Study of Spotted Eagle Owl, Bubeo africanus. Habituated pair who are more often to be heard than seen.
Two days ago, he was out earlier than usual - perched in the open near sunset, and the response was inevitable.... hysterical mobbing by passerines including Cape weavers and Cape Bulbuls, canaries and a pair of Fiscal flycatchers flocked in to abuse the raptor; even a guinea fowl and Cape spurfowl joined in the histrionics. Eventually, the owl flew off to land in denser foliage....

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Image may contain: bird and sky

interesting comparison by Brad Hill of the D500 and D850. See commentary on his excellent shot at ISO2200 with 400 f2.8E FL
water beard on a "Spirit Bear" = leucistic black bear - click on Image, then 'In The Field' and 'Conservation' tabs under the image for info


Cape White Eye hanging off an Erythrina flower

ISO 560 f11 1/640, Nikon D850, Nikkor 300 f2.8G VRII with TC-20E III

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Beautiful subject to compare some well known lenses - Nikkors and Zeiss Nikon-fit. My oldest is a 55mm f3.5 Micro-Nikkor (AI converted) that still gives any modern macro lens a hard time.

The wind was gusting and the petals were still shaking despite a plamp to try and steady the flower stem, and my D850 on sturdy Sirui tripod. Natural light and also added a 13mm extension tube with the 105mm f2.5AIS and 180mm f2.8D

Sunset over Lake Turkana lights up storm clouds over Mount Kulal. I've just processed the raw files of these photos taken in May 2009 during fieldwork off the beaten track... taken with a 18-55 DX kit lens on my first DSLR, a Nikon D60

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Cape Batis, members of the ancient African Passerida (songbirds) close relatives of shrikes

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With reference to the mucky circumstances of the unethical behaviour by David Fettes and associates [see post below 1 September] - in what passes for wildlife photography, published by Travel Africa....…/ethical-guide-to-shooting-wildlife…

PDF of the original article…/image_art/images/stories/jafa/7.pdf

Keep it kosher with these 20 rules for photographing lions, tigers, and bears.

The rapidly shifting conditions of the setting sun illuminating the low, rolling clouds and Cape quartzite at Kogelbaai 15th September.
I took this sequence between 18:09 - 18:14, albeit varying the framing, and exposing across 2 stops: Lightroom editing aimed to approximate the tones but the light was changing on seconds

Late afternoon sun on low clouds and Cape quarzites filtered through the spectacular front along False Bay - Friday evening 15th September - Kogelbaai

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Spectacular front along False Bay on Friday evening 15th September .... reflections in the waves of the sunset at Kogelbaai

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Image may contain: cloud, sky, ocean, beach, outdoor, nature and water

Final minutes of the Sunset at Kogelbaai 13 September 2017

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From a squirrel on a cold February morning to a caged Sumatran tiger, the first batch of images from this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 are stunning. Over 50,000 photographs from 92 countries were entered into the esteemed competition, just 100 making the final exhibition which retur...

Well... field reports continue to flow on to the www on field performance of Nikon's D850. It's looking all the better. Besides its Dynamic Range matching, if not exceeding the D810 is the wealth of features that make the D850 the "Camera of Totality'. And they work....

Order the Nikon D850 on Amazon at For more, SUBSCRIBE and like #1 book with 14+ HOURS of video at Amazo...

Found this on DPreview - GoogleTranslate should work automatically…/nikon-d850-praxis-test-und-review-tei…/

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touching millions with his Photographs.....Jim Brandenburg perpetuates the Legacy of Aldo Leopold in conserving Wilderness
...this documentary is mandatory viewing


What is published here stands as Abuse of ethics in situations in which common sense and caution should be the obvious priorities: at least to the well-mannered and sensible person. The antagonism of these wild animals runs totally counter to the ethics agreed upon among outdoor photographers. It certainly is all the worse, being published if not advertised so audaciously in public media. I agree with most of the commentators above - this behaviour runs against all manner of ...not just seasoned advice from those of us with even the modicum of experience with wildlife. The perpetrator's behaviour is illegal, as recorded here. More seriously, both wise guidelines and official regulations are being abused.
A National Parks officer witnessing any one of these incidents would be beholden to issue severe fines and evict the offender from the Park. The charge - 'Antagonising Wild Animals' The photographer (and his compatriot) are irresponsible, if not infantile, in antagonizing these large mammals. These issues and dangers have always been given the high profile they demand in all the guide and pro hunters courses I have been associated with in Zimbabwe. This affair will also receive the attention it deserves from the International League of Conservation Photographers -
. Ethics are always a major issue and unfortunately too often abused by photographers in pursuit of ill-gotten gain.
This photographic record provides the perfect examples - in all their brazen and flagrant notoriety - to present in lectures and allied instructional material to Learner Guides and Pro Hunters - as how NOT to behave in National Parks Estate: in fact with any animal wild or domesticated. Moderators of this Page please leave this post intact as Lesson and Warning!

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Dani Moore shared a link to the group: Friends of Mana Pools, Zimbabwe.
August 31

amazing article and pictures from Mana Pools

Collection of jaw-dropping images, we present some of David Fettes's encounters with elephants, lions and wild dogs in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park