Qi Men Dun Jia as I was taught.....
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Today worktask....
View from my client bedroom window towards my old neighbourhood... Brings back memories

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Went for a walk on the hills with my 2 boys this afternoon. They were asking me some Feng Shui and destiny questions...then I briefly mentioned that there are some that would sell expensive paintings as part of Feng Shui cure or to increase a person's luck.

2 of them immediately and simultaneously ask me 'Is there such a thing?' I answered did you see your dad drawing any paintings lately? I added further, if there is such a cure, I would be drawing paintings everyday..... #lifeofafsmaster #dontdiy #mastergkham #fakefs

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Thanks for the coffee to my Qi Men Dun Jia Personalize client Gabriel.

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Morning task : Mont Residence, Penang

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Yesterday one of my client came to see me. Told me how they have attended a CNY seminar on Feng Shui. Then decide to take a 2 day course in Flying Star. Back of my mind, I was thinking ooookkkkk. Since more people wants to know more about Feng Shui is a good thing. Spread the knowledge, spread the knowledge!

Then the conversation got weird, they told me they found out Flying Star is very scientific and not easy to learn loh... I was then thinking inside my mind you have not ...seen what I went through yet... Then out of the blue.. They said, initially they were thinking of bringing the author's Flying Star book and show me with expression as if that's the ultimate bible on Feng Shui. With no reference I know about Fstar. I am like the village FS uncle... My audit not based on scientific... Base the FS audit on my feeling..

I looked at my watch it was already late, IF i went on to explain how Flying Star is a flawed system when Shen Zhu Reng made it up, and how practitioners are experiencing alot of problems with it... It might took another 1-2hrs....then I decide I better shut up let them finish and we can go home....

I can take out cases after cases on how I picked up shit from those so called practitioners that uses flying star in their audit until their clients' finance, health and relationship went blue black... Nobody to turn to and finally met up with me to rectify the whole setup for them...... But I chose to shut up on this evening as I value my sleep time more...

Moral of story.....I have made my flow of audit too effortless, when my mind is working out the endless possibility of setup with their destiny... Outwardly I appear to be too effortless in my advise.... Hmm how do I fake it as near impossible next time while appearing knowledgeable?

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When a FS Master warns and give them a date to be careful of health, usually they just ignore...Thinking they will live forever...until the doc gives them a date.

Then start to regret they should have listen to the FS Master when they had the time. Such is irony of my analysis, I can tell you the problem, usually you will still decide to go with the death flow....

Death does not fear what I can see ahead, coz it knows the human attachment too well...just like the monkey that traps its hand inside the coconut, unwilling to let go for what it thought was the prize of the day, which is in fact, death on its way...

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Problems arise when I get too accurate in Destiny Analysis. Client's wants to talk, have coffee or dinner and try to negotiate with me on my analysis on how to avoid or sneak pass what I have analysed. Some even hope I can sell them some 'Feng Shui cure' 🤮

Please be informed I am only the analyzer not the WRITER of destiny....not able to rub or white out and write a different ending.

I advised them to use QMDJ. But many dont want to do the work or invest the time. They just want me to negotiate with karma...

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Jusy finished the video for participants of my Powergroup to join the Personalised QMDJ Consultation. Every life changing journey starts with a decision...

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March 3
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Qi Men Dun Jia as I was taught.....

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2 Feedbacks from participant that join my Qi Men Dun Jia 奇門盾甲 Boost Luck for CNY. You can still join on the link below 👇.

The final post out will be on 15th Day of CNY 元宵节. After which I will give a super 1 time special discount offer to participants (worth more than usd370) to join my Personalized QMDJ Consultation Advisory.


I have been teaching professional consultants on QMDJ for more than a decade, now bringing it to all fields of people who want to use it to the max immediately without needing to spend time, energy and extra cost of trying your luck in studying this complex subject.

#qmdj #mastergkham #奇門盾甲 allyouneedisagoodadvisor #leveragetimeNoDIY

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Thanks to my long time student BC for sharing this article.

"The people who get the outcomes that seem extraordinary are the people who have discipline, and intelligence and good virtue plus a hell of a lot of luck,.... "

Wherever you are in life, if you are moving forward for higher and greater goal, you will need a person to advise you and provide you with what is coming ahead and most important to maximize your timing..... You don't need a superstar of Chinese Metaphysic,... you don't need a best selling author, whats more you don't need to tread dangerously with DIY mindset.

Who do you need? You need an trusted reliable advisor, in the olden days the term is 军师.

Good luck in your search...…/warren-buffetts-partner-charlie-mung…

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"I did not intend to get rich," says billionaire Charlie Munger.

Fully back to work.... In a cafe...Complimentary Qi Men for CNY came back with positive response, current #QMDJ clients many testimonials... And we are just starting...2018 here we go!

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