Get into the Christmas spirit with "Capture the Present"! Coming 20th December! Check out the gameplay video.

This is a really nice game from Flat Earth, get this game. #superdeathfortress

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The weather outside might be frightful, but the music is so delightful! Game Music Bundle returns for its 8th installment just in time to bring you and yours some holiday cheer. If this is your first winter with GMB, you'll love our top 5 soundtracks, available at less than the price of a cup of hot…
Majestic Nights Developer: Epiphany Games Price: TBA Platform: PC MonsterVine was supplied with a Steam code for Majestic Nights.

Trading cards have been added, now for testing this next patch

Flat Earth Games

Metrocide is OUT NOW on Steam (and other stores in Early Access). Get in now and you're paying less than half the full version asking price!

What's in and what'...s missing? It's all detailed on Flat Earth Games' web site!

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Our friends at Flat Earth have got Metrocide onto Steam, check this game out!

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Metrocide is coming to PC and Mac mid-October! The Steam page is now live, and we'll be hitting all manner of other digital stores (including DRM-free ones).

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We’re already hard at work testing every single feature of TownCraft on iOS 8. So far it’s all looking like it works a treat, but when it drops, if anyone does find any issues, give us a shout and we’ll jump on it.
Epiphany Games

Everyone tune into Good Game tonight, hopfully im on there saying some good things but no promises here. Soon it will be on the internets and ill link that Good Game is on Tuesday Nights on the ABC for now Da DA DAAAAAA. So watch it while you can

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May 7, 2014
To promote the launch of Towncraft on iPhone and Macs, Flat Earth Games founders Leigh and Rohan Harris had a chat with Alex Walker about the new ports and the difficulties of mobile development.

Save 50% on Frozen Hearth on Steam - very limited offer only, don't miss this special promotion we are running in collaboration with Steam:

Frozen Hearth is a Real-Time Strategy game, blended with exciting RPG features to create a new experience for lovers of RTS games. Set in our own unique, Dark-Fantasy world-setting, you can play alone, or co-operatively with a friend, through an epic and brutal campaign.
Flat Earth Games

Hey everyone!

Leigh is out at the IGN Black beta Select Awards in Sydney tonight, where TownCraft is nominated for Best Aussie/NZ-made game of 2013! Wish us luck!!

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Epiphany Games about their title Frozen Hearth as well as the universe that surrounds it and through the course of our many interesting and fun discussions many of the details of how the game works and what […]
We are happy that you have acquired our game, and are ready to register. If you have any problems registering your copy contact
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Frozen Hearth 1.1.2 Steam patch is out, we have some new interface options. We now constrained the mouse pointer to the window so focus locking is now improved ...on windows. We also want to hear about any thoughts to unit balancing, we planning on doing a unit patch and need to know what you think. Post as comment here or in the Requests Steam Forum.

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Epiphany Games

Frozen Hearth is now on Steam! You can pick up a copy for your Steam collections and write a nice review if you like (if its not nice Santa won't come). If you ...have already bought a copy from one of the other Stores email me at Subject Steam Key - Please provide your old serial number.
In other awesome news, internet play was tested last night and it works! so that's rolling out asap. We overhauled the entire networking layer and lobbies. The games LAN play lobby browser now works with internet play. There may be kinks to work out with the features but we think its pretty good so will do some more testing today and roll it out. If you have a problem post in the Internet Play Thread on the Steam Discussion.

Forums move to Steam, most of our forums were botted to Death, this is because PHP is bad remember that its just bad. But Steam won't have that problem so jump on there if you want to voice or have ideas that you think we should listen too.

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