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Hey everyone! Please help us support Houston by buying one of these shirts. The prices are $15 for short sleeve and $20 for long sleeve. All proceeds will go to All Hands Volunteers to help rebuild Houston after the damage done by Hurricane Harvey! 126,000+ homes were flooded in Houston alone, and these families and people have lost everything, having to tear apart their homes from the inside out.
The link is: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/harveyreliefshirt

Please sha...re this fundraiser with your friends and family to help rebuild our city!

"Storms make trees take deeper roots."

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Please fill out this form: https://tinyurl.com/girlupregister to register/re-register for the 17-18 school year! If you want to be in the club, it is required to fill out the form for organizational purposes. If you're interested in the pen pal program and haven't signed up already, here is the link to fill out the form: https://goo.gl/forms/kYM6hyUsEOFTF3xU2. Make sure to sign up ASAP because space is limited to the first 15 people! You get 30 mins of volunteer time a week when you write a letter, so this is a great opportunity for those of you who need YES hours. Remember that you have to be committed to writing to your pen pal every week!

As a Pen Pal, you will be expected to write weekly letters to ESL Benavidez Elementary School girls. Through this program, you will serve as a friend and role model for these young girls. You will also get 30 minutes of volunteer hours per letter. Make sure to fill out this form before September 12t...

Introducing our 2017-2018 Girl Up Houston officers! Ready for a great year!

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Girl Up Houston shared a post.
August 20

Campaign Post: Niharika Pakala (Secretary/Treasurer)
On the ballot for: Vice-President, Secretary, Events Coordinator, Treasurer

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Niharika Pakala to Girl Up Houston
August 20

Hi guys!! My name is Niharika Pakala, and I’m running to be your Secretary/Treasurer for next year! 🙂

After holding an officer position in Dulles High School’s ...Student Council for two consecutive years (and the upcoming year) as Treasurer, StuCo has taught me first hand about leadership and responsibility. Working with a team of four people to conduct and organize some of the major school events during the school year, like Homecoming, it has put teamwork and commitment into perspective. More than having communication and creative skills, these past two years have proven that collaboration and efficiency of a team, is what leads to the ultimate success of events. Most importantly, officers not only have to excel in their role, but also efficiently be able to work with the other officers to ensure the most success, which I am more than ready to do.

I am very organized and detail oriented. Although dealing with money was just a portion of my responsibly as Freshman and Sophomore class treasurer, it did teach me a lot about how to deal with finances and paperwork at a professional level. I was expected to account and log all the money that came, along with keeping track of it physically on paper receipts. I also got in the habit of keeping logs on digital spreadsheets that I would update after every fundraiser or major event we held throughout the year. My experience emailing and interacting with the principal and counselors to seek approvals for our weekly projects has made me more comfortable stepping out and communicating with people outside of my daily circle.

My passion for this cause was especially deepened after I spent two weeks in India as part of a rural development program, primarily focusing on raising awareness for good health and hygiene practices for women in rural villages. This trip resonated with me because I was able to interact and communicate directly with the village girls and women. With every new village I visited, I saw the first hand consequences of the lack of education, as well as other basic commodities that we take for granted. I traveled to five different villages and talked with adolescent girls about the importance of having good sanitation and hygiene practices (many of them did not understand why it was necessary to spend money on basic sanitation appliances, like a proper functioning toilet). The older girls also spoke about how their own brothers were encouraged to get an education and provide for the family, while the girls were married away at extremely young ages without a choice. Seeing them made me realize how much of a difference it makes, for girls especially, to have access to education and build up their confidence to make their own decisions and lead an independent life.

