Please join us Sunday morning at 10:15.

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Don't miss this great time time of food, live music, and great teaching as we watch the IF Simulcast and worship together. Friday, April 20 6-9pm & Saturday, April 21 9am-4pm in the Venue. Cost is $20.00 plus a minimum $1 donation to IF:Gathering. Cost includes Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, snacks, and notebook. Register online at the link below:

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Double Day
Sidewalk Prophets in Concert Feb 23
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Austin Garrison
· March 1, 2017
This was a Baptist Church. Something that I normally don't go to. My brother said he was born a Baptist and he'll die Baptist but he doesn't even go to church now. Most everyone that I talk to was ext...remely friendly inviting and intrigued to hear what I had to say. I was surprised too share a belief that I have about the church that they also believed in. I walk away with nothing but love for that church. I enjoyed the invitation for my friends to attend. It was a lot similar to a non-denominational church that I'm at now, if it wasn't so far of a drive I would definitely go there more. I am no way afraid of people large groups and they had plenty. See More
Andrew Decker
· October 17, 2016
Friendly has been my church home for many years, and I consider most of them like family. I can say that Friendly is a living church, it grows every week. We aren't just growing in numbers, but in und...erstanding of what it really means to be a Christian, and a child of Christ. If your looking for a place to grow, and serve, come check us out. See More
Connie Montgomery
· October 2, 2015
When I visit my daughter in Driftwood, I try to attend FBC. They truly live up to their name there. I always feel so welcome and loved. The music is wonderful and the messages are always relevant to m...y life. My granddaughter goes on Wednesday evenings and I can see a difference in her behavior and attitude. I highly recommend this church for all ages. I just wish It were in the small OK town where I live. See More
Lonnie Vega
· October 17, 2016
Been going to Friendly now going on 3 years. I Love my church. Not only do the people live up to the name, God is moving here. We see it every week. If you are not plugged in anywhere, please come visit.
Derrel Whitfield
· August 25, 2016
I'm not crazy about the music, but the preaching is great. Also I missed four Sunday's in a row and nobody checked if something is wrong. I'm a member there and believe that it's where God wants me. S...o I will stay there. See More
Nancy J. Phillips
· February 8, 2015
Important to grow Gods kingdom. Like the bumble bee, God could do without you and me, but what's the reason for our creation??? Fellowship! Worship! Communion! Be the BEE... buzz to others and bring u...p a generation of God fearing God seeking people! See More
David Perou
· December 25, 2016
Awesome love for Jesus Christ with humble serving hearts out reached to everyone not just the outward needy because they know we all have needs
John Cranfill
· April 25, 2014
Friendly Baptist is not so much a "religious organization" as it is a hospital for sinners. It is one of the best hospitals in Tyler Texas!
Leif Daddow
· October 23, 2015
The church name says a lot! The word of Jesus is taught there. You can learn how to have everlasting life!
Francis Egan
· December 20, 2015
Join the fellowship here around 2002, a bunch of loving people who love me as Christ loves me.
PatandLinda Alvey
September 25, 2012
Friendly Baptist Church - "Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told. (Habakkuk 1:5)
Clayton Oliver
· December 21, 2014
Very nice! Been visiting a while and we really like it.
Homes FromGodsheart
· May 4, 2015
There is the sweet Spirit of the LORD. Come and see!
Jo Jones
· March 3, 2014
I have not attended ,due to distance, but my brother attends so I'm sure it gets an A.!
Robin Lott
· October 19, 2013
Everything. This is my church family. But I do not work there and have no idea how to change that.
Shelley Warren Speer
· April 30, 2014
Loved my first visit and will be back!!
Jerry Peterson
· February 23, 2014
First visit was nice. Thank you good lord
Sybil-Earnest Haak
· September 14, 2014
Great day today.
Nealette Pierce Zimmerman
· December 5, 2013
I love my church!
Cedric Gutmann
February 17, 2013
super église vraiment génial que dieux vous protège