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February 1

Even though Fury has been over for a while now, we decided to wrap up the majority of the band's history in a brand new bio video. We thought putting it to our song Stigmatised would be a good way to say farewell to the Fury years. Enjoy!

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Ricky Boon is with Mick O'neil and 7 others.

Now that Fury is done and dusted we thought we'd put together a brief history of everything we've accomplished over the years. We thought it would be a nice chance to wave goodbye to our early era and put a spotlight on one of our favourite songs one last time.

Fans of Fury may be aware that Serenity Defiled features some ex-members of the band. Serenity Defiled has just recently released a brand new clip that you may be interested in checking out. Please feel free to share it around if you like it!

Available from Darkness closes in around me Trapped in an endless dream Conjuring the darkness I deny mortality Visions ...

In an unlikely turn of events, there might be a few previously unheard Fury tracks for you guys to check out on a special release sometime in the near future, but we can't really give you any firm details just yet. So if you're keen, watch this space for more info!

Taken from The Harrowed's self-titled album. More information here:

Most of you are aware by now that some of the members of Fury went onto form a new band, Serenity Defiled, and here's a bit of a look at their new clip, "Infestation."

"Infestation" - taken from the debut Serenity Defiled album "Where Chaos Reigns" Produced, filmed, visual effects, editing and colour grading by Lord Tim for...

A few months back we were telling you guys all about the possibility of remixing and re-releasing the very first self-titled Fury album. With that said, we tried tracking down the original master multitrack tapes from the studio they were stored but unfortunately it seems that they were lost/erased sometime in the last 17 years. While we are tossing up the idea of whether or not to re-record it with a modern spin, we're not sure of the outcome of that idea just yet. So if you're keen to hear it, watch this space!

Taken from The Harrowed's self-titled album. More information here:

Former Fury members Ricky Boon and Mick O'Neil have been hard at work once again in their current band Serenity Defiled. They now have a brand new video clip entitled "Sands Of Doom" and it's all cram-packed full of epic movie moments. If you've been a fan of any Fury or Serenity Defiled stuff in the past, you'll love it. Check it out!

"Sands Of Doom" - taken from the debut Serenity Defiled album "Where Chaos Reigns" Produced, filmed, visual effects, editing and colour grading by Lord Tim f...

For those of you that wanted a little more news on the Blackened Angel project we mentioned earlier, the album is out now and so is the first video clip. Hope you like it, and if you would like a copy of the album, check out the Blackened Angel store:

Purgatory Taken from the album "Chronicles Of Damnation" by Blackened Angel Produced, filmed, effects and editing by Lord Tim for Dusk Music Video Production...

To keep you guys updated on what the Fury guys have been up to since the band began its hiatus, here's some news on what guitarist Ricky Boon is doing. His new band Serenity Defiled's debut album "Where Chaos Reigns" is out and doing well. He's also a member of a new project called Blackened Angel. This band is an epic thrash/black/power metal style which also features members of LORD, Germ and Nekrofeist. Part 1 of a 2-part concept story is now available digitally, part 2 coming soon. Check out for more info.

For those of you who are local Broken Hill people and are eager to get your hands on a copy of Fury's limited edition European import (released under the name of "The Harrowed") or the new Serenity Defiled cd (featuring some members of Fury), you can now get one from G.B. RECORDS & TAPES BROKEN HILL. Even if you already have a copy make sure to still wander in and check things out, you will be supporting a great local business.



"Unstable Ground", taken from the debut Serenity Defiled album "Where Chaos Reigns" Download the album here:

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"Unstable Ground", taken from the debut Serenity Defiled album "Where Chaos Reigns" Download the album here: More ...
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Hey thrashers! Serenity Defiled have finally received the CD version of their debut album Where Chaos Reigns, which they've made available in their online store. For good measure, they've also added some of the back catalogue releases from Fury and The Harrowed. Check it out!…

Serenity Defiled is a new and brutal thrash project from the core members of Fury / The Harrowed.

Here it is, your first look at the new Serenity Defiled lyric clip. People familiar with Serenity Defiled will probanly know that it features several members of Fury. The song is called "Unstable Ground" and is taken from the debut album "Where Chaos Reigns". This is the third clip to be released for the album and of next week you'll be able to get the hard copy version of the release. And of course don't forget to share it around with your friends.....enjoy!

"Unstable Ground", taken from the debut Serenity Defiled album "Where Chaos Reigns" Download the album here: More ...

Interesting news, guys! Despite the fact that Fury has taken an indefinite hiatus, we've decided to dig up some of the old recordings and reissue them as digital releases. There may even be some video clips to go along with them if everything goes to plan. We are hopefully going to completely remix the 1997 self-titled album and we're currently in the process of trying to track down the master tapes to digitise and get them ready for its facelift. No exact timeline for any of this yet but we'll keep you posted!

Hey thrashers! Did you know the debut Serenity Defiled album is up online at CD Baby for digital download? If you like Fury you'd love this stuff!

Listen to and buy Serenity Defiled music on CD Baby. Download Where Chaos Reigns by Serenity Defiled on the independent record store by musicians for musicians.

Here's a look at what some of the guy's from Fury are getting up to in thier new band Serenity Defiled. It is titled "Next Of Kin To Chaos" and is the opening track for the forthcoming album "Where Chaos Reigns"...Enjoy!

Next Of Kin To Chaos Taken from the forthcoming Serenity Defiled album. NOTE: This video contains scenes of a simulated suicide. If you are experiencing feel... Hey guy's check out the ESP promo from Serenity Defiled, it features a couple of Fury members

Serenity Defiled members Ricky Boon (rhythm guitars) and Lord Tim (guest lead guitars) proudly use ESP Guitars. Music track: Waiting For Disaster (edited) ta...

Here's an exclusive first peek at a new song from the forthcoming album, free to download!

Here is a collection of songs we are offering for free download and streaming. Enjoy!