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50 Reviews
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Andrew Chan
· November 16, 2017
I wish to express my dissatisfaction at the rudeness of the staff at PictureHouse Cinema (name on his nametag: Fatehi) at approximately 910pm Thursday 16 November 2018. I won a movie cinema ticket fro...m Genting Rewards and wanted to redeem the free ticket from the cinema counter (using the redemption ticket), but was told rudely that I wasn’t supposed to sign the redemption ticket unless I am in front of him. As a matter of fact, I was earlier told by the other Genting Rewards staff (who issued the redemption ticket) that I should sign it before he gave me the ticket.

So, I was being told off by this guy Fatehi for doing signing it beforehand! I really did not understand what the fuss was about as the redemption ticket has my name and I have all my ID with my name with me (so there was no problem in verifying my identity). Nevertheless, I was still issued the cinema ticket (albeit with a very unpleasant attitude from Fatehi). I politely remind him afterwards that he shouldn’t be that rude to a customer and he just brushed it off by saying “ok ok”, without a single word of apology.

This rude behaviour and attitude of blaming the customer is totally unacceptable. I hope PictureHouse Cinema and Genting Malaysia will take the appropriate action against such inappropriate conduct. A simple sorry from Mr Fatehi would’ve made this situation a lot less unpleasant.
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Teh Jia Yinn
· February 16, 2018
Just came back from Genting last night and my side window has been 'chopped' off after parking my car in the basement parking. Genting is getting more dangerous nowadays. This is not the first time incident has happened to me and my family. I urge the management team of Genting Highlands to install CCTVs in the basement parking area and hire a bunch of security guards down there to check on the security. I have been followed behind by people several times down the staircases, to my car and this isn't the first time my car has been touched. There was once where my car window was broken and items in my car went missing. Hope Genting's management take this into action - both in First World Hotel basement parking and Resorts Hotel basement parking. Thanks!

P/s: Photo on my profile
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Yh Shin
· January 2, 2018
Now your new hourly parking rate is it encourage ppl to not overnight in your hotel? Up and down! If stay overnight sure need to pay RM 18 dy. Genting now so poor until need to find this kind of money...? Haizz
Keep free for those rich ppl and keep take money from ordinary ppl. Really disappointed � .
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Christmas Tan
· December 14, 2017
Understand is hard to get staff to work. But perhaps u can give better training to them and fundamental must have is keeping a big smile and speak nicely to us.

Your guys and girls at sky avenue cou...nter level 3 is dissapointed and disaster. Giving preferences and bad attitude in servicing = without a friendly smile or body language.

Well done. Keep the great work. Your loyalty project should work with these idiots around.
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Johnson Tan
· December 3, 2017
Bad experience on the counter staff at Tonkatsu Japanese restaurant on 30 Nov. The lady counter staff tossed the my credit card on the counter table by showing her annoyance after which we were to pay in cash or by credit card. I do feel this should be done more professionally.

Overall the Sky Avenue was a refreshing experience compared to the previous and ample shopping choices.
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Puisee Lai
· December 18, 2017
Having a very bad experience at genting rewards cards centre. Very disappointed for the service. We are planning to have cards renew and registration. At the end only one person can make it. The pe...rson at the counter ask us to queues again, she not allow us to do the service in same counter, once for one person. as My sister was bringing the kids and waiting behind the line , not convenient to queue up at the roll, too crowded for kids. the staff was not giving understanding and keep saying no to us. No lt giving considerate for us. her husband was saying, mummy not convenient to queue with the kids and can u help us to do for mummy? we only need one counter not disturbing others. And the same time we saw the others counter doing the same things! Two peeson in same counter to doing theirs cards?
After a half hours long queue and now at the end ask to do queue again ? Are u sure? And theres not showing we cant do two service in the same counter. Very disappointed to your ot consideration service. Please do train some staff that is do consideration people. Not too straight forward la. Change their way to work.
we queue up for more than half an hours plus end up get nothing? But get the shameful from her..?
My English not that good, cannot write so well, But I hope genting will get this as a problem. And pls Showing : "No allow 2 person in one counter"
if your rules really straight forward like this then we just end the stories la. omg
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Ekim Mike Chiam
· February 2, 2018
SUSPECT PERSONAL DATA LEAK to Illegal money loan sharks through the website.
I have placed a hotel room booking on Genting website for family leisure a week ago. Since then I have been receiving lots... of sms, WhatsApp and call from money loan sharks/companies.

Anyone encounter the same problem? Would be great to find the common root cause.

@genting please assist to investigate the matter.
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Kelly Lim
· January 7, 2018
WTH genting doing? Charged this and that but never improve customer care! Whole day calling careline 24hrs line busy busy busy!!! Ask to contact using wechat, fb msg but suck! No reply at all!
Jesslin Wong
· March 1, 2018
The skysymphony isn’t punctual at all!
It should be played on 1.30pm but all the visitors waited until 1.45pm still nothing!
Ridiculous charges for parking!...
All the game machines in Visioncity wasn’t upgraded!
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Dan Tay
· January 17, 2018
This is bad. You sent me an email that wasn't address to me.
Though it contained just name and member number, but that shouldn't have happen. That is how risky our personal data seating with Genting Highlands.
· October 23, 2017
Not so many as before which can join it whole in malaysia as (Spend and win)...
· January 11, 2018
How come you don’t have even ONE hotline to call�����
Email and message NOT answering����
Wow � what a BIG BUSINESS�
Kiew Yeeyee
· January 8, 2018
loading slow .... very slow ... super slow...
Moon Chiew
· October 2, 2017
Winners cannot redeem prize from Genting Highlands, only can redeem at Genting HQ. KL. Very Bad.
Siti Ainshah
· February 17, 2017
Always love to be here and never boring..come here since single, then got engaged, then for honeymoon, then with our children � cant wait for the outdoor theme park to officially open �
Eric Trump Lee
· October 18, 2017
Why block my member card... Isn't I win your casino too much. YOU NOT ALLOW ME TO Visit .Kindly give reasonable reason.
Ethan Cheong
· February 16, 2017
Great place to relax and chill around! Been visit Genting for 10years and still counting.
KT Wong
· February 17, 2017
love the contest! keep up the great work and more contest please :)
Jenny Liew
· January 2, 2018
鐘鎮濤&杜麗莎云顶演唱会2018 云星剧场 (2018年4月14日).mp4
Go on A Holiday Adventure Resorts World Genting.mp4
Merdeka 60th Theme【Ali AhKao Dan Muthu】NameweeDato’David ArumugamAniq @亞洲通吃2018專輯 All Eat Asia.mp4