Study of Spotted Eagle Owl, Bubeo africanus. Habituated pair who are more often to be heard than seen.
Two days ago, he was out earlier than usual - perched in the open near sunset, and the response was inevitable.... hysterical mobbing by passerines including Cape weavers and Cape Bulbuls, canaries and a pair of Fiscal flycatchers flocked in to abuse the raptor; even a guinea fowl and Cape spurfowl joined in the histrionics. Eventually, the owl flew off to land in denser foliage....

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Teleconverters and Telephotos My aim in this post, and my follow up is to explore how the TC Factor makes or breaks the suitability of the different telephoto lenses on the market. Before spelling…
Gaps in D850 Firmware A cruel question in a workshop is to ask a novice Nikon user would be to show us all how to enable the active Histogram in LiveView in their new D850. It is not a trick questi…
The wildlife photography we see in films, books, and periodicals is often stunning in its design, import, and aesthetics. It may also be fake, enhanced, or manufactured by emerging digital technologies that have transformed—some say contaminated—the photography landscape.

Blue cranes - Proud parent with two teenagers

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Here there be Dust!
A crane's bill is a formidable weapon. I was fortunate to spend time with this family of Blue Cranes foraging along a freshly cleared fire break...

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Adult foraging with Teenager

Published by Nat Geo - A remarkable sequence from the Pantanal of male Jaguar preying on Caiman…/…/12/jaguar-crocodile/…

Jaguars have some of the most powerful bites of any big cat. They can kill and paralyze prey instantly.

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Bronwyn Grey Fulton updated her cover photo.