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Happy Halloween!

Attention all astronauts: This is Ground Control giving you the green light for liftoff!

From March 19 to April 8 earn up to 10 new souvenirs to become an Official Space Explorer. Find and log different cache types individually to collect points on your Friend League to qualify for these digital souvenirs. #planetarypursuit

3, 2, 1 liftoff:

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¡Atención a todos los astronautas! Aquí el Control de Tierra dando luz verde para el despegue.

Consigue hasta 10 nuevos souvenirs entre el 19 de marzo y el 8 de abril para convertirte en un Explorador Espacial oficial. Encuentra y registra diferentes tipos de caché para acumular puntos individualmente en tu Liga de Colegas y tener derecho a estos souvenirs digitales. #planetarypursuit

3, 2, 1 despegue:

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An alle Astronauten! Hier spricht die Bodenkontrolle!

Ihr habt grünes Licht für den Start. Verdiene vom 19. März bis zum 08. April bis zu 10 neue Souvenirs und werde ein offizieller Weltraumentdecker. Finde und logge verschiedene Geocache-Arten, um Punkte in Deiner Freundesliga zu sammeln und Dich für die digitalen Souvenirs zu qualifizieren. #planetarypursuit

3, 2, 1, Start:

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Message à tous les astronautes : ici la Tour de Contrôle ; vous avez le feu vert pour décoller !

Du 19 mars au 8 avril, gagnez jusqu'à 10 nouveaux souvenirs et devenez officiellement Explorateur Spatial. Trouvez et loguez différents types de caches afin de collecter individuellement des points sur votre Ligue d'Amis, ce qui vous permettra d'obtenir ces souvenirs numériques. #planetarypursuit

3, 2, 1, lancement:

Message to all astronauts: here the control tower; you have the green light to take off! From March 19 to April 8, win up to 10 new memories and become an official space explorer. Find and loguez different types of caches to collect individual points on your league of friends, which will allow you to get these digital memories. #Planetarypursuit 3, 2, 1, launch:
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All in all it’s just another brick in the… Oh wait, that’s a geocache!

What's the sneakiest cache you've found?

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Spring cleaning is right around the corner, which in the geocaching world means cache maintenance should be at the top of your to-do list.

Whether you’re a seasoned cache owner, or looking to hide your first geocache, here are some tips on how to best maintain your caches:

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Symbol of Miyajima — Geocache of the Week

Symbol of Miyajima
GC35HCN ...
Hiroshima, Japan
N 34° 17.843 E 132° 19.141

This Geocache of the Week is located on Itsukushima Island, popularly known as Miyajima, which translates to “Shrine Island” in Japanese.

The cache is located on the shoreline along the pleasant gravel walking paths, surrounded by lush mountains, gorgeous lake views, and dozens of curious deer. From there you can get a beautiful view of the great Torii gate while logging the cache.

At high tide, the shrine appears to float on water and you can kayak under/through the great Torii. And at low tide you can walk right up to the gate. Here’s a great link with tides tables, weather reports, cherry blossoms forecast, and even an autumn leaf viewing information for the area if you are serious about logging this cache.

As with many caches at popular historical or tourist destinations, stealth is everything when retrieving the container. But most people are distracted and taking photos of the gate and sika deer. Speaking of deer, look out for them. They appear to be docile but can be quite rude and grab your lunch if you’re not paying attention!

The Itsukushima Shinto Shrine is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered a Japanese National Treasure. It is one of the most photographed locations in the country. The Shinto shrine was originally built in the 6th century and has been rebuilt several times, with the current structure dating back to 1875.

Odd fact: Since 1878 no deaths or births are permitted near the gate and burials on Itsukushima Island are forbidden.

Where is the most beautiful location you’ve found a geocache?

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The Route 66 White Mountain GeoTour in Arizona is a recreational gold mine: horseback riding, fishing, skiing, sledding, tubing, offroading, camping, and of course plenty of geocaching!

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Wow! There are currently over 3 million active geocaches on Earth. Of those, 630,000+ are non-Traditional geocaches.

Multi-Caches, Mystery Caches, EarthCaches, Letterbox Hybrids, Event Caches, Virtual Caches… What’s your favorite type of non-Traditional geocache?

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TGIF! What are your geocaching plans for the weekend?


