Jimmer back to the NYC. Taking on Linsanity.…/the-linja-teaches-jimmer-h…

Tonight, two players with deep faith will take the court in basketball's cathedral, Madison Square Garden. One is from New York and lives in NorCal. The other is from NorCal and lives in New York. Both play point guard.

Jimmer returns to Utah tonight as King.


5-8 behind 3-pt line. Jimmer heating up.

Oh Sacramento Kings. When will you win?

Jimmer gets the start. Believe it.

What a comeback tonight for the Kings. Down 21 and then... FTW.

Teach Me How To Jimmer added a new photo.
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Jimmer lead all Sacramento Kings players tonight w/ 17 points off the bench. #Jimmer Time. It's sweeping the nation.

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Just heard the song, "Teach Me How To Jimmer (Feel Good Music Coalition)".... highly recommend it. Download it!

Jimmer's new home in SacTown. This shot is amazing.

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Jimmer time tonight v Memphis.

Jimmer and his girl, Whitney

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