a reasonable price. Highly recommended. See More
Skip VonKuske
· December 12, 2017
More on this later! Extremely easy to work with and so glad I reached out to Ryan. Final mixes on a Monday and he was mastering the following day.
Tim Burke
· September 25, 2017
Called up Ryan to get a Hound the Wolves release mastered. My summary?

Fucking fantastic, on everything I listen on. Ryan does fantastic work. Gave me eargasms, no shit.
Matt Franzen
· December 12, 2017
Good work, good dude, good hang, good price, good gear.
Tor Kingdon
· May 1, 2015
Roughly one million years ago, Ryan and I worked together on some projects and he's the best. Some day we'll work on a project here that will master with Ryan, so we can play together again.
Greg Minix
· March 27, 2015
The best mastering studio I know of. Professional sound, great rates, knowledgeable staff. I won't mess with anyone else!
Angela Davise
· November 13, 2015
Best place for all of your mixing and mastering needs...

JVA's fantabulous new Ep "THE NIGHT OF THE ACCORDION MURD5RS" is out now. This is the fifth installment of a ten EP musical murder-mystery series and story. All songs were written, produced, played, and recorded by Mr. Jim Walker at his Studio 515. Co-Lead Vocal on "No Questions Asked" by Tracey Harris. Violin & Viola on "In Blue" by Aaron Meyer, Concert Rock Violinist. Thanks for having me be involved, Jim!

Go get him, Mildred.


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The Night of the Accordion Murd5rs - EP

Hound The Wolves released their excellent new record "Camera Obscura" on Valentines Day and celebrate with a release show at the High Water Mark Lounge tonight.... With Mammoth Salmon and Young Hunter also on the bill, how can u go wrong? I don't know either, but the least we can do is try. Let's try. Let's try! Congrats, gentlemen!

U can take a listen a get a copy for yourself here. Do it! DO IT!

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4 track album
A friend of ours.
Get Away - Libretto

Wednesday | 12:22 | Pdx

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It was great to have Adam Kallio and Tom Frisch in to tweak up a new one for Portland pop/psyche rock band The Separatists. Thanks, gentlemen!

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I recently had the pleasure mastering up The Oklahoma Room at Folk Alliance 2018 compilation for Horton Records. The comp consists of 20 wonderful and diverse tracks, and includes new and/or previously unreleased songs from: Levi Parham, Carter Sampson, Jesse Aycock, Beau Roberson, Chris Lee Becker Music, Dan Martin, Erik The Viking Music, Ken Pomeroy Musician, Kyle Reid, Erin O'Dowd, and Kalyn Fay. Kick-ass artwork & design by Kalyn Fay. Pick yourself up a Cd, shirt, or down...load, and not only will you get some great stuff, you'll help 20+ Okie artists represent at Folk Alliance International this year.
Wheee doggie! Do it!!!

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20 track album

It's always a blast to have Mr. Jim Walker aka JVA in the studio. This time it was to master up Night Of The Accordion Murd5rs, the fifth installment of his ten EP musical murder-mystery series and story. Great stuff that you can learn yourself about here: And I suggest you do. Recorded and mixed at his own Studio 515. Thanks, Jim! Thanks! Thanks...

#NightOfTheAccordionMurd5rs #NOTAM5 #jvamusicdotcom #JimWalker #murder #IGotYouWhereYouWantMe #kok

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Foster Mastering added 2 new photos — with Kevin Strand.
January 20

Luke and Kevin Strand in to master up the new Ep for TheWilder. The Wilder are: Luke on guitar / vocals, Rodya Hutwagner on bass / background vocals, and Kevin Strand on drums. Recorded and mixed at Type Foundry Recording Studio. Thanks, Wilder! Rock! Do it!

#TheWilder #rock #music #love #fostermastering

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Foster Mastering is with Mike Libretto Jackson and Matt Nelkin.
January 10

It was great to have Matt Nelkin, Mike Libretto Jackson, and young King Anaru in to master up some tasty new Libretto tracks. Bretto, Vic Spencer, production by Buscrates, and mixing by Justin Higgins. Yeah, buddy! Look for it soon on some delicious vinyl via Liquid Beat Records.

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Foster Mastering added 2 new photos — with Thor Deacon.
January 2

Thor Deacon in the house to master up the new punk rock / hip-hop album for Riot AF. Thor + Roni Madison = Riot AF. Do it! Recorded and mixed by Gus Berry at Jackpot! Recording Studio, Inc. Thanks for having me be involved, gentlemen!

#RiotAF #RoniMadison #ThorDeacon #punk #hiphop

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It was great to have Michael Kirchoff aka MY-G in to master up and compile the plethora of good music that is his new concept album #projectLSDindamix. This psy...chedelic musical voyage takes the listener on a trip wherein one will have fun and just might learn something if not careful. Good stuff! #projectLSDindamix features the likes of: Prodigy of Mobb Deep (R.I.P.) / Talib Kweli / Sunspot Jones / Division Ave / Aniya / Lilla / Zelly Rock / Russ Liquid / Massud Tamassbi / Kable Roc / Laura Danielle Ivancie / Fly Trapper / Wiz, and many more.

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this is a Musical Psychadelic journey through Portland's own MY-G hand picked selections of self produced gems. Featuring: Prodigy / Talib Kweli / Division Ave / Sunspot Jones / Lilla / Kable Roc / Ma

Happy Holidays, all!

Skip VonKuske's video for his song "Jingle Bells and Bourbon" from his new Christmas / comedy / drinking EP "Holiday Spirits" is here!
Skip, Don Henson, Dante's, whiskey, some local ne'er-do-wells, Christmas, whiskey... Do it!

#SkipVonkuske #JingleBellsAndBourbon #HolidaySpirits #DonHenson #cello #hatsandwandsandshit #whiskey #ChristmasMedicine

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Posted by Skip VonKuske
Skip VonKuske

Ryan told me to upload this direct to FB to reach a wider audience.