Buffered Multiple - Drop It (YOSHI003)
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Tonight we memorialize the last Friday of February at fluc + fluc wanne together with our comrade Grace Schella!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is your chance to dance for very attractive 3€. Join our gathering, we bring you the funk!

first track off Bradley Strider's (Aphex Twin) 1993 album Bradley's Robot.

Rumour is that Grace Schella drops this bomb every now and then
Catch her tomorrow at Fluc hosted by Funkroom

Microthol - Supergravity Solutions TRUST ‎-- TRUST19 2011

​Every once in a while it's nice to sit down in your armchair, have a sip of a good wine, maybe a cigar and just dedicate an evening to the fine arts of ghetto madness. Keep it classy!

Vienna = Murder Capital?

Please do not be alarmed and remain calm. A safety zone will be prepared on April, 7th at <>< Grelle Forelle

enter our cirkel, we bring you the funk!

For our happening on February, 23rd at fluc + fluc wanne, Dominik Löblich, Danny DeWieto and Mister Bellini team up together with Grace Schella (Brutalists) for an sopisticated evening full of proper musical expressions on 12", nice people and a budget ticket at the door for only € 3.

Mark this one red now and enter our room, we bring you the funk!

Fri 10:00 PM UTC+01fluc + fluc wanneVienna, Austria
170 people interested

Juicy news by The Exaltics via Resident Advisor! Check this out!

The German producer's next LP is a double 10-inch that comes with a comic book.

Martin Miranda is starting the countdown for tonight's show!


floating today with:
MARTÌN [Funkroom / Yoshi_Records]
ON AIR 16:00 - 18:00 (CET)
WARMING UP FOR: Funkroom w Ultradyne


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Drexciya Research Lab did some research on the artwork of Ultradyne who are going to play at Funkroom w Ultradyne tomorrow at <>< Grelle Forelle.

▬ Join our room, we bring you the funk! ▬

#funkroom #grelleforelle #ultradyne

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Drexciya Research Lab added 3 new photos.

I gladly fell down the Ultradyne rabbit hole today and came across the original 1930s Soviet poster they used for their logo. Both Ultradyne and Dopplereffekt e...xplored this imagery and style in the late 90s. This link gives a good background to Soviet Art.

Ultradyne play live in Milan on 2nd Feb and Vienna on 3rd Feb (see comments for details).

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As a preparation for our party, here's a playlist of Electro classics from Detroit. The same city #Ultradyne, our guests on saturday, hail from. It was curated by Resident Advisor and you can listen to it on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.
Funkroom w Ultradyne - join us!

#Funkroom #Electro #Vienna #Detroit

We've updated our playlist of the best electro from The Motor City. Underground Resistance, DJ Stingray and Drexciya all feature. Check out the playlist on Spotify , YouTube and Apple Music .

This track captures what electro and techno music is and should be all about: pushing boundaries. Join us on Saturday at <>< Grelle Forelle, Funkroom w Ultradyne and celebrate the depths of sound!
#Ultradyne #Live #Electro #Machinefunk

Funkroom 2k18 - mothership landing approaching #1

Ultradyne, a transcontinental Electro duo, who transmit their mystery through raw sounds, sinister voices and hidden faces. A self-made force, whose shape and progression has been influenced, not steered. A resurrection from the abyss. Additional collaborations from Sedvs and Adorno from Bare Hands, make this introduction complete.

Get ready to enter our room on February 3rd @ <>< Grelle Forelle, ...cuz we bring you the funk!

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We thought we should share this transcription of a 1999 Interview with legend Arthur Baker from Boston (MA). One of the fathers of electro as a subgenre, therefore one of our absolute musical fathers!
The Interview is extracted from the fundamental book "The Record Players: DJ Revolutionaries" by premiere electronic music and club culture historians, Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton.

#funkroom #electro #culturetime

From the DJ History archives: The force behind “Planet Rock” and more on helping to create New York’s revolutionary electro sound.

Setting up the Wardrums for the big punishment on February 3rd at Funkroom w Ultradyne. Released 2002 on UKs legendary SCSI-AV label!

#funkroom #ultradyne #grelleforelle

Hard hitting track by Ultradyne! I have followed the copyright law correctly, its non-profit and the songs are credit...

role LIVE now!

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Live from <>< Grelle Forelle, Roli representing Funkroom

Dennis Richardson's & Frank De Groodt's project Ultradyne is Electro at it's best: futuristic, dark, deep, yet funky.
Check out their live recording for the Digital Tsunami podcast series, and join us on February 3rd @ <>< Grelle Forelle to explore the sonic depths of Ultradyne!

Funkroom w Ultradyne
#funkroom #ultradyne #grelleforelle

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...yeah so reality streams into ayour mind via your five senses, but it’s not reality in its totality, it’s just those parts of reality that evolution has deemed necessary for you to recognise for the

Give a big Cheer, for the New Year!
~Join our Room, we bring you the Funk~
▬▬ Funkroom w Ultradyne ▬▬
#funkroom #electro #vienna #grelleforelle #ultradyne #djstingray #geslotencirkel

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