Vote Niharika Pakala for Secretary/Treasurer! Thank you 🙂

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Campaign Post: Lisa Meng (Treasurer)
On the ballot for: Secretary, Events Coordinator, Treasurer

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Lisa Meng to Girl Up Houston
August 20

Hi everyone! I am Lisa Meng, a sophomore, and I’m running for treasurer. GirlUp offers a great opportunity to join together to become educated with worldwide is...sues, take action, and build leadership skills. It would be an honor to be treasurer for a club with such an inspiring cause. By participating in activities for the past 2 years, such as fundraising and volunteering, GirlUp has transformed me into an aware female. This club signifies that even young, adolescent girls have the power to change the world, step by step. By holding a position in GirlUp, I can awaken and influence others. To do this, I plan on creating a GirlsUp club at my current school, Awty. This is an ideal way to spread news and information about how girls are treated around the world because Awty International School has a primary, middle, and high school - which means a broader audience.

I believe I am qualified for treasurer because I have accumulated many experiences regarding fundraisers and management qualities these past years. Actions define potential; my previous accomplishments include: having helped raise money by selling cookies, wrapping paper, etc., doing car washes, and bake sales for various events, like Boosterthon in my middle school, having been known for being well-organized, cooperative, and accurate which I believe is an important trait a treasurer must have, being one of the monthly leaders/organizers of the Barton House volunteer group. Being a treasurer requires one to be good with numbers. In my freshman and 8th grade years, I have been the basketball manager, which includes tasks such as doing statistics. For the previous 2 benefit concerts, I have helped publicize and sold tickets for people to donate and support GirlUp. In addition to starting a club as stated above, currently I am in charge of coordinating, which involves making a website, flyers, and money management, my school’s participation in the Houston Gulf Coast Dragon Boat Festival.

Here is one of the many things I have planned for GirlUp this coming year:
-Less than 2 months away, October 11, 2017, is the International Day of the Girl. On this day, we could participate in the ‘You Make Me Smile” Campaign. This project is dedicated to boost the confidence in girls. We could attach a small fact, and a positive, confidence-boosting message to balloons and hand them out to reach out to people and make people more aware.

I am fully prepared to engage and commit myself to this cause as a fellow girl to ‘insure today’s girl becomes tomorrow’s leader’, so please vote Lisa Meng for your 2017-2018 treasurer! 😀

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Girl Up Houston shared a post.
August 20

Campaign Post: Ravali Bhavaraju (Vice-President)
On the ballot for: Vice-President, Events Coordinator, Treasurer

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Ravali Bhavaraju to Girl Up Houston
August 20

Hey guys! I’m Ravali Bhavaraju, a junior at Dulles, and I’m running for Vice President of Girl Up!
I would really like to be an officer of Girl Up Houston for ...a number of reasons, #1 being that I very ardently support the cause. In december of 2016 I visited a village in India where my grandfather & his siblings raised funds to build a school with solar panels for electricity. Eight people provided education for hundreds of children! Examples like this really show us that we can ALWAYS make a bigger difference by asking just one more person to donate or one more company to sponsor. As VP I will make sure we extend our reach as far as we can and do our best to fulfill the vision of this club: a just, equal, and peaceful world.
Of course just believing in a cause doesn’t make me qualified for this position, so I have compiled a hopefully easy-to-read list about my work in the past and my goals for the future!

Why am I qualified?
1) Leadership
- I have held leadership positions in a variety of organizations: Treasurer and now Vice President of Dulles Delta, Media liaison and student volunteer organizer of Child Rights and You, Vice President of NJHS

2) Experience
- I have helped organize major events through these organizations: Safari Hunt 5K through Dulles Delta, 3 5K runs and 2 Dinner Galas through CRY, Cancer Awareness Seminars through the Indian American Cancer Network

3) Fundraising
- I know how to raise funds by contacting sponsors & talking to people I know
- We raised over $3000 from the Safari Hunt 5K, which we donated to Girl Up!
- Raised over $65,000 from CRY’s Dinner Gala this year

What have I contributed?
1) Raised $100 from for the Feminine Products Drive
2) Collected 18 names for Advocacy Cards
3) Raised $600 in donations (4 sponsors) for this year’s Benefit Concert

What do I want to do as VP?
1) Create and maintain a calendar with future events/goals. As this group gets increasingly large, this will keep everyone in the loop
2) Directly involve members with the Girl Hero Activity in which members find local female leaders and interview them
3) Create a larger social media presence, which is a major reason members have joined just recently
4) Online video tutoring

Promoting a cause, raising funds, organizing a major event. These are not easy things to do by any means. I have the experience, the ardor, and the dedication to make this journey smooth and to maximize our success.

