Wahsinns Review mit 9,4 von 10 Punkten!!! Danke FFM-Rock Online Magazin (official) 🤘🤘

Wah Sinn Review with 9,4 of 10 points!!! Thank you @[379379815423551:274:FFM-Rock Online Magazin (official)] 🤘🤘
FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING - Perdition Portal Verfasst von Jochen Strubel am 21. Mai 2018. VÖ: 18.05.2018(Apostasy Recorrds)Style: Melodic Death MetalHomepage:FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMINGEndlich schlagen FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING wieder zu und nach zuvor schon vier geilen Alben bin ich schon mächtig auf das...
Fragments of Unbecoming updated their profile picture.
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Daniel Ayersman
· November 28, 2017
"Sterling Black Icon" is one of the best albums of all time.
Todd Douglas Collins
· March 25, 2018
Fragments of Unbecoming gives me an erection.
Xavier Filion
· April 6, 2018
Best Melodeath band ever!
Alexander Ozzie Bobroff
· May 18, 2018
Great Band!!! Awesoming new album! Best of the Best!!!
· April 18, 2018
Ethan Hunt
· 8 hours ago
Geile Band, schon immer, neues Album "Perdition Portal" Hammer, Growls gemein wie es sein soll, schnittige Göteborg-Gitarren, tighte Rhythmusabteilung: Awakening of the Goooooodz!

as promised a little surprise: check out our OFFICIAL VIDEO of the title track PERDITION PORTAL 🤘🤘

From today on the album is officially available through our webshop as well as through all common mailorders etc.

Today, Fragments of Unbecoming finally reveal some new “Crimson Melodic Death Metal Art” through their new album „Perdition Portal – Chapter VI“. Therefore, the... official video for the title track, which picks up the dark atmosphere of the cover-artwork, is available now. The South German quintet took six years to open their portal but the long wait was definitely worth it!

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Ein schöner Anfang in den Printmedien

A nice start in the print media :-)
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Apostasy Records

Tödliche Harmonie(n): Fragments of Unbecoming in der aktuellen Ausgabe vom Metal Hammer!

"Für Fans keine Frage, PERDITION PORTAL: CHAPTER VI ist eine würdige Er...gänzung der bisherigen Diskografie. Stilistisch bewegen sich Fragments Of Unbecoming nach wie vor im breiten Fahrwasser von Bands wie At The Gates oder Dissection, vergisst aber nicht, die eigene Note durch kleinere stilistische Schlenker zu ergänzen. Sicher ist: Schönere Twin-Gitarren aus deutschen Landen hört man selten, und auch der restliche musikalische Unterbau (wie beispielsweise das solide, treibende Schlagzeugspiel) muss sich definitiv nicht verstecken." 5 von 7 Punkten

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Just a few more hours to go until our latest beast "Perdition Portal" will be released!! Let us know what you think then

Tomorrow there will be also a little surprise for you all, so check back 🤘🤘

Just got the message we are the ALBUM OF THE WEEK Zephyrs Odem
Thank you again!!

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La recensione di "Perdition Portal" dei FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING: "C'è una rivolta in corso e i Fragments Of Unbecoming non sono mai stati così sfrontati".


This Toilet Tuesday with Fragments of Unbecoming: "Not usually a fan of melodeath, but I’ve greatly appreciated these guys for years, and the two tracks here fe...el like I’m right back in the thick of it. Neverending melodies flow effortlessly from the guitars, interweaving beautifully with both the blasting and the slower parts, and always keeping up with the tempo changes, seeming to already be waiting round the corner with more melancholy goodness. It also helps that the growls fit incredibly well, the two singers sometimes mingling to create an inhuman effect and never bothering with shitty cleans. The end result is brutal throughout without foregoing beauty. Just like every rose has its thorns… but this one’s like 85% thorns and goes around impaling the weaker roses. 5/18/18 (Hans)" - thanks Toilet ov Hell!

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It's once again Toilet Tuesday, and it's a pretty damn good one this week. Hessian Hunter and Hans have loaded us up with tons of sweet recommendations, and there's a ton of good stuff in the bigger list as well. Be sure to check that out for more, and let us know what else we should be listening to...

Die Running order für Samstag ist online!

The running order for Saturday is online!
Café Central to Fragments Of Unbecoming, Obscure Infinity, Goath und Supports


19.00 Uhr Doors

19.30 - 20.00 Uhr Legal Hate (30 Min)


20.20 - 20.55 Uhr Skullhog (35 Min)

21.15 - 21.55 Uhr Goath (40 Min)

22.10 - 22.55 Uhr Obscure Infinity (45 Min)

23.15 - 00.15 Uhr Fragments Of Unbecoming (60 Min)

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Just received the CDs and vinyls. Feels great 😀🤘🤘

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Another good review from with 8/10 points. Thank you!!

VÖ: 18. Mai 2018Apostasy RecordsFragments Of Unbecoming sind nicht Obscure Infinity, weder Fleshcrawl oder Revel In Flesh, noch Night In Gales. In der deutschen Metallandschaft sind sie für die Schwedentod-affinen Freaks aber mindestens genauso wichtig, gut angesehen und qualitativ gehaltvoll. Oka...

Check out Der Dunkle Parabelritter and his spotify playlist: track nr. 6 (66) is our song "DISMAL" from the upcoming record Perdition Portal 🤘🤘 All hail to the Underground!
Also on his list are our labelmates NIGHT IN GALES and Fleshworks

Meine neusten Metal-Empfehlungen für euch! Für die neusten Hoffnungsträger im Underground gehe auf BEST METAL UNDERGROUND.

In genau einer Woche zwirbeln wir euch zusammen mit Obscure Infinity, Goath, Legal Hate und Skullhog im Café Central die Rübe ab! Sichert euch noch euer Ticket im VVK für 16€ und investiert euer so gespartes Geld lieber in zwei Bier 🤘
Unsere neue Scheibe Perdition Portal und neue Shirts haben wir natürlich dabei.

Übrigens veröffentlichen At The Gates am gleichen Tag ihr neues Album. Wenn das mal kein großer Tag des melodischen, schwedisch deathmetals ist 🤘🤘

In exactly one week we twirl you with @[286568628216131:274:Obscure Infinity], @[710055799094877:274:Goath], @[124863090884996:274:Legal Hate] and @[158492370912423:274:Skullhog] at café central! Get your ticket on pre-sale for 16 € and invest your so money in two beers 🤘 Our new disc perdition portal and new shirts of course we have. By the way, @[152054251522566:274:At The Gates] released their new album on the same day If this is not a big day of melodic Swedish death metals 🤘🤘
Sat 7:00 PM UTC+02Café CentralWeinheim, Germany
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New review from Dead for "Perdition Portal" from Fragments of Unbecoming: "The band is highly attuned to the old school Gothenburg-esque sound, and... amid the more modern denizens, it’s refreshing to hear something rooted in the heroics of the old while keeping things decidedly brutal and urgent in tone." 8 / 10 points

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2018 is certainly becoming a solid year for melodic death metal comebacks. We've already been able to savor some quality goods from bands like Night in Gales and The Absence, and now it seems that Fragments of Unbecoming have arisen from their slumber to bring forth their sixth album, Perdition Port...
Fragments of Unbecoming is feeling excited.

Wow, eines der ersten Reviews kommt von Zephyr's Odem gleich mal mit 9,2/10 Punkten daher!!
Danke Siggi, so kann es weitergehen!

(4.702) - Siggi (9,2/10) Death Metal

New Merchandise! only available at the gig 19.5.18!

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