Cheapwave #16 is out now 🌊🌊🌊 First episode since October so we had a huge stack of music from across the chip spectrum to play. You'll find tunes from:
Blue Navi
Horge and Bleeds
Hideyourtigers/ Decaying Tigers
Th4 D34D

We also have show/tour news, the regular Japanese segment, talk of the Gamewave console, and other chiptune gossip!

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Check this new release on Cheapbeats from Th4 D34D. We mentioned it on the last show - it's 13 tracks of insanely good Sega chip, and you can preorder the whole thing on an actual Mega Drive cart!

13 track album
New nanoloop jingle by Cheapshot himself
Guess who!
Episode 69 of the Gamewave Podcast is out now - the episode where HarleyLikesMusic makes his co-hosting debut. Harley and Joe talk about the INST/DEL night in Edinburgh and there are interviews with Comptroller, arcadecoma. and Bubu. There's also plenty of general Edinburgh banter, and this episode turned out to be our longest yet! Subscribe to the feed (, listen through iTunes (, or download from the KNGI Network ( Also, if you've never heard it before, listen to arcadecoma.'s guest-hosted episode of the podcast (#29). It's from all the way back in 2007 - a piece of Gamewave history and it still holds up

Cheapwave #15 is out now! This is our longest ep in a while with nearly 20 new tracks from the likes of MASTER BOOT RECORD, stinkbug​, Game Genie Sokolov​, 2A0X, Bleeds​, Pain Perdu​, Uraboroshi, Saitone​, Marusan San Maru​, desk, EvilWezil​, Aethernaut​, Stettes, p0cky br0s, Nuerra, Abandoned on Fire​ and Purely Grey!

There's also an interview with Pain Perdu from during Square Sounds Tokyo and an exclusive new track from City Guys​. That's as well as Cheapshot's feedback f...rom SST, the regular Japanese segment and talk of the Diggin' In The Carts World Tour... What are you waiting for?

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Square Sounds Tokyo live stream! Jump on and feel the noise!

Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. More than 45 million gamers gather every month on Twitch to broadcast, watch and chat about gaming. Twitch's video platform is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for the entire video game ecosystem. This include...

Cheapwave #14 is here - a brand new 5-star episode in record timing featuring the best in current chip music from around the globe! Tunes this time from Yukkerom, Joshua Morse, Cetera, Izioq, Dream Fiend, Norrin_Radd, Business Pastel, Digre, Jammer, Trash80, chipzel and an exclusive from Scythe!

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There's also plenty of pre-Square Sounds Tokyo chat via a great interview with DBOYD, one of this... year's big acts. Of course we have the regular Japanese lesson feature too.

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お待たせしました!Sorry for keeping you waiting. Enjoy this ☀️summer festival of a podcast! Cheapwave #13 is available on iTunes now. Featuring:
🐱 Meganeko & Rymdkraft
😲 Xavier "mv" Dang
🛌 Pajjama...
⚛️ Atoms Or Faeries
Hexagon Trail
🕹 She Wants The D-Pad & Zombie Shark
🤦‍♂️ Classic Mistake
💀 umin
🗣 Phonetic Hero
🐙 Roboctopus
📶 S I G K I L L _ B A S S

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One of our favourite chip musicians, nmlstyl has started a GoFundMe to raise funds for tuition. Check it out and contribute if you dig it

Also, a new episode is in the works so sit tight...

I'm a transgender woman who is trying to change careers. I was a guitar teacher for 18 years and now I'm trying to become a software developer for financial reasons and because i think i will be good at it. When I came out as trans it was a difficult time. My fiancé, who i depended on financia...

HarleyLikesMusic is putting on the first Sheffield chiptune gig in what must be ages. 28th April, free entry / donations for a good cause. Cracking lineup as well: Kenobit, Pain Perdu, Harley himself, Auracle, Isis Moray + Dr Robeatnik!