Please vote me for VICE PRESIDENT, and if you have any concerns or want any clarifications feel free to message me! Thank you

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Girl Up Houston shared a post.
August 20

Campaign Post: Aashi Sanchorawala (Publicity Officer)
On the ballot for: Events Coordinator, Treasurer, Publicity Officer

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Aashi Sanchorawala to Girl Up Houston
August 20

Hey guys!
I'm running for the publicity officer position. But before I get into that, I would like to introduce myself, for those of you who don't know me. Wel...l first of all, my name is Aashi Sanchorawala and I'm a rising junior at Austin High School. I am responsible, extroverted, punctual with deadlines, and possess the necessary skills needed to be a leader which I will touch on later. Also, before I campaign for publicity officer, I would like to tell you guys why I believe I be the best person for this position. I feel that to be the best officer, a major act you have to participate in is being able to work well with others, which is best done when you accept criticism and answer questions, resulting in the optimum amount of communication between the officers, and members, both current and potential. I also have a flexible schedule, which allows me to be readily available if there is an emergency meeting or if another officer requires help. I am qualified for a leadership position because of my numerous years of committed leadership training in activities both inside and outside of school. For example, I have been an instructor at Tiger Rock Martial Arts for 6 years now, which has developed my patience, responsibility, and communication skills. And at school, I am an officer of both Science Olympiad and Habitat for Humanity. However, most importantly, I will be dedicated to the club, and although I only joined at the beginning of the month, i have been a very active member. I have recruited 6 members to join the club and gotten people to attend the benefit concert or donate money, if they were unable to attend.

I chose publicity officer because I believe I would be the most effective person for this position. I believe this because I have a wide range of interests, which allows me to approach, and therefore publicize to, a greater and more diverse scope of people. Also, because I go to a different school than most of the club, I would be able to recruit and publicize to more people than just Dulles students. Furthermore, the communication between Girl Up Houston and Spread the Music would be smooth and efficient because I either go to school or am friends with many of the members of STM. A way I would publicize, besides social media, is putting up fliers around numerous schools, by just high schools, around Fort Bend County and at Tiger Rock Martial Arts. I would also ask schools to announce our events on their school broadcasts, at football games, theatre plays, and other events they have to offer. I would also get in touch with the person in charge of the Fort Bend ISD twitter page and ask them to also announce our events. I will also make sure that each member is informed of all of the upcoming events and the requirements they have to fulfill.

Overall, I am certain that I will be a trustworthy officer because I will continue to demonstrate my dedication and commitment to the club. So please vote for me to be your 2017 to 2018 Publicity Officer.

Thank You!

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Girl Up Houston shared a post.
August 20

Campaign Post: Lauren Yang (President)
On the ballot for: President

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing
Lauren Yang to Girl Up Houston
August 20

Hey everyone!
I would love to continue to be able to serve as Girl Up Houston's president this year!
Since founding the club in 2015, I have truly realized how ...much this cause means to me - not just helping girls whose basic human rights have never been given to them but also reaching out to girls in the Houston community. I have loved being able to organize activities and events through this organization and have so many ideas that I'd like to put into action with all of your help!
In the past I have:
- maintained our club's websites/submitted reports for all activities on the Girl Up community.
- organized our first fundraisers (Art Competition Fundraiser, Walk For Girls).
- organized volunteering events within the Houston community (clothing drive & holiday drive for FBWC, volunteering @ FBWC's Santa Store, presenting/holding an art activity with Girls Inc. Houston for International Women's Day).
- met with Congressman Pete Olson & on Capitol Hill + advocacy cards!
- organized/participated in a pen pal program w/ Benavidez Elementary 4th grade girls.
- organized/fundraised for the A Part of Life Feminine Products Drive along with the other officers.
- served as an event co-chair last year and this year for Spread the Music Association's Spread the Music Benefit Concert that donated to Girl Up.

