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Joseph Z. Perkins
· December 3, 2017
I initially met Sunil at an open house in the neighborhood. He impressed me with his candor, friendliness, and helpfulness. We parted ways then (without us buying the property), but when it came tim...e for us to sell our home, he was the first person I reached out to. I was not disappointed.

In establishing the seller/realtor relationship, Sunil was up front, fair, and walked me through the steps. I didn't feel like I needed to haggle with him and was already confident in the process he had established.

In listing the house, Sunil did an initial walk through with me, pointing out areas where we should considering investing in some repairs and updates to help the home sell quickly and at a higher price. He coordinated the work to be done, and after we moved out I would return home occasionally to find him there, managing the work and in more than one instance working in the front yard to update the landscaping - always nice to have a realtor who's willing to do some manual labor to help the home sell! Very impressive.

We listed at a higher price than what I thought we would and ended up with several offers at or above that price. We sat down as the offers came in and Sunil walked me through the nuances of the bids and made several recommendations on how to respond to each. We ended up with a great offer that minimized risk of not closing. He clearly knows the market and was able to anticipate where our strong and weak points in the sell process were likely to come up. Closing was seamless and Sunil guided us through the escrow and close without a hitch. Sunil made the whole process a breeze.

I was initially reluctant to use a real estate agent in selling our home, but in retrospect I wouldn't do it any other way. Sunil was a pleasure to work with, was super responsive, helped in each step of the transaction, and earned every dollar paid to him. I couldn't offer any higher recommendation for a great agent and guide than Sunil. My only regret is that these types of transactions happen so infrequently that it will a while before we're able to work with Sunil again!
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Dharti Shah
· May 11, 2017
We know you might have heard similar success stories from many people every now and then, here is ours! I hope you (and you must) feel proud of everything you did for us and many others.

My husband a...nd I feel very lucky to run into you guys via the radio show. Honestly we were not even serious about buying a home before we met and even for the first few months. When I heard Sunil first time on Radio, there were 2 reasons that your name stayed in my mind : 1) Your name : Sunil Sethi - same name as Bollywood actor 'Sunil Shethy' . 2) number of degrees you have earned.

When we met first time, the new buyer class was the deal maker, the amount of knowledge about overall home buying process you shared with us was very impressive. We made up our mind to work with you guys, no matter when ever we are ready to buy our dream house. Soon after starting working with you, we started learning about all good qualities and professional skills that you have. The level of customer service you gave was amazing. Very well organized and well defined way to deal with each and every step during the home buying process, quick email replies, instant research(THOROUGH and at an expert level !!!), keeping us informed with minutest details, constant follow ups, being PATIENT (in-spite of us being late for most of the open houses), explaining about disclosures, loans, comps.... these are just a few good things to list. And who can forget those interesting and thrilling discussions about final offer price, contingencies etc. at 10pm on weekdays (sorry to make you work late nights :) ). On top of all of these, Deepak's nature of following back to us, asking 'if we understood everything about the home, disclosures and everything that Sunil explained'... man... who does that... THANK YOU so much for taking such a good care of us!!!
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Neelam Saboo
· May 3, 2017
Sunil and Deepak helped us sell our home in Fremont after we moved out of state. We are extremely happy with our experience. Selling one's first home is an emotional experience and can be stressful wh...en you are far away. Sunil and Deepak made sure the entire process was smooth, professional and still very personal. They took care of the entire process of getting the home ready - starting from identifying the necessary updates, choosing and negotiating with the contractors, closely monitoring the quality of work by being physically present at the property, and making trips to the store if required. They kept us informed at every stage of the process, with pictures, videos and invoices. We didn't feel the need to be local during the sale process. In fact, it was probably better that we were away so that we could let the experts handle it for us. We trusted them on all the decisions - small or big. Home buying or selling is an experience that goes beyond the transactional value of sale price. Sunil and Deepak not only got us a great value, but earned our trust and respect. See More
Austin Oney
· April 21, 2014
Sunil and his team are very professional in offering a true service in real estate. They spend time educating their clients on the locations that have less crime, higher school performance and what is...sue an individual property may have. Any Realtor can show you where the kitchen is...However, if Sunil and his team see a problem that could be an issue with the property's foundation he will tell you... If there is an active train track 1/4 mile from the property he will talk to about before taking you to the home. They really look out for your best interests so you have a better idea of what you're investing in. See More
Kamlesh Sharma
January 17, 2013
Great duo team and helped me in each step for buying the home. They also are willing to support years after your sale and is very appreciated. Helped in getting competitive loan and fast closing as we...ll.
Highly recommended.
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Defcase Dofredo
· March 27, 2015
These guys are good at what they do! Because of Sunil and Steven we got the house we wanted.
Ustun Inan
September 29, 2011
These guys have the knowledge, the experience and "Know How" to run a real estate office successfully serving their customers.
Cograts !
Ustun Inan Insurance Agency
Kristie Turner
September 27, 2011
I love working with Sunil.
Seller Ian K. Video Testimonal for Sunil Sethi Real Estate
A very secure and attractive front door. Reminds me of a bank vault.
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