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About Frank
  • urban planner- one time VP Producer of record co. always indoors-fell in love w/outdoors-commited passionate of art- life-spritual being-quatum physics Saving ENERGY & WATER w/ ESTATE make own fuel for trucks-Cooking gas- wind mills-solar (hell live in FLORIDA) Like to change the world hate this dependance on this that & what ever like to teach everyone how we can live in harmony w/nature & don't have to be a tree hugger (it doesn't hurt) But I like my sports cars my boat my airplane (don't like airports or wires) so I'm not perfect I'm a dirty white boy!

    Spritual worldly being have lived all over the world found Sarasota Florida has the elements that match me the closets-sure Cortina Italia, or Hong Kong even David Panama are great places to live-they lack Sarasota's small town mix! PEOPLE say I'm a RENISANCE MAN! Died yrs ago after being hit head on-my motorcycle by drunk driver- spent ayr in traction w/both legs- after diing I was told have to do beautiful things back here on Earth
Favorite Quotes
  • changes yr to yr-FEEL & SEEZ THE DAY! LIVE EACH MOMENT AS IF IT YOUR LAST- DO IT LIKE NIKE is mostly my daily quote & Shift up a gear & smash the pedal