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Ben Cordova
· March 24, 2017
Don't forget everyone, I started this Non_Profit over 6 years ago and closed it down about a year later because things didn't go well..
Thanks to everyone for all your support during and after my ...walk across Colorado in 2011. Several individuals, friends and family members supported me from beginning in Wyoming, to the end in Trinidad Colorado. I did not walk across the USA as planned by I still have both my feet.(In pain but I have them) Thank You Everyone!!!! See More
Michael Glass
January 3, 2012
Welcome to the cause. Appreciate what you are doing. Check out my web site and Facebook American Military Benefits. We could use your assistance in Colorado. We also... belong to a non-profit. See More


Thank you for your support everyone.

Ben out there walking for the Veterans. It's cold and his feet hurt, but no big deal!

Ben on the 2nd day of his walk as he heads towards Fort Collins!

Free Lawyers for Veterans #1 man on the streets (literally) Ben Cordova is on his second day towards walking across CO. Check out the video and see first han...

Be sure to tune into Tom Martino "The Troubleshooter" on KHow 630 AM around 10:15 as Ben Cordova calls in along his walk approximately 24 miles south of the Wyoming/Colorado State Border!

Ben is only two days away from beginning his epic walk across Colorado to raise funds for Veterans. Here he is training at nearly 12,000 feet!

Preparing for "My Short Walk" of 524 miles across Colorado to include going over Loveland Pass at 11,992 ft elev. I start on Thursday Sept 1, 2011 on Hwy 287...

8 days until I begin "My Short Walk" (500 miles) across Colorado. A disabled Vietnam Veteran Ray Gallegos from Cerro, NM says he will be here to help with my walk. If anyone else would care to join, we start at the Wyoming state line on Hwy 287 and walk south into Denver on 9/11 then west to Grand Junction over Loveland Pass, elev 12K ft. Ck out our website. Raising awareness and funds to help veterans.

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of veterans of all ages. The founder, Ben Cordova, is a Vietnam Veteran who suffers from mellitus type II diabetes and neuropathy as a result of his exposure to Agent Orange during his service in Vietnam. In addition, Ben has been diag...

Special thanks to B & B RV Sales for their generous donation of an RV for disabled Vietnam Veteran Ben Cordova's 500 mile walk across the State of Colorado to raise funds for fellow Veterans in need via the Free Lawyers for Veterans Campaign!

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Special thanks to Boulder Running Company for their generous sponsorship for Ben's walk. If you're even thinking about running be sure to check them out at their location in Boulder, Littleton, Greenwood Village, or Colorado Springs!

On behalf of The Ben Cordova Foundation, we would like to thank Boomyah™ Tone 'n Trek™ for their sponsorship!

Be sure to tune into Tom Martino on KHOW 630 AM between 9am and 10am tomorrow to hear Ben Cordova of The Ben Cordova Foundation tell his story of how as a disabled Vietnam Veteran he has trained for two years to walk across Colorado this September and across the entire US beginning in February to raise money for his fellow Veterans. He has launched the Free Lawyers for Veterans Campaign to help these Veterans recieve the VA Benefits they deserve!

As if the process to obtain the benefits that Veterans have earned wasn't set up to be challenging enough! No wonder we're so far in debt; we're not making the best investments! Help support Vietnam Veteran Ben Cordova in his quest to help other Veterans overcome these hurdles! Help us on our mission!

Though President Obama met with veterans on Tuesday to discuss the fate of their benefits, they didnât walk away with any clear answers, ABC reports.

We intend to provide free legal representation in areas such as health and disability benefit law, real estate law, property law, debt collection law, and general business law.

The Free Lawyers for Veterans Campaign has been launched by The Cordova Foundation, a non-profit devoted to helping our Veterans. The purpose of the campaign is to raise funds in order to provide free legal assistance to United States veterans.