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The Guinness Book of World Records is so yesterday...

The Guinness Book of Records is a popular culture staple, but it's missing one thing: cannabis world records. Enter the Cannabis Book of World...

Everything you need to know about trichomes

In any classic close up macro photograph of a cannabis flower, there are always tiny crystals that cover the entire bud. Here's why those crystals...
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Genius Pipe

Hint: Consume less THC.

Cannabis tolerance develops when cells in the brain stop producing as many CB1 receptors. However you can fix this by consuming less THC.

Who agrees with Snoop Dogg??

Snoop Dogg told Martha Stewart he thinks she should invest in cannabis, but she has so far expressed reticence toward the idea.

Yet another reason to love Aubrey Plaza 😍

In a video by The Cut, comedian/actor Aubrey Plaza gets high and trims weed with Sisters Kate and Eevee, the "Weed Nuns" from California.

These plants are related to cannabis

You might not have guessed which plants are cousins with cannabis, including hops, blue sandalwood, hackberry, and trema orientalis.

Munchies doesn't have to equal fast food

When you get the munchies, rather than go for that bag of chips or slice of pizza, try these nutritious, high protein, high fiber options.

Women tend to go for strains that are high in CBD

According to data, women prefer Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and Sour Diesel, as well as strains that are high in CBD.

It's all about intersectionality

Key members of the LGBTQ movement, such as Harvey Milk, also played instrumental roles in the medical marijuana legalization movement.

Weed smokers tend to make decisions that support a happier lifestyle

A new study indicates that people who smoke cannabis are happier than those who don't consume. However, correlation doesn't equal causation.

Getting high alone is a totally different experience than getting high with friends

Getting high alone can transform your relationship to yourself and to cannabis. Go to a concert, draw, paint, journal, or do yoga when you're high.

Millennials might like weed more than alcohol...

With cannabis becoming more mainstream, a growing number of people (mainly millennials) are substituting alcohol for weed.

This company's odor-proof containers are considered “drug paraphernalia”

According to the U.S. Customs and Borders control, smell-proof containers for your stash are considered “drug paraphernalia.” Products made by the...

GeniusPipe uses NASA technology to cool down weed smoke

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Cultivating your own medicine will save you money

There are a number of reasons why you should grow your own cannabis.

Lower doses of THC can relieve anxiety and stress

New study: higher doses of THC can induce anxiety and stress, while lower doses of THC can relieve it. Start low and go slow to gauge your reaction...