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Tonia Shatzel
· November 21, 2013
Wonderful folks who will go that extra mile for you again and again! FF carries the finest pet foods available, and I send my clients next door daily to choose a better food (and sometimes pick up "bling" of course!) . - Dr. T, 30A Vet See More
Angie Keel Aaron
· January 9, 2017
Great place!!!!Great people!!! Pet friendly!!! Great place to get your treats ,toys, and food !!
Karen Boudreaux
· September 10, 2015
I love the abundance and selection of pet products at FF, as well as the nicest folks you'd want to meet, to greet you, and answer any questions you have about the products! My one stop, shop!
Joanie Caldwell-Kenoshmeg
· November 3, 2015
Pitbulls are overbred and used in dog fighting all over Florida. Children are getting killed and adults mauled beyond repair. Spay and neutering campaigns is what a repuatable business should be promo...ting. Pitbulls are spayed and neutered at the lowest rate of all dogs. It is very traumatic and causes PTSD and depression when people including children continue to watch their pets be attacked and killed by pitbulls. See More
Lisa Edwards Kelly
· November 3, 2015
Thank you for standing up for Pit Bulls. We need more people in the world like you! Way to go!
Melissa Kmetz
· November 3, 2015
"Strong people stand up for themselves but stronger people stand up for others". Thank you for supporting Pinups for Pit Bulls!
Van Kilpatrick
· July 18, 2014
Great store and people! Plus a huge selection of high-quality products and the best food available.
Wendy Weber Forsberg
· November 3, 2015
Please keep the pinup so for pit bulls at your store. Every little step helps this wonderful breed. Do listen to the haters, they are just uneducated about the breed.
April Wagner Wuethrich
· April 1, 2017
Love Furry Fanatics! We visit the store every time we are at the beach.
Celeste Thompson Barefield
· August 20, 2013
The perfect place to find all of your furry friends needs! Great selection of foods, treats and supplies!
Niki Noblin
· October 29, 2016
My dogs love Furry Fanatics and Dapper Dogs!!! They get excited when we pull up outside.
Kelly Snowden Jones
· November 3, 2015
Thank you for supporting equal rights for all, especially our Pit bulls let's end BSL!!
Nicki Smith
· November 3, 2015
Thank you for supporting PinUps for Pitbulls! You do wonderful work and all pups deserve a chance :)
Lisa Goldsmith Glime
· November 4, 2015
Thanks for supporting Pinups for Pit Bulls and the dogs they provide a voice for :)
Savannah Howell
· November 3, 2015
Thank you for standing for what you believe in, and thank you for supporting Deirdre and Pinups for Pitbulls!!!!
Jessica Morales
· November 3, 2015
Thank you so much for supporting efforts to help the pit bull reputation & helping dogs in need. Y'all are amazing!!!
Nancy Rust Weaver
· November 3, 2015
Awesome!! Thanks for all your hard work & support. Don't let the trolls get to you.
Forrest Williams
· September 17, 2015
Where we go to get our pets supplies. Great people!
Stephanie Funkhouser
· November 3, 2015
Thank you for supporting pit bulls and Pinups for Pit bulls!!!
Tara Price
· November 3, 2015
Thank you for promoting people & rescues who help pitbulls!
Leave it to this poodle's crazy mom to turn things around and leave me laughing like crazy!!!! This is SO GREAT, I think I've watched it 15 times!!! God, I love my customers....❤️❤️❤️
*****These 4 kittens need loving homes!!!!***** They are sweet, loving & playful! Stop in and see for yourself just how cute they are! As you can imagine, I'm not getting a whole lot accomplished this week..... ;)
Marley is just a little excited on her way to Furry Fanatics to pick out some cookies!! ;)

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