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Matthew Jason Guthrie
· March 12, 2015
Freeplay is an incredible establishment with the nicest, hassle-free staff I've personally ever encountered. There is always equipment available for a seamless exercise regiment and truly 24 hour acc...ess. The patrons are welcoming and friendly, always looking to fuel motivation. I recommend Freeplay to anyone looking to improve overall health and fitness, and I'll call this gym home for as long as I live in the Columbia area! See More
Paul Truesdale
· March 26, 2015
Freeplay rules. This place helped me transform my life. When I began in 2011 I worked with JT his functional training and the ability to use the gym 24/7 put me on the path to physical well being. 4 y...ears later my waist is a 32 and I have lost about 27 pounds and gained lean muscle mass. I feel better than I have since I was 28 and I am 42 years old !!!! See More
Elizabeth Hipp Shackouls
· September 18, 2016
A wonderfully equipped gym with a fabulous staff. The trainers provide great one-on-one assistance and are always willing to help. I would highly recommend JT or any of the other trainers.
Kevin S. Lynch
· August 11, 2016
!!!! Best gym ever great staff and members !!! Very supportive!!!! And will help you access the next level in your fitness goals!
Julius Jt Thomas Jr
· March 3, 2015
The Greatest place on earth!!! . ..what else should I say?
Candy Olivis
· June 10, 2015
Awesome trainers and great atmosphere. Would defitnialty recommend
Jay Zachary Little
· April 9, 2015
Great organization, great trainers, and great atmosphere. Results driven!
Joy Robins Bryant
September 10, 2013
Love this place, I even love my 5:30am training session :)
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Gym Tip of the Day!


Hitting the gym 7 days a week is actually counterproductive. Your body, your muscles, your bones NEED time to rest and recover. As you work out, tiny tears are occur in your muscles. This is good! Once they repair, you’ll be stronger and fitter than you were before. BUT, in order to repair, your body needs rest. Active rest or active recovery is technically still a workout, but is a much easier, lighter, slower paced workout designed to be done... on "off" days from the gym. Here are some examples of active rest activities!

1. Go for a hike
2. Swim (swimming really helps with soreness)
3. Go for a bike ride
4. Do some yoga
5. Go for a light jog
6. Run around with your dog/kids
7. Play a sport (you’ll want to be careful here, if you go too hard you might not get to count it as a rest day)
8. Go for a walk outdoors
9. Do some light jump roping or bodyweight exercises such as air squats

-Karen 🙃

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Gym Tip of the Day!

PREP! As I promised yesterday, I want to touch on meal prepping.

WHAT is meal prepping? Meal prepping is simple! All you have to do is cook a large amount of certain foods one or two days a week, then divide, pack, and store them for easy to grab meals.

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