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FRIENDS OF MAN is a music project and band created by producer DEAN RANEL. FRIENDS OF MAN music is a mix of alternative rock and garage pop. To hear RANELS new music which is coming out under his solo name check out

Ranel's new album is a mix of pop, rock, electronica, world music, ambient, folk and soundscapes.

14 track album

Trump, Dump, whatever. You are still a thing, a res..

chisel the bone

Off the album WITH A ROCK AND STONE by Dean Ranel Music and lyrics by Dean Ranel. Performed by Dean Ranel and Niko Nikolas. Recorded, directed and produced b...

New Music Video.. check it

Off the album, WITH A ROCK AND STONE by Dean Ranel iTunes - CD Baby -

Check out Dean's new single and music video featuring Friends of Man lead guitarist Niko

Filmed during the 2013 Australian federal election and the 2014 Sydney March In March, one of thirty marches against the Abbott government. The first single ...

Posted a new song: "Another Song"

Alternative | Sydney, NSW, AU

We just made many of our tracks visible again on YouTube, so here's one from the Earth Friend LP..

the album version of WIZARDS SONG! don't forget to like the new page peeps Staring Kye Messer, Dean Ranel and The Friends of Man, Jupite..

Friends, Dean has a new page with info and music releases.
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Watch the Australian Television première of WIZARDS SONG on ABC RAGE early Saturday morning -

a little bit Bowie, a little Lennon, (but hey, Dean Loves Lennon)
Check out the Diamond Heart Video!

This Symbol is a modified Sumerian winged disc. The original disc represented the planet Nibiru which the ancients believed the Gods came from. This was the symbol of the God Ahura Mazda (the light of wisdom) who would destroy all evil

Friends of Man | Rock | Sydney, NSW, AU

Last day of filming for Wizards Song video. Looking goody. Here's the song!

Friends of Man | Rock | Sydney, NSW, AU

Ready for 2012 and beyond? (are you)

Friends of Man | Rock | Sydney, NSW, AU