This year, I want to focus more on advocacy, volunteering in our community, organizing club meetings, and developing a larger social media presence (Instagram, Twitter, etc.). I have an idea for a potential fundraiser and a volunteering event with the Houston Museum of Natural Science that I'll share with everyone soon!

-- Lauren

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Girl Up Houston shared a post.
August 19

Campaign Post: Quynhmai Tran (Publicity Officer)
On the ballot for: Events Coordinator, Treasurer, Publicity Officer

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing
Quynhmai Tran to Girl Up Houston
August 19

Hey! My name is Quynhmai Tran and I'm applying to be this year's publicity officer! My job would be to keep you guys updated on volunteering opportunities, fund...raising events, whatever's important, and posting to our social media accounts.

As you might know, I made this year's flyer for the benefit concert and edited the child marriage video shown at the concert. I also am an officer of DHS's Miracle Club, which I do recruitments for, so I'm familiar with communicating to others. On top of that, I've been working with photoshop for a while, so I have the capabilities to make cool posters and flyers and designs and more! Because we'll be starting a number of social media accounts this year, I would be making content that is not only informational, but also eye-catching, because who doesn't love a good insta feed? I'll be working hard to make sure the achievements and opportunities of Girl Up Houston are known to anyone who visits our accounts and pages.

I've been a part of this club since the very beginning and have participated in all but one volunteering and fundraising event.
Those that know me are aware of my genunity, passion, determination, and responsibility for everything that I put my mind to. And in the case of this club, my dedication is because I believe it is unjust for any woman to be treated as second class citizens and refused a right to the basic human I believe in equality for all women, no matter their religious background, upbringing, or sexual orientation.

Some ideas I have for this year are: including more volunteer opportunities, because while necessary, asking for money for fundraising from the same circle of people is bound to wear them out; when people donate money/sanitary items/whatever to us, we could give them a cheap handmade trinket (ex. bracelet) so that when other people see it, they would ask about it and word about our fundraiser could spread that way (also when people get free stuff, they're more likely to donate to our cause)

Thanks for reading!

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Girl Up Houston shared a post.
August 18

Campaign Post: Louise Zeng (Events Coordinator)
On the ballot for: Secretary, Events Coordinator, Treasurer, Publicity Officer

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and outdoor
Louise Zeng to Girl Up Houston
August 18

Hi all! My name is Louise Zeng, and I would love to serve as Girl Up Houston’s event coordinator for the upcoming year!

I was one of Girl Up Houston’s very fir...st members and have served as the event chairwoman for over a year now. The Girl Up cause is one very dear to my heart because as a sister, daughter, and girl citizen of the world, I refuse to let myself or any of the females I love settle for anything less than equality. The way I see it, the fight for gender equality is a fight for myself and a fight for my sisters around the world. 💞

Some of my ideas for events include Zumba class fundraisers (good exercise+fun!), letter writing parties to advocate to Senators/members of Congress for laws supporting gender equality within the United States (because we've come so far but still have a long way to go), and hangouts to write cards for the women and kids at Fort Bend Women’s Shelter (whether for Christmas, Valentine's Day, or just to spread the love). I would also like to organize more volunteering/service events (which means more YES hours for y’all! 😉) like teaching girls (like Girl Scout troops) lessons in STEM or the arts, as well as fun educational/awareness-raising events like movie nights with movies such as He Named Me Malala and Girl Rising. In addition, we could turn classic fundraisers like bake sales and car washes into fundraiser-awareness events to do double the good. I would also like us to implement a social media campaign to highlight issues girls face around the world (such as lack of access to education and healthcare, violence, and child marriage) and what Girl Up is doing to solve these problems so that when we reach out to people and ask for their support, they have a greater understanding of how their donations help. And last but not least, I would love to have Girl Up Houston socials so that we can all get to know one another better. 😊

