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Excellent guide on writing leaflets for your business from Gem Writing

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Gem Writing

If you want to create some leaflets for your business, I have a 21-step checklist that should help. Just click the link to download your copy.

Today we've launched a new website for a brand new business. Mayalma sell authentic, handcrafted products from Mexico. You can view their new fully mobile responsive ecommerce site here:

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Fresh Eyes Consultancy Limited updated their cover photo.
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"3 Questions To Help Your Business Evolve With Your Customers" from Bernadette Jiwa

Creating something people want is a lot easier than trying to make them want something.The trick is understanding the future your customers will want to inhabit.

What story does your pricing tell and does that story help or hinder your business? Good thoughts in this post from Bernadette Jiwa

"Price Is Not Just A Strategy, It’s A Story"

Price, like design, location or quality is part of your brand story. It pays to understand what story the people you serve want to believe.

The Risky Business of Using WordPress Plugins - it's important to consider the quality and stability if any plugins you install. Here are some useful guidelines from Raven Tools.

Every time you add a new plugin to WordPress, you increase your site's risk of failure. Discover the ways to minimize risk by asking these 5 key questions.

"The Truth About Starbucks And The $4 Coffee" from Bernadette Jiwa

Value is a story we tell ourselves. Starbucks didn't actually invent the $4 coffee—they created the $2 experience.

Very pleased to launch to a new, mobile responsive website for Adamson Construction & Interiors - creators of dream homes and interiors, just look at the lovely photos!

Changing the size of your home or transforming the look and feel of its interior, will make a HUGE difference to the way you feel about your life. Imagine the change to your lifestyle if you reclaimed your under-utilised garage, added a new bedroom in your loft or extended to create a separate dinin...

Marketing is not a department, it’s the story of how you create difference for your customers good read

Marketing is not a department, it’s the story of how you create difference for your customers.

"Hope Is Not A Marketing Strategy" from Bernadette Jiwa

Understanding the truth about your customers is a better strategy than hope.

Just published a new mobile responsive website for Young Britain - great project helping people who are 18 to 30 to start their own business.

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"What If Your Customers Could Talk?" Bernadette Jiwa explains "Marketing is giving people something to talk about"

We still think that marketing is how we talk to people about ourselves. What if there was a better way?

"One Secret to Reading More [Tip]" great tip from Michael Hyatt

People tell me all the time that they know they should be reading more but can’t find the time. They also tell me they know they should be exercising but can’t find the time. I have good news. You...

Launched a new website for Paul Ray Magician yesterday. Fully mobile responsive with some great photos and videos of him performing:

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"The Difference Between A Good Idea And A Great Idea Is Just One Thing" from Bernadette Jiwa

The difference between a good and a great anything is that the great stuff, the things we give a damn about have the heart left in them.

"Can You Build a Business Today Without Social"

When you look at social media as a tool to do what you're already doing, better, faster, I think it's pretty clear how important it is in the process of building a business.