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Thomas Franks
· September 21, 2016
Great ownership of the project. Great responsibility. Great job!
Ian S. Martin
· May 31, 2017
Woah sobrang galing idol!,
Storytelling for Marketing
Breakfast at the Mountain
Skin Art

Videos Need not be Expensive!

"76% of companies who have used video in the past 12 months report a direct business impact, and more than 60% plan to increase their investments in the coming years!" -

Your goal is to have your audience say “yes, I understand, and I care” after reading or watching your brand story. If your audience just says “now I know” then you have successfully informed them but not enough to make them care, to make them stay to whatever you have... to say next.

Watch the full lesson here:

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Singastoria's latest episode is out. We took a walk along Sungei road to visit the famed Thieves Market before a couple of days before it will be shut down.



The famed Sungei Road Thieves' Market will have it last hooray today (10th July 2017). We paid a visit to capture this culture-rich flea market's vibe for the last time.


The value of the work we do here at Frame 316 is not about the luxury nor the glory of filmmaking. It is all about the stories that we choose to immerse ourselves in, getting the chance to meet real-life heroes who are making a huge impact on the world we live in, one small and silent step at a time.

We visited a village, an hour away from the capital of Cambodia - Phnom Phen. To witness and experience a life-changing passion of the people behind Green Umbrella, founded by a young monk who never turned his back. From the first day that he saw the need to educate the poor children right to where the school stands now. This is what inspired us to craft this mini doco.


Thanks to Singapore Pain Solutions for the opportunity to work on this amazing project. Here's the second of the 3 video series we have done for them.

Singapore Pain Solutions at Singapore Pain Solutions.
April 25Singapore

Release the athlete in you! Choose chiropractic, choose Singapore Pain Solutions.

— Products shown: Chiropractic Health Consultation.

We did a series of videos for Singapore Pain Solutions's campaign, "Release the Athlete in You". Check out the first video here!

Singapore Pain Solutions at Singapore Pain Solutions.
April 25Singapore

Release the athlete in you. Choose Chiropractic, choose Singapore Pain Solutions

If you need a break from your busy lifestyle, make sure to visit Kampung Lorong Buangkok and relive the experience of life in its plain and simple form. Away from the madding crowd!


It's the first time that we are doing a video review of our client's product. I had so much fun filming the video for enough for me to try it myself. Adding a bit of our own flavor in doing videos, it was a complete joyride.

Thanks to the amazing people behind Cookit SG, we enjoyed working with you guys and hope this video is enough to share the "fun" part in cooking your own cook kit!


Our latest video content production for Cookit.SG. For a more personal dining experience right at your doorstep, checkout their recipes and bring home the magic.

Posted by Cookit SG
Cookit SG
February 10

There’s nothing more meaningful than cooking for the one you love! Order your cook kits at

Mount Bromo which stands tall at 2329 m is one of the most iconic mountain in Indonesia.

It is still one of the most active volcanoes in the world and there are areas that are blocked off from tourists due to its imminent danger.
Relive the glory of capturing one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java, Indonesia with the Pinoygraphers. Find out why it is worth taking a break from your usual routine and going after what you are passionate about.

Posted by Frame 316

Connect Through Art & Yoga

We tap the practice of yoga and art to engage children and adults in healthy, physical activity. More importantly though is the observational learning that both disciplines instil, one that involves all your senses from sight, sound and taste even.

At CANVASS, we refine the process of your intuitive learning, channelling that into authentic expression. Whether it’s to articulate yourself better, help you process situations more efficiently, or inculcate good values like humility and compassion, we will help you actualise your potential.


It's ok to push yourself to the limit; it's ok to build your physique. But along the process, you also need to think long term. The value of the human body and it's tolerance for pain is put in place so that when there is something wrong, something needs to be done.

No Pain, Your Gain is a story shared by a doctor of chiropractic who helps body builders achieve breakthroughs not only in the gym but also in life.

Posted by Frame 316

Volunteer Guitar Connection has been passionately spreading good will by spending time to touch other people's lives through music. Through volunteer programs to old folk homes, orphanage and other organizations, they partner with other volunteers in coming up with a worthy cause. To provide that one meaningful moment where the needy will remember and provide a reminder how it feels to be cared for, to be entertained and to have a friend by their side.

This is their story!


How do you find hope and encouragement in a heap of garbage? how do you distinguish from those who are struggling and those who are giving up?

Frame 316 traveled to Smokey Mountain to capture an inspiring story of two children who dreams big from a small shanty and a few good people who brings food to their plate to help them slowly build their dreams.
This is the beauty of a life - when a young girl says; "I want to grow up and be a teacher so I can teach other people's kids...".

One of my earliest and most meaningful work yet. Breakfast at the Mountain, semi-finalist to the Our Better World's Good Story Asia competition 2014. Watch and be inspired!

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Here is a film we did for an up and coming bakery in Upper Serangoon area. Find out what good stuff are in store for you at the Bread Table and hear it from the baker himself Mr. Joseph Lee and find out the inspiration behind putting up the business and how it's different from other bakeries.


This is a story of an artist in pursuit of creative freedom, crossing beyond the norms that her family used to set for her. Find out why it’s worth going after your dreams and the rewards that you reap when you do what you are passionate about.

Set in the suburbs of Olongapo in the Philippines, a young lady inserts indelible ink into the skin of her subject. We documented the whole process while she generously shared her story.

Meet Donna, the skin artist!

Posted by Frame 316