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Eric Abernathy
· February 26, 2018
I bought a Pokemon Charizard GX box yesterday as a gift but the kid already had it. I read on the bottom of the receipt that trading card games can't be returned so I called to check before I made the... trip. The guy on the phone said that no, they don't accept any Pokemon Returns. I asked if it was posted, as I don't remember seeing "NO RETURNS" like a lot of stores have, and the guy literally said "Oh, it's on the receipt". Fantastic. I brought up how you only get the receipt after purchase and then he quickly added that it's also posted somewhere else in the store near the register. Seriously, did he not realize that you only get the receipt after you make a purchase?? I've checked with 2 other game stores, yet they don't have issues with returns like this(literally the next day). So now I'm stuck with a Pokemon box that's useless. I've been shopping there for almost a decade, yet haven't had to return anything before. They won't be getting anymore of my or my friend's business any longer. See More
Gordon Nonya
· July 10, 2017
I called they're looking for a specific item they had it they quoted me a price over the phone and how much it was I drove there couple days later they had set it aside for me which I appreciated but ...the price I was quoted was not the price that it was the price on the box that stated a price was not what I was charged when I brought it to their attention they said they must have raised the price I asked if they would honor the price on the box that was stamped with the price tag they said they couldn't do that I was not very happy at this time See More
Justin Camacho
· April 8, 2017
Been to this location twice first time was just to check the whole store talked to some of the employees and ended up buying a fatpack of Kaladesh . 2nd time there was to play magic with a friend. I there early and I guess it was a Pokemon night there and was told I couldn't play magic once more people show up ( was just me, an older fella there for pokemon, and a younger kid with long hair I assume who the one running the poke-night) me and the older guy played about half of a game of magic when two little kids showed up to learn to play Pokemon. The long haired kid said that we could no longer play magic, even though it was essentially a ghost town back there, because people were showing up. I understand if all the tables were filling up and they needed the table for Pokemon I would have been happy to pack up to give them the room, the fact that the place was still empty and nothing was going on was kinda annoying. Regardless , I don't plan on coming back to Game On. See More
Elizabeth Bender
· April 1, 2017
Dan and his staff at Game On are exceptional. We have gone in there alot recently for board games and pokemon cards. They are always friendly and helpful with any questions we have on games. They are ...always smiling and patient with my kids. Today they restored my faith in humanity by showing amazing kindness to my son. I am very thankful for them! I will always go there for all of my gaming needs. See More
Rob Drennan
· April 16, 2017
Great card shop. The owner is very knowledgeable when it comes to all games, new and old. Great staff! I only wish they carried Warlord CCG. But they carry everything else!
Keanan Kyle Taute
· October 19, 2014
Come up here every Friday, good staff, good community, great shop
Ryan Armstrong
· September 20, 2014
Wonderful store. the singles are a tad overpriced but all in mint condition. People are nice, atmosphere is great. would gladly come back
Christopher Scott Oleson
· March 20, 2015
Great place with wonderful staff. Love playing here and shopping here.
Violette Cody
· December 16, 2014
Astounding community, great stock of singles, as well as a friendly group of folks, great place to be.
Forrest Allread
· December 31, 2014
great people cant wait to try out the
Dakota Moreland
· August 23, 2014
Friendly staff and a nice selection of board and card games.
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