I knew Conrad, and am deeply saddened by the news of his passing. In the late 1990's he was directing a B movie in my hometown and asked me to play the role of a small town sheriff. I was really hot to play the part, but I was unable to take time off from work to accomodate the shooting schedule (and the hell of it was that he shot the outdoor scenes in the woods behind K-Mart, which is a ten minute walk from my house). He gave me a bunch of Ed Wood movies and a couple of his own, and was swell enough to autograph some of my Plan 9 from Outer Space memorabilia.

Conrad Brooks was a great guy and I'll miss him terribly. 😭…/bs-fe-brooks-obit-brief-20171…

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Probably the greatest Alex Schomburg cover ever, from April 1944, Suspense Comics #3. By the way, there was no corresponding story in the comic itself.

Posted mainly because people in another Facebook comics group are absolutely LOSING THEIR MINDS over it.

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Suuuuuuure she's a teenager...

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It looks like the BBo'F will be on another hiatus. I just caught another paid editing project. But I'll try to at least post a cool comic cover or three during the break. Be back soon!

I'm far from the sharpest tool in the shed. But when it comes to nineteenth century military theory? Oh, yeah, I KNOW things.…/the-grim-geometry…/

I’ve been interested in the American Civil War for most of my life; it’s not possible for things to have been any other way, being as I’ve been reading military history since I wa…

I haven't forgotten that post about Jomini. It's all in my head; the rest is just scribbling and bibbling, bibbling and scribbling. In the meantime, here's a preview.

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All-Star Comics #25, June 1945. Apparently Facebook's algorithm views this image as "spam" in other groups. So let's see what happens...

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Photographic "proof" that Amelia Earhart was captured by the Japanese is nothing new. In fact, a 1946 comic book proves that the rumors go back even farther than we imagined:…/amelia-earhart-it…/

In a time when very few people had flown in a plane, much less piloted one, being known as “an aviator” actually meant something. There was a certain dash, a panache, connected to the term “aviator…

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This could not have happened (since Hitler possessed the Spear of Longinus, unless this happened FAR from the front), but it's still a lovely image.

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Happy Independence Day! Despite the fact that I am vile, traitorous, Colonial scum, I offer this to my English friends: a tribute to England's greatest Victorian adventurer:…/the-veiled-prophe…/

The “backstory” to the comic book we feature in today’s post is one of the great true adventure tales of the Victorian Age. While it is certainly true that many Europeans of that era were vir…

I read a swell piece this morning about how The Rocketeer movie doesn't remotely get the amount of love it deserves:…/the-rocketeer-an-adventure-movie…

We discuss why The Rocketeer deserved better than it got from audiences and critics.

The Big Blog o'Fun is on a short hiatus. I'm in the final editing stages of a (paid) book project, but once that's finished the BBo'F will return!

My money's on Blackhawk. Cover by the legendary Reed Crandall for Military Comics #19, May 1943.

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A later ad said if you signed up enough friends and formed a club, you could receive a visit from Captain Battle himself. Promo ad from Silver Streak Comics #16, November 1941.

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