And about myself, for those that don’t already know me personally: I’m able to communicate professionally with adults and teens/kids alike, which is important in community outreach in advocacy and fundraising. I’m very mature so I understand the value of what Girl Up Houston does, and I’m beyond hard-working so I can be counted on to do my best in striving to help Girl Up Houston make an impact. I’m skilled in creative problem solving and am very responsible so you can depend on me. For the role of events coordinator, this past year I gained greater experience in organizing events through a club I founded called Miracle Club in planning Vikingthon (a dance marathon which raised over $2300 for hospitalized kids) and coordinating field trips to Texas Children’s Hospital. I understand the work that goes into event planning, from communicating with location personnel to arranging logistics to getting people to come to the event. Because I am already aware of what it takes, I would be able to (and would love to) apply what I have learned in planning events effectively for Girl Up Houston, whether fundraisers or volunteering.

TL;DR: I really care about the Girl Up cause and have great, super-fun ideas for events, including advocacy, service, and more opportunities for y’all to get YES hours! I’m super-hardworking and can represent Girl Up well, and I have the personality traits AND skills needed to organize lit events 😄

Together, we can do ama-ZENG things for girls around the world! Vote Louise Zeng for YOUR Girl Up events coordinator ❤️👸⬆️ #DreamBigPrincess

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Girl Up:
We're LIVE (at minute 5:00) at Good Morning America with Ginger Zee talking about our new partnership with Disney and the launch of the #DreamBigPrincess photography campaign celebrating inspiring stories from around the world!

From August 15-October 11, 2017, Disney Worldwide Services will donate US $1 for any public post of a photo using #DreamBigPrincess or like of such a post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, for a minimum donation of US $500,000 and a maximum of US $1 million to Girl Up, supporting our adolescent girls’ leadership and empowerment.

Good Morning America was live — at Times Square, New York City.

WATCH LIVE: Ginger Zee is here for your GMA Wake Up Call! We're talking Stress-Busting with what you eat with Be Well by Kelly, plus we are launching #DreamBigPrincess with Disney, Girl Up and photographer Annie Griffiths!


Now in both the Senate and House of Representatives, this legislation would support education for 65 million refugee girls.

#PRESSRELEASE: Girl Up welcomes the introduction of legislation to support education for refugee girls.

#GirlsWhoLobby #GirlsLead17

Girl Up recognizes the leadership of Representatives Chabot and Kelly and Senators Rubio and Menendez Washington, D.C. (July 20, 2017) – Girl Up Campaign Director, Melissa Kilby, released the statement below about the introduction of bipartisan House and Senate legislation in support of providing gi...

Last day to fill out advocacy cards! These will be given to representatives to ask for support to pass H.R. 2408, a bill that calls on the U.S. government to aid refugee education. Fill out your information here, and we will fill out and send the advocacy card for you! https://goo.gl/forms/KMA68wCYq0gS4SlH2

Girl Up Houston is filling out advocacy cards to directly give to representatives in Congress, asking them to support and help pass H.R. 2048, the Protecting Girls' Access to Education Act. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, nearly 4 million school-aged displaced children lack acces...

H&M partners with Girl Up! From now until July 4, H&M will donate $1 for every shirt sold, and all proceeds from two specific shirts will go to Girl Up!

H&M will donate $1 to the Girl Up campaign for every shirt sold.
Girl Up Houston added 14 new photos to the album: A Part of Life Feminine Products Drive — with Joann Xu and Rachel Ma in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.
April 3

Thank you so much to everyone who donated! We were able to distribute over 6,050 products to the girls/women in Reynosa, Mexico, and will be using all leftover money to deliver more next year.