Japanese Domestic Market surely has some good design lines!

One of the best designers from the JDM

GKM is going classic this time! Have a taste of the past.

The voluptuous Ferrari.
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How the exciting gaming era began!

How simulated racing caught onto the world!

When did all that Aero start?

When did all that aero start?

Getting the aero right!
Another one by Govind Ajith
Check out The Car Factor

The difference between the two!

There's more to it than just 'Power, Beauty, Soul.'

Taglines. Slogans. A single line having the whole hierarchy of the company behind it. Taglines are what gives you the first impression of a company. It is what sums up the whole ideology of the com…

Power and torque. Never get them wrong now!…/05/20/the-power-and-the-torque/

The whats and why of Horsepower and Torque
The difference between crankshaft and camshaft!

Metallic Scultpures? Miuras? The perfect recipe.
Govind Ajith

Lamborghini. The ultimate raging bull. It is known worldwide for its insane amount of rage coming from the naturally aspirated V 12s. And what was one of the most iconic one out there? The Miura. A…
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May 16, 2017
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A handy guide for the people who want to have a peaceful weekend.…/top-5-car-care-products-every…/

We often hear complaints from people that their partners or friends are too obsessed with their cars. Sometimes, we even hear that they tend to value their car more than the relationship itself. Wh…
Why the past was so damn cool!
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May 15, 2017

The new logo! Captures the spirit of motoring.
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Which and whats of the Power band.

Ever wondered what those strokes meant? Well, here's your guide!…/05/13/solving-the-math-of-engi…/

Clearing all doubts on the 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine!

The automotive segment never thrives to amaze us.
Proven by this collection of classic yet funny and passionate ads.

A look into some of the hilarious yet to-the-point advertisements