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Writer Sheldon Lee Compton has written a beautiful review of Gisela. Compton is a prose master, author of two short story collections and the novel BROWN BOTTLE (Bottom Dog Press). #GISELA thanks and bows!

Gisela by Marcus Speh Folded Word Press (June 30, 2017) $16 paperback (from Folded Word Press) $5.99 Kindle (free with Kindle Unlimite...
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Sweet Jesus. Did Folded Word Press expect this would be possible? What other uses of #Gisela might be found? 😁

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Marcus Speh

Gisela — what's not to #like? Photo: Prof. E puts #Gisela in his jacket pocket.


"Book baking" - in 2014, I thought that Gisela would be finished and published by Folded Word Press within a year. In my blog post I discussed how to bring #GISELA's characters to life on the page:

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Folded Word Press

Gisela is the perfect way to spend a summer evening outside! Be sure to order yours today & share a picture with us 😍 #wheredoyouread #hotoffthepress #inlove

An author's mind is a fascinating place. That's why I decided to interview Marcus Speh and find out the secrets behind the creation of Gisela. Check it out below and happy Monday!…/in-depth-an-interview-with-…/

#interview #Gisela #foldedword #InDepth

As an avid reader, I am often curious about how writing process authors use and what inspired them to write. So I was very pleased to find answers to these questions and more when I had the opportu…

“Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food,” said Douglas Adams. Well, let's not take sides here. While the print edition of #GISELA, the actual book-book, is simply beautiful, the e-book version still has ALL the content but is much more ACCESSIBLE - which is why it's called the "accessible edition"! Says publisher Folded Word Press: "A digital edition published on the Amazon Kindle platform, our Accessible Edition can be read anywhere on any app-based devi...ce. Text is reflowable with text-to-speech and enhanced typesetting enabled. This edition will be available on the title’s official launch date. List price will be $3.99-5.99 depending on the print edition’s page count and number of images included. Note: If you have Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited memberships, please download and read our titles. You may not pay anything extra, but we do get compensated per read from Amazon:-)".

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Does the writer find the story or does the story find the writer? In the short film THE RECITAL (12 June 2017), the author of #GISELA is reluctant to read from his new book. He summons Gisela herself for reassurance & meets a famous philosopher along the way. More about the book out now from Folded Word Press here: - Animation made with Plotagon Story.

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First copies of #GISELA's sustainable print edition from Folded Word Press: "An edition printed locally (in Maine) without chemical solvents or plastics, our Sustainable Edition is reserved for those of you who like to support presses/authors by buying direct. Covers have brighter colors protected by a water-based UV coating. Textblocks are printed on 70# Cougar Natural paper in a process that preserves the finer details of black & white images. Endpapers will vary based on the design and content of the book." To order: ISBN 978-1-61019-110-4 Sustainable Edition: print $16 US -

NIGHT TALK WITH WAYNE (3 June 2017) - Unfortunately, I could only tape the first part of the show. Here, #GISELA talks to host Wayne about her life, slavery and the new book about her life, published by Folded Word Press. New Hampshire. See more at: - Animation with Plotagon Story.

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"Life is good with Gisela" (1 June 2017) – The book is announced in the newsroom by the hosts Wayne & Judy. See more at Folded Word Press - Animation with Plotagon Story.


Gisela introduces the book about her life. See more at:

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