As of last week I was still in the top 5 on Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart right there with many of the best of them. #grateful

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A special shout out to Richard Edwards, host of the SmoothGrooves Radio Show from the UK. My first single, "Heartbreak Hotel" made #25 on his chart of the Top Smooth Jazz Charts of 2017. Feeling blessed, honored and humble. Mahalo Rich!!!

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Happy New Year Everyone! Well we're off to a good start with me making the top 100 on Smooth Jazz Network Chart. #83
Feeling proud!

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Gail Jhonson just passed this on to me (thanks Gail) ... I am humbled and totally honored. My sincere thanks to so many who made this possible.

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John Marcus is with Maximiliano Max V Valldeneu and 3 others.

Congratulations to Smooth Soul Radio's top albums of 2017. (in no particular order): Norman Brown, Maysa Leak, Max V., The Jeff Lorber Fusion, Daniel Chia, Bone...y James, Geoff Alpert, Phil Perry, Andre Cavor, Najee Rasheed, and Eric Valentine. Honorable mention: Bob Baldwin for the "Music of Michael Jackson" remix album. Superb. The all-day marathon begins at 12:01 A.M., New Year's Day. So, you can stay up and listen, wake up to it, or join in at any point. In the meantime, you're invited to enjoy the Smooth Soul Holiday mix, happening right now. Happy listening, and of course: Merry Christmas.

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I'm grateful to have climbed to # 3 on the Contemporary Jazz Chart on Billboard . If you haven't heard this CD produced by myself and Gail Jhonson you need to check it out. It's a great CD!
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Geoff Alpert Music is feeling thankful.

Speechless, Absolutely Amazing!!!

This week my first Album/CD, "Open Your Heart", climbed to #3 (yes, #3) on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart (BCJC) and #9 on the Billboard Jazz Chart (BJC).

Brief History: It debuted on the BCJC two weeks ago at #8. Last week it moved up one spot to #7 and also was added on the BJC #18.


Too many individuals to list here ... please know how extremely thankful and grateful I am to all of you for helping to make this possible.

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Last week my Album "Open Your Heart" debuted on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart at # 8 ... this week it moved up one spot to #7. Furthermore, it debuted on the Billboard Jazz Chart at #18 ... very humbling and unexpected.

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My Album "Open Your Heart" just debuted on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart at # 8. Awesome!

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Back on the Smooth Jazz Network top 100!

I'd like to thank everyone for supporting my CD " Open Your Heart" . I am being considered for a Grammy Nomination for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album. Wish me love and blessings!
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Geoff Alpert Music is feeling thankful.

I haven't posted much since I arrived in Japan mostly due to being sooooo busy. My home base has been in Chiba but so far I have spent 3 days/2nights in Tokyo and 4 days/3 nights in Kyoto/Nara/Hiroshima/Miyajima. Have rode the Shinkansen (high speed train) and numerous taxi's and buses. The people, culture, food, cleanliness, politeness and respect for others are absolutely amazing which I wish we could embrace and mirror in the U.S.

Japan is a country about the size of Calif...ornia with 127 million people with about 90% of the population living in the flatland areas which comprise about 13% of the country ... think about that for a moment. I can recall having strong, positive feelings about Japan ever since I was 6 or seven years old and fully appreciate this golden opportunity I have been given to confirm these feelings I have maintained since many years ago.

More to do before I return ... would be very easy to stay here much longer.

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Geoff Alpert Music was traveling to Japan.

Traveling to 'The Land of the Rising Sun' today. Japan has intrigued me ever since I was a child. 15 days exploring this incredible country, people and culture. Of course my horn goes with me.

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Please watch and personalize accordingly. How did/do you deal with adversity, a tragic situation or painful life experiences? Sure makes me stop and think. My parents taught me there is always a silver lining in every dark cloud ... to find the positive in every negative. With all the negativity we deal with each day - stop, take a breath, regain your balance and composure. Then challenge yourself to take small steps toward a better self. I need to apply this to certain aspects of my life ... peace, happiness and love.

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Pakistan's Iron Lady Muniba Mazari will tell you why failure is an option, but giving up is not

To watch the full video in HD or to embed it on your website, go here:

Geoff Alpert Music updated their cover photo.
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Trombonist Geoff Alpert…
Front & Centre with ‘The New Sound’ in Contemporary Jazz!
Brand New Album ‘Open Your Heart’
The trombone is usually considered the anch...or of classic horn sections, however, in the funky hands of emerging recording artist Geoff Alpert, it becomes a melodic and sensual Smooth Jazz lead voice.

Check Out This Awesome Album "Open Your Heart"
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Geoff Alpert Music Imerica Entertainment Inc

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Hello everyone, I'm # 43 on the Smooth Jazz Network Chart! It's my single " The Crusade" . Awesome! I'm quite grateful as this is the second single that has entered this well respected chart! Mahalo's to: all the great musician's who recorded with me Gail Jhonson, Steve Nieves, Darryl Williams Page II , Greg Manning, Adam Hawley and Tony Moore. Michael B. Sutton, Michael Parlett, GorovMusicMarketing, Allen W Kepler and the Smooth Jazz Network.

Wow ... now this is greatness.

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He saved 669 children from the Holocaust - now watch the audience when his secret is revealed.

Awesome time on the Smooth Saturdays With Aysha Show!

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Jack Cohen is with Paul Brown and 3 others.

What fun and insightful show we had today on Smooth Saturdays with Aysha with the complete cast of in studio guests, 2 time Grammy winner Paul Brown the Amste...rdam Connection with Naomi Adriaansz (Sax) and Tim Welvaars (chromatic Harmonica) Trombonist Geoff Alpert Music and our beautiful Host Aysha Aysha !!

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