Fri 7:00 PM UTC+01Bar ambasada PLSheffield, United Kingdom
147 people interested

The latest episode of Cheapwave is here 🌊
YOU: ALREADY?! (゚д゚)!
US: Deal with it. 🕶️

Bossfight & Meganeko || Aonami || Zantilla || Xemogasa & Bouchay || Arcade High || MASTER BOOT RECORD || h e p t a e d i u m ニンテンドーコア || G.I.S. || Joshquery || J3WEL x Cheapshot || Matthew Squibb || Yunomi, Toriena & Tokyo Elvis

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Gamewave Podcastの「Gamewave Podcast - The Chiptune Podcast」の過去エピソードを無料ダウンロード、または今後のエピソードを無料登録。

Support chiptune! There's a few days left on the crowdfunder for Chip Bit Day 2017 in Manchester in May. Featuring Pain Perdu, PROTO·DOME, 2xAA, Mizkai and more!

The 2nd outing of Chip Bit Day, with a whole load of new & awesome chiptune as well as electronica! | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!

As promised on Cheapwave #11, here is the awesome poster for Pulsing's upcoming US tour. Make sure to catch a show if you're nearby and always support your local chip scene!

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Alex Peterman to Chiptunes = WIN \m|<3|m/

Pulsing tour starts in a little over a week! Catch me if you're in the midwest!

We played a couple of exclusives on the latest show. One was a track from lpower's winter songs and that album just got released!

lpower's latest masterpiece, winter songs is here!

Less driven than his usual faux soundtrack work, this is a beautiful concept album where the melodies and sou...nds are allowed to truly breath. It reminds us of Disasterpeace's FEZ OST in parts and proves once again that this guy is the most underrated musician in the chip scene.

"For the listener who enjoys refined yet bold synth sounds, brooding song progressions and melodies of the utmost quality, we present winter songs by lpower. This album is a log book of pieces of music, conceived in the winter months of 2016 and 2017 and worked on sporadically."

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12 track album

Cheapwave #11 is out today! Join Joe and Cheapshot (and his wife) as they chat about music, chess and hinamatsuri, a Japanese holiday that no-one seems to understand...

Featuring two exclusive tracks from upcoming Pterodactyl Squad releases by lpower and Pulsing, as well as more music by Tuberz McGee, Chibi-Tech, El Catorce, Comptroller, stinkbug, Spaceman Fantastiques, Tom Foolery and the Family Jewellery and DBOYD.

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Cheapwave #10 is here! We only ended up playing a couple of festive-feeling tracks because there's just so much other awesome chip music coming out these days.

Listen for tracks from Robotprins, Vim, Akiba, Nmlstyl, Cheap Dinosaurs, Shnabubula, Muzak Efron, CYMBA, Pixeltune, JKLOL, T-T)b and Professor Shyguy.

Joe and Cheapshot also talk about the MAGFest lineup, Anamanaguchi's recent NES cart release and much more.

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Cheapwave #9 is now out and there are plenty of interviews in this one! Cheapshot gives his feedback from Square Sounds Tokyo and spoke with Danimal Cannon, Derris-Kharlan and more. Then Joe attended ChipFest 14 and had a chat with Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families.

We play music from Rymdkraft & Robotprins, Tancla, Boy Meets Robot, Aethernaut, DBOYD, an0va, That Andy Guy, Nesmetal, two exclusive tracks from lpower, Scythe, Petriform and yukkerom - it's another doozy!



Direct link:

KUNOICHI Pi Pi Pi - Robotprins and Rymdkraft
Sledge - Tancla
Side-Scrolling Hero (feat. Mega Ran) - Boy Meets Robot
Saturday Morning - Aethernaut
The Biggest Mistake You'll Ever Make - DBOYD
godzilluh - an0va
No, That's Just Stupid - That Andy Guy
Stage 3A - Window Shoppin' Mall Brawl - NESMETAL *
Title Screen - lpower
Mystery VI - lpower
Too Many Times - Ten Thousand Free Men and Their Families
紫電一閃 - Scythe
Don't Worry, You're Great - Petriform
Tereport - yukkerom

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