Sharpe here! It y’all are looking to gather before the parade, we can meet up in the parking garage and go down together! I’m on level 4 bear the south street elevator!

Hey folks! Sharpe here. A group I’ve known for a few years is looking for costumed folks to walk in a parade for St Patrick’s Day!! These are the awesome owners of the Olde World Village, host to the Blackrock Ren Faire and many other great events.

The event starts at 9:45 am. Please get there EARLY to ensure a parking spot. There’s a parking garage about a block away. We’ll be lining up next to Lana’s Boutique, the address can be found here:

124 S Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazo...o, MI 49007

There’s a large parking structure a block away. Please let us know if you can make it! This will be OUTSIDE so plan for Michigan’s bipolar weather! I will try to be there around 8:30 for any early birds.

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The Greater Lansing Balloon Festival is on August 24th and 25th, and we have been invited to take part as a team of mascots! We did this last year and it was quite fun. They have the soccer field (with artificial grass) set aside for kids games, a balloon walk, and more and we are being asked to assist with a 'meet the mascots' event. Check your calendar! There is more information here:

Sat 3:00 PM EDTHope Sports Complex, 5801 N. Aurelius Rd Lansing, MI 48911
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Michigan Freelance Mascots was back again with Kohler Expos to support the Kids and Family fun expo in Grand Rapids, Michigan! This year we had fursuiters from CHicago and Toronto, Ontario, including the fabulous Sparky D! There were approximately seventeen of us there, along with some high quality cosplayers. I am told that it was a sensation and well received! Special thanks to our photographer Karen, and to Ted, who makes his expo debut as Crixans!

I do hope a few more of you send your photographs this way. I know there are more out there!

Michigan Freelance Mascots will be returning to the Kids and Family Expo 2018! Will you please join us? I have deleted our duplicate version of the event, and invite you to visit the event listed below to let them know that you are coming! Please also reply below to let us know if you plan on attending. We will get to feature Canada's own Sparky D. at the event again this year!

Kids and Family Expo at the DeVos Place, Grand Rapids, MI. Join the fun and zip line through the DeVos Place! Fun activities both physical and educational for the whole family. Family bonding in an entertaining setting.

We just received this, from Sparky D. who wants to put together a group for February 17th in Canada:
PLEASE let him know if you are interested! Let us know too! I want to create this as an official MFM event. Maybe we can put together a caravan and head out there for a weekend adventure. Moms? Dads? What do you think?
If you want more information, You can reach Sparky by emailing him at

Matthew Ledgerwood writes: ...
The end of the year is almost around the corner and Hamilton's Kidsfest will be happening again on the Family Day weekend at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario. This would be February 17th to the 19th and it is a three day event. I'm polling to see if any suiters would be interested in participating. What the operator of Kidsfest would like those who are participating to fill out the application at and send it to the address given in the application. Since this is a volunteering thing for us, just put in NIL in the payment area. Any other questions regarding the application, please post here. Kidsfest is an indoor amusement park featuring a variety of inflatables, exhibitors, and performances. This takes up half of the museum. You are free to wander around the whole museum. We can also go on the inflatables, but don't go on any if kids are on them. Feetpaws are permitted on the inflatables for full suiters. We will have a place to change. Handlers and photographers are also needed.

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We got this great letter from the Capitol Area Down Syndrome president the other day! It was a thank you letter for our assistance with the SUDS 5K run/walk last month.

For those of you that were able to attend, thank you so much for adding that extra sense of whimsical energy to the event. I am very proud of this group, who act so professional and compassionate with the people we meet.

Thank you, and let's continue supporting our communities.

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Michigan Freelance Mascots added 23 new photos from October 2017 to the album: 20171029 CAHS Run/Walk Fundraiser — at Cooley Law School Stadium.
October 2017

Capital Area Humane Society invited us to have fun with the pets at this last Sunday's event at the Cooley Law Stadium in downtown Lansing. Thank you everyone who came out for the event!

Hey folks, it’s Sharpe! How many mascotters do we have in total? Not just for this up coming event, but overall? Leave a comment if you’re an active mascot or handler so I can get numbers!

Those of you who have expressed interest in the CAHS event on October 29th, please contact me. We only have THREE fursuiters who have expressed their intent as going. I must inform the director about who and how many are going to attend, and at this point, with only three, it isn't enough.

Michigan Freelance Mascots added 51 new photos from October 2017 to the album: 2017 Step up for Downs Syndrome.
October 2017

On 08OCT2017, we have the privilege to join Sparty and the staff of MSU to help raise money for the Step up for Downs Syndrome organization (SUDS). The kids here are amazing! Friendly, optimistic, and joyous. Did I mention that they are also tons of fun? We hope to return again next year!

Some shots from today’s wonderful event with CADSA at the Step Up for Downs Syndrome event in Lansing today. More to follow!

Early morning boogie at Step Up for Down Syndrome! It was a perfect morning for an amazing event!

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Posted by CADSA

Welcome back to CADSA’s Step Up for Down Syndrome event! They’re shaking things up this year by having it over at MSU. Some of the attendees we are expecting are Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, our MC this year is Radio Personality Joey Pants WMMQ morning show, Crazy Craig the Juggler, Sparty Mascot, various donors and Spartan Football Players have said they will attempt to stop in at some point in the morning.

The venue area if vast, they are trying to find some way to transport pe...ople on campus from the Auditorium to the Statue during the race/walk to transport people like our volunteers. They do not have a solution yet but we will keep you posted.

This is an outdoor event! You don’t have to do the walk, but be prepared if you do want to attend it. More information will be posted below. There will be a picnic as well! Please dress accordingly and plan ahead in case the weather shifts. It is Michigan after all!

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Sun 8:00 AM EDTMSU AuditoriumEast Lansing, MI
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