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Buy Sell Trade & Pawn TOYS from the 60's 70's 80's & today. New & used toys, video games, LEGO, action figures, collectables and ohhh sooo much more...
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Damian Forrester
· January 5, 2017
Even if your the most Novice collector in comics or toys, Gabriel and his staff is there to educate you well as offer a fair trade or sale in any aspect of your... collectable needs. Excellent customer service and a phenomenal display of toys and comics that will always want you coming back for more. Stop by Gabriel's Toys today! See More
Guy William Yeager
· May 17, 2017
Nice store and staff. As a collector, it is always nice to have good people with the same passion around.
Daemon Marino
· April 10, 2017
Great place with an awesome selection comparable to Mile High comics. Me and my gf are definitely becoming new regulars!
Damon Wright
· 10 hours ago
If you are looking for vintage toys, Gabriel is the one to talk to. Awesome guy, great place, cool stuff :).
Connor X Lorenz
· 17 hours ago
Arguably the best toy store in Billings! Very fortunate to have such a store in my hometown.
Dion S. Ehrle
· April 7, 2017
been buying star wars from Gabe for over 20 years, highly recommend him!
L.a. Trudeau
· 9 hours ago
It's been great talking comics and doing business with Gabriel. Love the store!
Selina Slevira
· May 12, 2017
Today as I was looking for mini figurines I was greated with an amazing, positive, and helpful personality! I appreciate the help! I was definitely a kid in a candy (toy) store again!!! �
Richard Holland
· 9 hours ago
Thanks for the Joe's! Excellent experience as usual. Appreciate you letting go of Kwinn, He's going to a good collection.
Cory ReRead
· February 6, 2017
Amazing store better people, visited their tatooine Location it was out of this world!
Sonny Gray
· August 21, 2015
Love the store, found things I have been looking for for years. Friendly and welcoming environment. Highly recommended for people looking for better toys then w...hat they have on the market these days, as well as classics from your past. My gf's girls even picked up some barbies on the cheep that made there day. Everyone is happy. See More
Thired N Kim
· July 23, 2016
this is the best all my childhood coming back best place around to find old and new toys and some great games to love this place and would like every person to ...go and see you might just find something you missed as a kid you will find it there i promise that and the people are fun and great to talk to about anything nerd or whatever best place See More
Brian Ashmore
· October 20, 2014
Gabriel's Toys is a fantastic place to visit for a nostalgic toy fix. They've got loads and loads of vintage and new toys for every kind of kid or collector. T...hey also get new stock on a regular basis. There seems to always be tons of new stuff every time I visit. If you are in Billings or traveling through, you need to stop by Gabriel's. See More
Erika Leigh Beddow
· June 15, 2014
absolutely nostalgic. the vintage action figures. the pinball machines. rows & rows of display cases filled with childhood memories. even the movies playing in ...the background make me smile. & last but not least, Gabe's complete Indiana Jones get up propped in the corner :o) if you haven't been in yet, put it on your Billings bucket list. if you've already been in, swing by when you get a chance. new items daily! See More
MeltonNjolene SpottedBear
· December 23, 2016
The best toy store in town! Especially if you are a collector and awesome help.
Nate Evans
· February 8, 2014
Walking through the doors of Gabriel's Toys is like opening a rift in the space/time continuum and stepping directly back into your childhood. Wave after wave o...f nostalgia overcomes you as you spot those toys you treasured as a younger life form.
And, for people like me who want to re-experience playing with their childhood toys... If you let Gabriel know that you intend to relive your childhood, he will give you plenty of options.
Needless to say, I am happy there is a toy store for those of us who maintain our inner child, and remain children at heart.
See More
Cory Erlenbach
· June 21, 2015
Love the place. Lots of memories from my childhood as well as memories I wish I had. However I now have no more room for memories in my house! Lol
Kevin Hawkins
· August 25, 2016
Place is great. I purchased through Facebook and they shipped the same day and packaged very well. I will do more business in the future. Great honest business. Thank you
Lisa Alex
· April 5, 2014
What a neat store! Has a variety of toys and collector's items...better than any other toy store I've been to in Billings! The staff was very helpful and nice as well! Check this place out!
Scott Beach
· April 19, 2016
It's almost like they are all just the way I left them. Memories on every shelf. Amazing place.

