“Late this morning I came by Hampstead in a Devon scow, that found me drifting just off of Rame Head near Plymouth Sound. In the room that we let I found your hairbrush broke on the ground, and so in motion like stone in potion, I just lay down. This cold water is weighing us down …”

(( words by MFRG, photo by HL from Puget Sound - 6 January 2015. ))

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"American Gothic (Ella Watson)."
Photo by Gordon Parks, 1942.
from 🇺🇸 The Library of Congress PPOC FSA/OWI Collection.

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“… Hold on as if a chain that we made against the waves, as if a light where the nights are long, from town to town and home to home. See the walls of neighbours form, something like a storm …”

(( words by MFRG. Photo by HL: Nassau, 🇧🇸 - 23 May 2012. ))

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In the German federal state of Bavaria, 2018 marks two anniversaries: 200 years when a constitution was first created and imposed on the then-monarchy, and 100 years to the elimination of the constitutional monarchy which eventually became the Free State of Bavaria.

For this year's centenary and bicentenary, I highlight 18 places in Bavaria which have nothing to do with fairy-tale castles or Oktoberfest 😁😎

(( Unser Bayern | Visit Bavaria | Germany - The Travel Destination | DW Travel | DW Culture | VisitGermany | I like Germany ))

Centenary for the Free State of Bavaria

Kevin Frayer is TIME's 2017 Wire Photographer of the Year, particularly for his work highlighting the exodus and plight of the Muslim Rohingya minority from Buddhist Myanmar. Frayer is a Getty Images photographer who lives in Beijing, China with his family.

The Beijing-based photographer has made some of the most powerful images of 2017

17 for 17:

These are some of my favourite images from 2017. Yes, there were far more, but how much time do you have really? 😆

A selection of 17 images from 2017

"#Afghanistan through a tourist's lens"

from photographer Laurence Tan, of and for Getty Images

One photographer’s travel diary from Afghanistan’s Bamiyan region

An unusual clock continues to tick away in Berlin Charlottenburg near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The Set Theory Clock (Mengenlehreuhr) is set to modified base-5, a specific example of the relationship between set theory, a branch of mathematics, and number systems. The clock is also apparently connected with a mysterious cryptography sculpture at the American CIA headquarters.

( visitBerlin | Europa-Center Berlin )

Berlin Clock, Berliner Uhr, a.k.a. Mengenlehreuhr (set theory clock)

Hi, everyone. A big warm thanks to everyone who spends a little bit of their valuable online time on this Page. Happy holidays and all the best in 2018! ❄️🎄🤶🏼☃️

At the confluence of the Mosel and Rhine rivers is the Koblenz landmark the Deutsches Eck (German Corner). But did you know this is the *SECOND* version of the Deutsches Eck?

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In Koblenz where the Mosel and Rhine rivers converge, there are two versions of the Deutsches Eck (German Corner).

"If I'm on the highest point in Germany, can I see Italy?"

I'd seen the claim before: on a clear day, I can see Italy from Zugspitze. I tested this claim for myself on a cold but mostly clear winter morning. The answer to my question is better than expected, because I've spotted mountains in the Alps across *FIVE* countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Liechtenstein.

*LINK* :

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Berlin, Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse station.

An advertisement for the city's Tierpark (animal park) raises an interesting question. Who's keeping track of the zoo: the animals or the bipeds in charge? Judging by whatever rush hour there is in a city beyond a certain size, the animals in the zoo might have things a little better than the bipeds.

(#FotoeinsFriday | #FridayRush | #GottaGetHome | #RushHour | #Berlin | #Friedrichstrasse)

I often think *we* are the animals in the simulation …

Edinburgh, Scotland: landmarks in silhouette

( #ThisIsEdinburgh | #Edinburgh | #FotoeinsFriday )

Edinburgh, in the shadows of monuments

(Berlin / Berlin Wall / Berliner Mauer / 9 Nov 1989)

The Berlin Wall fell on the evening of 1989 November 9 after 28 years of East German attempts to confine their own people. The inner-German/intra-Berlin border crossing at Bornholmer Strasse was the first to allow East Berliners openly through into West Berlin. Here are some key moments from that evening, as well as a short history of the train station ("ghost station") at Bornholmer Strasse.

( #Berlin | #BerlinWall | #BerlinerMauer | #Mauerfall | #9Nov1989 )

East Berliners entered through the Berlin Wall first at Bornholmer Strasse on 9 Nov 1989

How will artificial intelligence see the world? What happens when they begin to see and when they begin to photograph?

(Trevor Paglen exhibition, LensCulture)

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"You are beautiful just as you are!" Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc had a dream: to make a book with women from all over the world. She quit her job and called her project 'The Atlas of Beauty'.

Livona Ellis performs in Cayetano Soto’s “Eight Years of Silence” in an afternoon preview and rehearsal before opening night. Soto’s piece made its world premiere on 2 November in program 1 of Ballet BC’s brand new 32nd season.

Vancouver, BC, 🇨🇦 - 2 Nov 2017 -

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