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  • Oh.. You know.. or maybe you don't know.. but I guess that's the point of social networking sites such as Facebook.... :)
Favorite Quotes
  • Soccer!!!!!!(inside joke)
    Don't ever stick that thing in me again!!!
    !! Hippos!!(its a Cassie thing!)
    OH MY GOD WHERE? - me!

    I.........For..........Give........yooooooooooooooooooou!Jo-Jordan Nold( don't ask)

    Me: Jordan do you have a cup holder?
    Jordan: No, here stick it in my emergency brake!
    Me: ok, what exactly is your emergency brake?
    Jordan: Something you pull up when your on a hill!!

    Crikey- Summer, Cobain, and I

    You want to play, we can play! but don't cry when i beat your ass! -Jordan Nold

    DOUBLE CHEESY BEEF BURRITO!- Rachel, Summer, and I

    A: Let's make a pact!
    G: Okay, what?
    A: If we eat this whole cheesecake let's not mention it to anyone!
    G: For Sure!..........................
    1 whole Cheesecake later.....I think we are going to go into cheesecake induced coma! It was worth it! :)

    I'm about as Mexican as Apple Pie! - Felicia Nehl

    Hide the Food someone's coming. 1 min later...Spilled Cheese, and a upside down bag of Frito's! Nice Job Felicia! Brett, Felicia, and I! :)

    Where's my hand? I forgot where my hand was. Okay there it was. - Summer. ....

    IFLY - Summer, Alex, and I