Hurricane Director's Cut

I never share spam. I don't use this audience to post click bait so I get revenue. So, please, entertain my non Mars related request for a second:

Attention FOB fans (I know some of you are)! Chris (The dude that Grenade Jumper was about), is raffling off a super rare, super awesome piece of FOB history in exchange for a donation to his project. You got $10? Guess what? You've got one entry! You've got a bit more! Well, for every $10, it's another entry. Donate for that AND because you know you want to help be a part of creating this awesome Catcade, that will save kitties from being put to sleep (details at his link).
So, do it. Donate. Help some kitties in the process.
Good luck!

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Christopher Gutierrez

This is the first and original Fall Out Boy demo tape. Maybe like 50 ever made. One of the few pieces of early-2000s pop punk history I have collected that I I would never sell, is now being raffled off to raise money for my non-profit charity @thecatcade - for every $10 donated between now and Saturday at , your name will be entered into a drawing and the winner will be chosen live and fairly this Saturday. Good luck.
***Note: to be entered you have to donate through the PayPal donation link at - This is a separate from the Indiegogo campaign***

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We also liked old school Detroit Tomo, too.

F Yeah! Tomo Milicevic is feeling Not Like Having To Buy Love.

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Here's something from my tumblr,, to make your dashboard pretty with.

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The Echelon House is a philanthropic project led by the fans of rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. Working with Habitat for Humanity internationally, it helps build homes for families in need around the world. Lily Sebert, now the founder of The... #30secondstomars #charity #custom
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I am Tomosexual

mars opinion by
i never notice that XD i will try to notice this when i will listen to this song again
send me your mars opinion
Sari M

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Echelon Unite

Credits to creator. I don't know who did this one x
It is time for me to go so I bid thee adieu. Lorna x

Hey, Domo, hhheeeyyyyy

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Echelon Unite

Hes my Domo - Bectoria

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Cute COOKING WITH TOMO fanart by Simoechelon71!

Want to share your VyRT-inspired art with us? Leave them in comments!

Not sure who is more patient: Echelon who wait in line for a Mars concert or Times Square attendees... Have a Happy New Year!

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Echelon Unite

This is beautiful we gotta love the Mofo xoox