Geocaching duo Abe&Carly set out to create a trackable that was both memorable and inspiring. As opposed to the normal coin or Travel Bug tag they came up with the idea to try and capture the handlers creativity and leave their mark on the trackable. They created a trackable journal where geocachers could draw pictures, write stories, and show their creativity.

“There had to more to bugs than simply having an inanimate object moving from place to place,” says Abe.

The journal, entitled “Book of Minnesota,” was intended to only roam around the state of Minnesota but traveled throughout the United States, Mexico, Cuba, and Canada, collecting stories along the way.

45,000 km (~28,000 mi) and almost 16 years later the journal is back in Minnesota. It was most recently logged on the 3rd of March.

“Over the years it has come and gone, but it always shows up. We thought it was lost for sure at one point and was unheard of again for a year or two. From what we've seen, the people haven't disappointed us. There are a lot of creative people out there and they take pride in their work. I'm so glad people love it, contribute to it, and keep it safe on it's journey.”

Their advice to geocachers: “Be kind to the bugs, keep them moving.”

What creative trackables have you discovered throughout the years?

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EarthCaches are a special type of geocache. They are not physical containers, they are geological locations where people learn about how our planet is shaped by geological processes and how we manage Earth’s resources. You can find them in many places — one might be at an easily accessible lake or a ravine in a forest near you. But then there are EarthCaches like our Geocache of the Week which is so remote that it took almost six years for someone to claim the FTF.

"Ultramafi...c Magnificence" is located on the south island of New Zealand on the boundary of Fiordland and Mt. Aspiring National Parks. The Red Mountain range in this area is made up of ultramafic rock, thrusted up 10 km (6.2 miles) up through Earth’s crust by tectonic actions of the Indo-Australian and Pacific plates. This causes the rock to appear in isolated patches (ultramafic intrusions) which contrast dramatically against the surrounding, more typical alpine rock. Ultramafic rock is rich in iron, which gives the hills their distinctive deep red/brown rusty color, but is deficient in other essential minerals, thus no vegetation grows there.

About 30 km (18.6 miles) south of Red Mountain you’ll find ultramafic rock at Cow Saddle. As you climb over the col, you notice a striking difference between the ultramafic rock to the east and the more traditional rock to the west.

If this sounds like the type of EarthCache that gets you excited, there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to embark on the journey.

The trek to reach the site of the cache takes three days, and you must be proficient in deep wilderness hiking. You have to bring all necessary equipment such as shelter, clothing for all weather conditions, cooking gear, food, and emergency equipment. You need to be able to cross a river, read and navigate a map, and be prepared to face harsh weather. There are no cabins or marked tracks.

So far the cache has been logged by five fearless geocachers and it is highly recommended to read the logs of their amazing journeys.

Will you be the next adventurer to find and log this cache?

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The year is 2650. You are invited to join the Geocaching Explorers Club and be among the first geocachers to visit every planet in our solar system, earning souvenirs along the way. Find different geocache types to individually collect points on the Friend League between March 19 and April 8 and earn up to 10 new souvenirs to become an Official Space Explorer. #planetarypursuit

Learn more:

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Trackables are game pieces that travel from geocache to geocache. If you find one, retrieve it, drop it into a different geocache, and log it on our site/app as soon as possible. That way, it keeps moving and other geocachers can enjoy them too. More about trackables:

Do you travel vicariously through your trackables?

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Epic geocaching adventures deserve an epic soundtrack, or at least some fun music when you’re on your way to log a cache (or a DNF). Here are the top 10 “best” geocaching songs (notice the quotation marks). Which songs get you movin’ from cache to cache?

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If you’re a geocacher you’re used to uncovering mysterious riddles, fake rocks, and fallen logs. Have you uncovered a GeoTour yet? Explore and geocache through 10 of the best local parks in central Ohio as a part of a nature filled wheelchair friendly and accessible GeoTour.

The “Uncover Metro Parks GeoTour” gives those new to Metro Parks or new to geocaching an opportunity to take part in the fun! Discover the beautiful landscapes and wildlife as you venture though the Metro Parks. If you find every cache you can claim a prize at the end. Images by Mac Albin, Tina Copeland, & Kim Graham.

Start planning your adventure:

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