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This blog post was written by Mary Dimmick, RD, MS, CPT, CES, and FreeMotion Master Coach. You can learn more about Mary HERE. A lot of people overlook shoulder strength and flexibility in their t...
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These guys were ripping it up tonight in Nikki's Rip:60 class

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A few Snap Shots of another Rip:60 Course held in Lifestyle Studios In Cork Last week under the instructionof Master Coach Edyta Wolak from Profi Fitness School... . A great day had by all accounts and congratulations to all who qualified ....and Once again a big Thanks to Edyta for her Passion efforts and commitment to FreeMotion Fitness and Expert Leisure.

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Here's a few shots from a Rip:60 training we had in Houston, TX last week. We'd like to welcome those who took part in the training to the team!

Learn more about Rip:60 here:

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Are you looking to get Rip:60 certified? Here's your chance to become a certified instructor!

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We’re holding TWO Rip:60 certification courses on November 8 and November 11 in the Houston Texas area! If you’re interested in attending and becoming a certified Rip:60 instructor contact Natalie Vetica at:

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Looking to mix up your workouts with some great new exercises? Try a suspension gym! In my opinion it's one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in the gym,... and we're giving one away! Today on - a short video of my "Top 10 Favorite Suspension Gym Exercises" to get you going! FreeMotion Fitness #workout #exercise #rip60 #toneandtighten

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You've only got a few more days to pick up your rip:60 for just $65 using the coupon code found on the blog below!…/my-weight-loss-success-wit…

Stephanie from Innergy Fitness recently appeared on "D The Broadcast" to discuss rip:60 workouts. You can watch the broadcast here:

We had a great time on “D The Broadcast” today discussing Rip 60 workouts. If you’re constantly on the Go and don’t have a lot of time to workout, we show you how you can get a complete workout in minimum time.

Very cool from our friends at FreeMotion Fitness!

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We had a great rip:60 training at the largest club in Chongqing, China over the weekend!

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Check out this outdoors rip:60 class in Venezuela!

The convenient design of rip:60 makes it easy to take your workout anywhere. If it's beautiful weather, take your rip:60 trainer to a park or outdoor area where you are able to find a stable pole or tree to loop the strap around. From there you can enjoy a rip:60 workout while also enjoying the great outdoors.

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Be sure to like our friends at FreeMotion Fitness to see more rip:60 updates!

Have you wondered what the difference is between the home and club rip:60 products? Watch this video and like FreeMotion Fitness to learn more!

Jeremy Strom, the creator of rip:60 teaches this class some creative compound movements on the rip:60 straps. rip:60 is designed to change the way people look, feel and move, through progressive programming, constant motion, versatile movements and the power of rotation. View the video below and visit FreeMotion Fitness to lean more!

Congratulations to Joy Clymer for winning our Rip:60 giveaway!! Make sure to keep us posted on your journey to get ripped!

Thanks to all those who entered the giveaway, we'll announce the winner early this week! In the meantime..keep getting ripped!