This week’s newsletter is all about the power of storytelling:

What narrative arcs have to do with recruiting, a book about the stories that shape our beliefs, and how story maps drive design at Twitter.

David Hockney shows his work in process on the iPad at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 🚧🎨📱🚧

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David Hockney Work in Process

Testing out Dark Matter Coffee’s Fernet Branca-infused light roast this week ☕️🥃

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Aloha, our onboarding bot for Slack teams, just hit 20,000 messages delivered by close to 300 teams 🎉

It’s easy for new team members to get overwhelmed with information. Aloha lets you onboard them gently by delivering what they need to know, when they need to know it.

If you run a distributed team, you’ll want to read this piece on how remote workers stay happy and productive.

There's more to managing remote workers than paying for high-speed internet and reminding them to shower before client meetings.

New intern Meeko is here until next week. He says “Treat employees. Nice. Like friend. Give treats. Thirsty. Need walk. Too.”

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The newsletter is out! This week’s topic: It‘s Hunting Season 🏹 -

When it comes to recruiting, great talent can be temperamental. And for good reason: they get a ton of email. Learn how to cut through the noise and reach great candidates without getting turned away at the door.

Benjamin Jackson spoke with Digiday about why IAC's move to the cloud isn't just a difficult technical problem:

“The hardest part of large-scale cloud migrations isn’t technical. It’s building consensus with stakeholders across dozens of sites, each with its own team, priorities, and limitations.”

Cloud storage isn’t sexy, but it’s often cost-efficient.

We published a list of Dos & Don’ts for recruiters when cold emailing engineers and designers. If you have to reach out to strangers without an intro, don’t forget to follow the rules.

BlogRecruiting How to Avoid Turning Off Great Engineering and Design Talent Before You Meet When it comes to recruiting, great talent can be temperamental. Learn how to reach out without being shown the door. Ben JacksonJanuary 14, 2018 Over two decades working on web and native apps, I’ve gotten ...

Last week, Ben chatted with Christian McCarrick about onboarding engineers for the Simple Leadership podcast. The host loved his Twitter background.

Ben Jackson has been designing and building consumer-facing products for 20 years. Before founding For the Win, Ben worked as Director of Mobile at VICE Media and iOS Lead at The New York Times. He’s written about design, technology, and psychology for The Atlantic, The New Yorker, and WIRED, amon...

Original content alert! Our first post is a list of tools that will make your HR team feel like Batman.

BlogTechnology 16 Tools for Modern HR Teams The right mix of technology and person-to-person interaction can feel like magic. These tools will get you started—without annual contracts, or insanely high per-seat costs. Ben JacksonJanuary 13, 2018 When you’re starting out, investing in people oper...

Podcast alert: Ben gave an interview with the folks at Stride about how onboarding can make or break a new engineering hire.

Our guest today on the show is Ben Jackson. Ben works in people operations and runs a company called for the win which helps companies to better their culture and create an optimized working environment for its employees.

We're on Meetup. That is all.

This group is for small teams with big plans. If you're scaling a startup, chances are you've spent a lot of time figuring out how to deal with people. Join us for panels and talks about how to grow y

Magnetic notes from Tesla Amazing were our favorite product discovery of 2017. They will stick to literally any surface without falling off.

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Aloha, our free onboarding bot for Slack, passed the 200-team mark last month. This week it hit 8,000 users.

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