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The Band, The Roots, Phish, Biggie, Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke, Bruce Springsteen, Outkast, Grateful Dead
Band Interests
mashed potatoes, gravy, milk shakes, freedom, Abraham Lincoln, naps
Americana, Rock, Folk, Hip Hop, Reggae
Band Members
Fran Broderick, Ben Rossi, Dan Carter, Greg Detwiler, Shane Kelsen
Rochester, NY
Record Label
Left-Handed 2nd Baseman (Fran solo):

PilotSuits. (Fran and Danny Sheehan, feat. FIA as live support)
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Friday In America (n) - the day when free men and women come together to dance, drink, and grill laxly inspected meat. Moreover, a way of life that is possible enjoy everyday, through an unrelenting desire to have a good time. Friday In America is ordering a milk shake and having them bring out the silver mixer with extra milk shake. In 1932, the most popularly used password at speakeasies was "Friday in America". The light at the end of the tunnel is Friday In America. And that shit glows. Friday In America is a beacon of freedom in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic IMAX 3D hellscape. When you mix whiskey and ginger ale they don’t call it a Friday In America, but they should. If Abraham Lincoln was a band he’d be Friday In America. See More
Current Location
Rochester, NY
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With a range of influences spanning from The Band to The Roots, Friday in America fuse elements of folk, rock, reggae, and hip hop. The result is a menagerie of musical styles - from the heavy rock and funk arrangements of songs like "Hitman" to the stripped-down folk of "Water". In 2011, the band released their first full length album "Cut the Brakes", and had the track "Water" featured in the cl...osing scene of the AFI-Fest award-winning film The Hammer, which told the true story of deaf UFC fighter Matt Hamill.

The album's rock and folk arrangements have garnered comparisons to artists like Jack Johnson and Bruce Springsteen, and have received regular rotation on shows like Scott Regan's "Open Tunings" (NPR). The band's love of all music and their ability to write and play across numerous mediums makes for a unique concert experience. They have opened for acts like Max Creek, Ekoostik Hookah, and the Ryan Montbleau Band, and are constantly fusing their disparate influences in a groove-oriented framework.
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