Pet Shop (Acoustic)
@Paola Jimenez new F.O.S. inspired jam?

Here You Go Kids!!!
Remember, the secret word is only good until 7:30.

The traditional secret word-scene in The Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway. Now you all know what to do when anyone says the secret word, right? SCREAM REAL LO...

Hey all you freaky party people, F.O.S. is back with a gig @ Blind Tiger SB during Fiesta this Friday! So come show us your moves on this Fiesta Friday w/ F.O.S., is that enough F-words for ya?

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Plain and Simple
#FOS #freakinonspeakers

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Freakin' Solstice!!!!! Hope every one of you be ridin your bikes and uberin around today.

F.O.S. is playin a set at The Riviera Rehearsal's at 6pm!
( 321 Loma Vista street, SB, CA. 93101 )


Come find this awesome party and hear tunes from a huge lineup!!

Solstice CHEERS!!!!!

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Getting Shit Done Sunday with the help of Hector Hurtado's Impact Drill!! FOS HQ will be up in running before you know it! CHEERS!

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No Cover!!! And we're teaming up with Ben Nomura. Doors at 8:00!!!

Fri 8:00 PM PDTBlind Tiger
38 people went

Tomorrow Night! Gotta a full set for all you freakers!

Fri 8:00 PM PDTBlind Tiger
38 people went

Thank you Ozzie and Isreal for putting us at 1,000 likes, 1K! We are working on our new studio getting it ready for writing and recording some fresh tunes, can't wait to spread the grooves to all thousand of ya!

Hey all, come on out for a great early show Friday to get your freak on, don't let Missy down


We'd like to say thank you to Martin Luther King for sticking up for what he believed in-in one most harshest times in the U.S.A history. Thank you for not giving up and using the force of love to change the world.
Happy MLK Day!

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A Big Thanks to Everyone who came last night to Blind Tiger for our Video Premier! We really loved seeing all the familiar faces and enjoyed playing on stage again! Were Back Baby! 2015!
As promised, the videos for "Scuzzy Soles" and "Baby I Smoke" are now available on the OFFICIAL FREAKIN' ON SPEAKERS YouTube Channel! Click the Link Below! ♫♪♫♪
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Huge shot out to Crowded Coffin Productions!! Thank you to everyone who sat through countless hours of editing at the house, and provided valuable input! It takes a village!

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We, your friendly Freakin On Speakers, will be at Blind Tiger this Friday night!!! We may have a suprise or two to share with you!

Come drink with blind peeps and pet the wild tiger!

F.O.S. would like to take a moment, and call DIBBS on 2015!
We promise that this coming year will be a special, groovy, and unforgettable year.
Thank you to everyone and anyone who has given us the support we needed to get through this journey.
We will be calling on you once again this coming year! Keep your eyes and ears at the ready! We will be touchin' the ground soon enough! Cheers!

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Hmmmm, Happy leftovers day, stay safe friday freakers!