"One of these things is not like the other" haha

I'd like to humbly ask for some help from friends and supporters of the toy store. Our Google listing got by 2 disgruntled customers over the past 3 months. If you have seen the 5 star reviews we have on our Facebook page and eBay account you will see what we are used to providing.

So if any of you have a Google account or wish to create one just to help give us a better rating with some feedback I'd be very grateful.

This business is supposed to be fun and noticing this Google problem hasn't made it so this week.

* if you haven't left us a review on Facebook I'd appreciate that as well.

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Some new interior pics of the toy store taken this week.

Kids are out of school, stop in for a little trip down memory lane.


Over 100 new in package GI Joe, 25th anniversary, Hub, ROC & Retaliation figures in the toy store today. We will get more Joes priced tomorrow.

Yo Joe!

Posted by Gabriel's Toys

Dude! To feel that experience just once on a Light Cycle. Heck yes!

Posted by INSIDER travel
INSIDER travel

This roller coaster makes you feel like you're on a motorbike.

Poor Ken. Poor Barbie!! Poor children of the Barbie world. Just no!! 😑

Check out the new Ken doll from Mattel, now with more Man Bun!

Mattel has now done for ken what it did for barbie last year...introducing the all-new look ken dolls! 15 new looks for ken are here, come take a look!

Did you know original Kenner lightsaber accessories will glow under a black light. There are a few exceptions but this is another test you can use along with "float test" (most original Kenner accessories will float in a cup of water)

It was the end of the 1970's after all. Black lights were all the rage. Maybe Kenner planned a glow effect with the black light. Maybe the plastic used just happens to glow under a black light but this is another test to use to spot a fake or "...RepRo" accessory. It's also fun to try out on your original figures.

*** there are some Ben Kenobi lightsabers that are real and do not glow. The telescoping sabers also do not glow. So this test is not helpful in spotting RepRo ones there.

If you want 100% real accessories, it's worth gaining some knowledge on how to know what is and what isn't. Some collectors are ok with RepRo accessories in their collection and that's ok. Please make sure to note or label them as such for future generations of collectors.

I think I'm going to stage an epic black light final duel in my basement this summer with this newly acquired knowledge! Hahahaha

- Gabriel

* this information was obtained from a Facebook Star Wars collectors group and the photos were "borrowed" from there. They are not RepRo photos so it's all good! Haha. Thank you to everyone in that group for sharing this info.

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Gabriel's Toys shared a memory.

We shared this last year but it's still funny! Hahaha

1 Year Ago

If Disney Movie Posters Were Honest..
- Disnerds

NBC News

Mayor Eric Garcetti flipped the switch to light the Bat Signal on Los Angeles City Hall in honor of Adam West who died on June 9.

The D.C. Vs movie we really wanted to see! 😍


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Gabriel's Toys shared a memory.

How about a little throwback Thursday. A walk about in our very first location.

Do not go to this address! We are no longer located there but it is kinda fun to see where this started again.



- Gabriel

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3 Years Ago

Walk around at the Toy Store

Posted by Gabriel's Toys
Gabriel's Toys added a new photo.
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Dennis L Barger Jr added 19 new photosfeeling accomplished.

Rare leaked story boards from Wonder Woman movie #wonderwoman

Maybe Kylo Ren doesn't suck too much. 😑😱

Posted by Nerdist
February 11

Team Stormtroopers or Team Clone Troopers? Sound off, Star Wars fans!

Posted by Spider-Man

It all started with one kid on the guest list. Catch up on all things Peter and the #NBAFinals! #SpiderManHomecoming 🕷️🏀