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Donators can now enter club info if they wish. I will work on a global map page and a club viewing page in the coming weeks.

A tool for managing your Frostgrave warbands online. Reduce paper usage and micromanagement with this online tool.

This is one for donators only at the moment, head over to and let me know if the form on that page is adequate. I'm interested in the type of information you can or want to save for a club page. Ignore the appearance of the form at the moment, it's as ugly as a bag of spanners. Note that saving the form won't actually save your data to the database at the moment. comments here appreciated.

A tool for managing your Frostgrave warbands online. Reduce paper usage and micromanagement with this online tool.
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I'm taking a break from the Warband manager in order to add some other goodies to the site. First up will be a handy list of online tools from around the web. Nothing too exciting really. After this I am going to add functionality for members to create a club page. This will include a map, club times, Facebook links and the like. I will also include a page with a global map showing everyone's club page by map pin.

I am please to announce that the following have been added to the Warband Manager:
Demonic Pacts
You can now forge pacts and add Boons and Sacrifices. If you wish to break the Pact then you are responsible for adding the negative level and health 'Level option' from the add level menu. You can only forge a pact if you have the True Name item in your vault. I have not added code that makes Pacts, Beastcrafter or Lichdom mutually exclusive. You will need to manage this yourself....

Few Boons/Sacrifices adjust your stats but the ones that due will factor in these bonuses for you, such as 'Extra legs'

Powder Weapons
These have been added as weapons in the vault. Upgrades (apart from Double-barrelled) can also be purchased separately.

New Items
I have added the new arrows from the Spellcaster supplement.

New Units
The powder weapon units have been added to the Soldiers list


You can now add a Horse to your Soldier roster. Once you have added a horse, you can assign Horsemanship training items (purchased from the vault under 'items') to the horse. Once you have a Horse, you can mount a human (not undead, demon etc) on the horse. This option will appear in the dropdown options menu for soldiers or in the items list for Wizard, Apprentice and Captain. Once mounted, you will get the dismount option instead.

I have also fixed a few tiny issues with meta-data for Soldiers, Weapons etc these wont have any visible impact on the Warband Manager. If anyone notices any issues, let me know ASAP on Farcebook or G+

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The site may be unavailable for the next hour as I perform an upgrade.

Demonic Pacts working, just needs some final testing. The interface now resembles a dogs breakfast though.

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Mounts working on local development PC.

No automatic alt text available.

I started work on the Demonic Pact code this morning and made some changes to the Mount system. I've worked out exactly how mounts will work now, it's not what I originally intended but it has to fall within the architecture of warband code.

Mounts will be soldiers that can be added to the warband, horsemanship skills will be items that can be purchased through the vault and equipped by the mount. Once you have a mount in your warband, each applicable soldier will see a 'Moun...t' option in its unit card, you will be able to select the Mount (by name) which the unit wishes to mount. I will work out how to apply the mounts equipped items to the mount too (such as armour).

I've also added the new black powder units to the soldiers list and will add the black powder weapons with and without the upgrades too.

I plan to have these things ready for release by the end of next week but I cannot make any promises. knightly orders will happen too but not sure when at this point. Redesigning the warband screen is also at the back of my mind too but could be a long way off as i'm running out of steam for the warband manager. It takes up way too much of my free time and I need a break to recharge.

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Below is a list of priorities for the remainder of the functionality. Once these are done the warband manager is complete. I may look at adding additional functionality such as Images for units or other stuff that may be helpful but I have additional plans for the website to make it less Forstgrave focused. The first thing I want to add is a page where each user can create a club profile detailing location, club days, games played etc along with the possibility of a calendar ...with a table booking system. I may restrict this functionality to donators only.

Here is the list:

1. Add Mounts is a more usable way - Mounts will now be added as soldiers (with the type Mount). Once added, any valid solider (not undead, construct etc) will then get the option to Mount from the gear list in its profile. The Mount in the soldier list will then be able to add horsemanship traits. Horsemanship traits will be purchased from the vault in the usual way.

2. Demonic pacts functions - I've yet to work out the particulars of how this will work but I expect it to be along the lines of the Beastcaster system

3. Knightly Orders - these will be traits and work like Marks, animal mutations etc but only applicable to appropriate soldier classes (Knight and Templar - will have to confirm Captain)

4. New soldier types (black powder weapons)

5. this is a maybe at the moment but the interface is becoming quite cluttered so I should look at a way to make it easier to manage

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Poll time. Should horses be entered on the roster as a unit with traits (horse training) then assigned to a soldier as a mount. This may or may not complicated any horse training stat bonuses

Horses added to the warband manager in the form of items.

I think its going to be easier to manage horses as items due to how they affect stats. The horsemanship training is also an item so just add them to the soldier or unit which is to be mounted once you have purchased/added them from the vault.

I've also added riderless horse as a soldier type with zero cost but the horsemanship training items which affect the riderless profile are not factored in - this requires changes to the code which I am not in a position to change at the moment.

At some point, I will be adding the new rules from the first Frostgrave magazine. These include:

Black powder weapons and new solder types
Knightly orders...
I'm not sure when I will get around to this as I'm currently busy putting together an early war German force and a British home guard force for some demonstration Bolt Actions games.

I am aware that the demonic pact rules still need to be implemented too.

Also, when Ghost Archipelago is release, I may look at adding that game to the website but a lot of that depends on if I can be bothered to purchase the book as I don't think I will ever play it.

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I Would like to publicly thank a Mr Patrick Owen for his generous donation towards keeping the tool going.

Very much appreciated.

Busy working on a Blitzkrieg German army for a local tournament demo game this month so the demonic pacts update will be delayed :0(

Woohoo. Just over 700 registered users today!

Demonic Pacts, Sacrifices and Boons next!