This time of year always makes me want to slurp down a Shamrock Shake (something I clearly need to work out in counseling).
Now that I'm an adult and decidedly know better, I've come up with a healthy alternative that the kids will actually accept. Everybody wins!…/chocolate-mint-greenie…/

So St. Patricks Day has come and gone but it always reminds me of the Shamrock Shake they have each Spring at McDonalds, which I slurped up as a child as often as my mom allowed it (read: probably fewer times than I could count on one hand but clearly it made a big impact). Now an adult, I find it…

Just made a few dozen of these gluten-free mini muffins for the week!
Perfect for throwing in the kids lunches or snacking on in the afternoon when I'm dying for something sweet…/gluten-free-almond-ban…/

I’ve been attempting to cut out some of the wheat in our diet (some days successfully, others a total fail with a capital F)…so when I set out to make banana bread and saw I had almond butter in the fridge I did a little happy dance and got to work.

Food prices are predicted to increase 2-3% this year.

Will you be changing your budget?…/food-price-…/summary-findings.aspx

The all-items Consumer Price Index (CPI), a measure of economy-wide inflation, fell 0.5 percent from October to November and is 1.3 percent above the November 2013 level. The CPI for all food was flat from October to November and is now 3.2 percent above the November 2013 level.

A new year, a new blog to swoon over

Happy 2015!

| Healthy plant-based eating made deliciously simple.
If we had been at a party together a few years ago and you invited me to try quinoa I think my response would have likely been something like “ummm…isn’t food supposed to have some kind of flavor? and what’s up with the wacky texture?” and then I would have moved on to something a little more inter…

Still one of your most favorite recipes!...and breakfast tomorrow with family.…/cottage-cheese-pancakes/

I’m actually glad to put this recipe up because it means I don’t have to keep bugging my dad for it every time I want to make them but can’t recall the proportions. We love us some cottage cheese pancakes (and our love affair only deepened during the Atkins craze). I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten my wei…

Dinner tonight with the in-laws! I'm guessing this dish will cost less than $10 for the 6 of us, and I'll serve it with a simple salad and green beans.…/das…/chicken-with-figs-and-grapes

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Emma's request for Christmas dessert...topped with crushed peppermint, of course…/20/mocha-cake-roll/

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Make your own quiche - just $.69 per serving! So obviously this calls for mimosas...…/23/leek-and-mushroom-t…/

This was one of those weeks…colds, teething, ear infections, urgent care, antibiotics, late nights, incessant crying. And worst of all it’s one of the most important and magical weeks of the year.

From the way back!

Peppermint Meringues to kick off the Christmas season.…/16/peppermint-meringues/

Allow me to share with you what I think might just be one of the best and healthiest Christmas cookie recipes I’ve ever made. They are peppermint meringues, and they are gorgeous, delicate, crispy, chewy and minty all at the same time.

Turkey Vegetable Soup for dinner. We've now officially stretched Thanksgiving leftovers to meal #5, and my children are turning a slight shade of beige.

This is getting a little out of control.

For reals. Thanksgiving is the gift that keeps on giving.

But seriously - for how many meals in a row can you possibly eat leftovers? Do tell...

Thanksgiving Dinner (with wine!) for about $10 per person!…/keep-some-stuffing-in-…/

Flattening the turkey decreases the cooking time! And the stuffing with fennel and sausage. Come on. I have to try it.

Smoothies for breakfast!

My kids love spinach/kale+banana+nut butter+greek yogurt. But we're in a rut!

What do you put in your smoothies? We need some variety!

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