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Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Ever been asked to work for free?

How do you stop clients from expecting free work without jeopardizing your relationship? Be clear, consistent and protect yourself with the right paperwork!

From marketing to product development—FreshBooks has the role for you! Apply today

We're hiring! FreshBooks is consistently rated as one of Canada's top employers, we’re building a global tech company here in Toronto and we’re always on the hunt for smart, talented, motivated individuals to join our team.

"We needed to look for a solution to help us with our bookkeeping because managing it was a complete nightmare."

Chris Nadeau is a long-time FreshBooks customer who manages his growing client base using cloud accounting.

We understand the importance of contracts, but that doesn't mean we always use them

If you’re hiring subcontractors or freelancers, you’re going to want some kind of signed freelancer contract that establishes the basics of the work.

Learn how Ana quickly became her accountant's favorite client (hint, hint: She tracks her business on the cloud!)

Business writer Ana Gotter shares why she sought a cloud accounting solution for her small business.

What's new and improved on FreshBooks this month?

It's not only the weather that's getting better this month. FreshBooks is also making improvements! See what's new in the monthly product update.

Find the work-life balance you deserve. Could automation do the trick?

If better work-life balance was a motivation when you started your small business, automation should be your best friend.

Business owners: The little things you can do to achieve top-notch collaboration

Collaboration between teams and clients has become easier over the years

From a P&L to your prospect pipeline—here are the best reports to keep top-of-mind

If you’re using accounting software, it’s easy to run financial reports. But what then? There are so many numbers to look at; it can be overwhelming.

Toronto! What are you doing on March 28th? Join us at FreshBooks HQ for the very special #IMakeaLiving event

Next up: #IMakeaLiving is coming home to Toronto. We’d love to meet you there! How people make a living today is very different from 10 years ago. And that’s the motivation behind the #IMakeALiving events sponsored by FreshBooks. Last month, we kicked off #IMakeaLiving 2018 in Los Angeles. Toron...

"Integrations mean users can import and export information seamlessly between partner apps and FreshBooks, saving them time and boosting productivity."

With easy invoicing, expense and time tracking, FreshBooks already saves you a tonne of time. Still want more? Check out our extended family of apps and integrations.

“I just loved the way FreshBooks looked and I also trusted the people who recommended it”

Business writer Ana Gotter shares why she sought a cloud accounting solution for her small business.

Dreading tax time? Here are the benefits of having the cloud by your side

Cloud accounting has its benefits year-round. But its ease of use throughout the year makes it especially an ally come tax time.

Tax loopholes do exist. Learn more

Small Business Owners: Here's more about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and how you can take advantage of it.

Accounting shouldn't be a chore—here's how to get your team excited about it

Your employees may view accounting as a chore. How do you get them interested in the numbers and excited about growing results?

“I’m such a perfectionist, that it would take so much time to get it perfect. Now I don’t have to do that at all with FreshBooks Proposals”

Kelly Vaughn keeps her accounting on track with FreshBooks. What she didn’t expect was the invaluable tool that came with it: Project proposals. Nine months was all it took for Kelly to realize she wasn’t built for a full-time desk job. Instead, she liked the idea of owning a business, choosing ...