Hard to believe but I actually had the chance to play the @johnmayer @prsguitars Silver Sky today. I guess I‘m a lucky guy - it is almost impossible to get your hands on one at the moment...
I should better be careful what to say cause there is a lot of #hate and #love going on concerning this guitar (and I won‘t say the S**** word either)... Seems like it‘s one of the most discussed guitars ever!
Only this: It’s a good one!
#johnmayer #silversky #prs #prsguitars #guitar #guitarsofinstagram

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Frank Schulze-Brüggemann is with Dominik Schäfer and 2 others.

Another pedal shoot-out thanks to my friend Andy and his awesome @effektboutique !! Check that place out, it‘s worth it!
This time it is Fuzz and Low-Gain pedals from @earthquakerdev , @pettyjohnelec @magneticeffects @walrusaudioeffects @randalepedale @ehx and @jhspedals !
I wish I could keep them all...
#guitar #guitarpedals #guitarist #musician #shootout

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First job for my @monocreators acoustic sleeve! Fits perfectly for my all blackwood @coleclarkguitars Angel!!
#livemusic #guitar #coleclark #coleclarkguitars #elixirstrings #musician #acoustic #acousticguitar

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Frank Schulze-Brüggemann shared Adam Miller's photo — with Adam Miller.
March 16

For all my guitar and music enthusiastic friends:

Please listen to Adam Miller! He released his new album today, #thedefiningofsuccess.
He is not just one of the best players on the planet at the moment, he is also one of the hardest working musicians I know. His talent is unreal!
But most of all, he has become a real good friend although he lives at the other end (the very beautiful one) of the world. I'm really glad I met him a couple of years ago, he is a huge inspiration...!! Oh, and we both love Nik Huber Guitars! 😉
Congrats Adam!!
#adammiller #adammillerguitar

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Adam Miller

After over a year of planning, writing and recording, The Defining Of Success is out now! I’ve put everything into these songs and so did Mitchell, Donnie, & Ja...son who played with me on this album.

This is a tale (without words) of my own journey the past several years, of all the things big & small that have defined who I am and where I’m going. The one word titles are my expansion on a singular feeling and hopefully help guide you through the music.

I’d love you to check it out on any medium convenient to you (Spotify/iTunes/CD etc) If you love it, please share it with your friends, family, social networks and people on the street! The best way I can get the music out to the world is through you and your support! Thanks and enjoy the journey!! #thedefiningofsuccess

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Frank Schulze-Brüggemann is with Volker Buchele and 2 others.
March 12Instagram

So happy and totally stoked to be part of the @monocreators family now!! Wow!
Simply the best gigbags you can get, and they make awesome straps too!!
Everybody travelling with a guitar (or two!) should check them out.
They have a ton of really cool stuff!
A huge Thank you to Volker Buchele!!!
#guitar #musician #mono #monocreators #instaguitar #safetyfirst

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Woohooo and Wah-Wah! Massive Wah-Pedal shoot-out today! All 4 of them are great! A huge thank you to my friend Andy from the @effektboutique ! That place is like paradise and he is one of the loveliest guys in the business! Every gear-head should check out his shop!
#wahwah #effects #guitar #effektboutique

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Last week‘s rig! @tworockamplification Coral 22, @nikhuberguitars Orca Semihollow and my custom made @springerguitars Spartan XL with a Firebird Neck PU!
#instaguitar #guitar

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Sooo good to see my friend @danielvorholt again! Having fun right before the show in Stuttgart! He‘s one bad-ass singer!!

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⬅️ Swipe!
I had the great chance to do some videos for again!
Incredible pieces, kind of like heaven for a guitar player... Complete Brazilian Rosewood necks on the @nikhuberguitars Orca 59 and the @prsguitars 594!
I even played the @johnmayer Signature, a once in a lifetime situation (probably, who knows?!?) Amps were also pretty cheap... NOT!!!
Videos should be on YouTube soon....
#guitar #instaguitar

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Abend Nummer 3! Mit Groovin Affairs in München!!


Evening Number 3! With @[162683150420664:274:Groovin Affairs] in Munich!! #gehtnurnochmitjägiundweisswein
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Abend Nr. 2 mit der Urban Club Band im Gibson Club! Es weihnachtet sehr...

#urbanclubband #ucb #springerguitars #nikhuberguitars #elixirstrings #tworockamplification #dickeweihnachtskugeln

Evening No. 2 with the @[143627055667074:274:Urban Club Band] at @[231733183567558:274:Gibson Club]! It's very... #urbanclubband #ucb #springerguitars #nikhuberguitars #elixirstrings #tworockamplification #dickeweihnachtskugeln
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Wieder zurück und bäck in se säddel! Abend Nr. 1 mit der Urban Club Band im Gibs*n in Frankfurt!

#urbanclubband #ucb #nikhuberguitars #elixirstrings #tworockamplification

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Heute mit UMBO in Böblingen!!

#nikhuberguitars #krautster #elixirstrings #cornell #cornellamps #undichdachte10wattsindvielleichtzuleise

Today with @[249724711778845:274:UMBO] in böblingen!! #nikhuberguitars #krautster #elixirstrings #cornell #cornellamps #undichdachte10wattsindvielleichtzuleise
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Heute in blau mit The NEWS in Frankfurt!

#springerguitars #elixirstrings #tworockamplification

Today in blue with the news in Frankfurt! #springerguitars #elixirstrings #tworockamplification
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