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Hello everyone. We are so sorry that we haven't been out on street to make your delicious lunch. Currently, we are opening up a restaurant on 32nd Street, Manhattan, so it is very difficult to operate food cart at the same time. We will let you know once the restaurant opens. We hope to see you soon again!

Hello our beloved customers! Due to my sister wedding I have to make a trip to Florida! We will be back next Wednesday at the latest or hopefully by Tuesday. See you everyone soon : )


Sorry for missing couple days again.. We are really back! Look fwd to see our awesome customers😄👍

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Hello everyone, we are so sorry to inform you that we can not come out today.. Our cook is not feeling well and he needs some time to recover. We hope to see you tomorrow.

Sorry everyone we've been in MIA!! Now we are back in action at the same location. Who's HUNGRY??!! 😎😋🍚🍲😆👍👍👍

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Sorry everyone, we are not feeling well so we are closed for today. We hope to get well and see you all soon!

Our VIP customer Victor getting free ice cream from Play-J last Friday at Fud-Hi. It's a collaboration of Fud-Hi and Play-J. In fact we will be serving free ice cream every Friday to our Fud-Hi customers until first week of May. Come and benefit from this sweet deal!

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Good news everyone and especially our vegetarian customers who we had to turn them back until today!! We are introducing our new dish, vegetarian dumpling over rice with soy protein! Fried dumpling is served over rice with white kimchee salsa. Come to Fud-Hi and get your veggies on😋🍚

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We DO NOT hold back with our spicy chicken over rice. Nothing feels better to bite on your stress than spicy heat sweat on your face! Let's keep it real when it comes down to SPICY at Fud-Hi.

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This lady came up all the way from Washington D.C. and she had our food for lunch 3 days in a row. Thank you so much for liking our food. We hope to see you again when you visit NYC again!

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Weather is finally getting better again NYC! We are anticipating 66 degree on Thursday. Wow is right! Come out and try our amazing Crispy Chicken and find out WHY it is Amazing!

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Check out our menu!

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Frozen morning NYC!! 3 degree with windchill at negative 15!! I just checked the weather in Anchorage, Alaska and its 26 degree. Colder than Alaska, we should be proud of ourselves NY! Humans living through the nature! In fact Fud-Hi will be at the spot today and we will be giving out FREE Pumpkin Soup with our order to help you stay warm! Spring is just around the corner, lets make it through together NYC!!

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I had a tourist customer who stopped by to get lunch at Fud-Hi. He was taking photo of our cart so we mind as well took a photo together! Thanks for stopping by and hope you had good lunch : ) Have a safe trip!!
By the way, happy Lunar New Year everyone!!

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Happy Friday everyone despite the weather. Let's look into the brighter side. It's warmer than yesterday and the snow will stop by noon according to the weather cast : ) So get your last Fud-Hi bite before you miss it during the weekend!

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There are few reasons why people love our Crispy Chicken over Rice and get addicted right away.
1. We only use FRESH chicken (not those frozen chicken from the wholesale distributor)
2. We NEVER FREEZE our chicken after we marinate it
3. We fry chicken RIGHT BEFORE each order
4. Our menu is designed by real CHEF who graduated CIA (Culinary Inst. of America) and who worked in Aquavit, a 2 michelin starred fine dining restaurant...
5. Last but not least, we cook our chicken with our HEART and PASSION.
This is how we cook our Crispy Chicken. We treat customers the way we want to be treated, just like everyone would feel in this world : )

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