Its winter and here are the list of essential herbs to grow at home to eat fresh. Although buying dried herbs and spices can be convenient, the flavor is not as intense as fresh herbs, which can affect the flavor of your meals. Store-bought …

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MTV Australia

This guy just NAILED what it is to be a "Millennial" 😱👌😱👌😱👌😱

[Simon Sinek Via Inside Quest]

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"India can only progress when women are empowered" Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that India can only progress by the empowerment of women.

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Words of encouragement can pull a frustrated woman out of a funk.Do you have a friend or partner who is feeling upset about her circumstances and


I recently moved to California and was amazed by its beauty. here i like to share weekend getaway. IF YOU GO As the scenic, twisting Highway 1 route along the Big Sur coast will be closed for several months because of this winter’s storm damage, …

Youtube will stop unskippable ads by 2018

Hate ads on YouTube that are half a minute long with absolutely no way for you to skip it? The good news is that Google will finally stop showing such ads by 2018 but the bad news is, ads that are less than 30-second long, …

7 Random facts you've never heard before.
A Can of mountain dew can dissolve a mouse.. !!!!!

There is an island in the Bahamas inhabited only by swimming pigs. Here are 7 random facts you’ve never heard before:     1. A can of Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse 😳. Apparently, citric acid, which Mountain Dew contains in large quantities, can …

Earning 10 $ per day

So you want to know how Earning 10 per day within 2 weeks from starting my first blog. By profession, UI developer with passion

How to use twitter to drive more traffic to your blog

How to Use Twitter to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog? Want more people to share your blog posts on Twitter?Looking for proven promotion tactics
If traveling is free, I will travel forever. For some other travel lovers like me, here are top 10 most beautiful places in the world.

Save money eating out at restaurants.

The surprising fact is that we spend a little less than half of that save money eating out at restaurants – $2,904 to be exact.
In recent years where is a very level increase of Indians migrating to the United States of America. For this, I like to give an explanation for some of the

Addicted to likes?

Addicted to likes?There's no denying it: many of us have become fixated on the constant stream of texts, Facebook notifications, and Instagram

Got Google Adsense approval hurray!!!!!!

Hello, Everyone! A couple of days back we received full approved account of Google AdSense. Thanks to you all for giving support. I started blogging somewhere in March 16th ‘ 2017 as a passion and very soon got addicted to it. Truly speaking till Jan’17 …

East to West

This Blog is my journey from East to West, that is Michigan to California. This is completely my own personal opinion and nothing to doing with anyone.

Be healthy #weightloss

Do you want to lose 10 pounds in a week? Try this simple and effective diet ! I lost 10 pounds follow is List ofmine.HOpe this helps

Masala Veggie Pasta

Masala veggie pasta with no cheese recipe is my favorite because I love pasta. Everyone whose on diet will love this for sure.